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  1. Raid Nerfs

    My thought, mechs in this game are not adapted for the average IQ of BnS Community and for a game that poorly optimized, when you spend double or triple of time your suposed to spend in a raid cause of incredibly slow Learning curve of 80% of the population in Blade & soul + mistakes caused by low FPS, freeze and lagg...better nerf it and end our misery.
  2. That sad to say but when i want to chill i dont play BnS because its clearly not a game to relax & chill, you wont see people organize event on their own or chill around how a good mmorpg is suposed to be, we dont have time, daily have to be done....
  3. Blade and Soul IS NOT PAY TO WIN

    What are you talking about , that make no sense....RNG boxes & Treasure trove arent available to everyone, you don't choose or not to obtain those things, you need ressources (lot of golds to sell) or money, the game's developers have to have a limiter or condition???.... devs put a limit to how many boxes/keys you can buy as F2P players, 20boxes or 20keys everyday using Hmcoins... for those using their credit card = no limit....wake up pls ! Like you said on Pay2Win game there a limit , there a condition, on the one i was playing premium were giving better stats, so that was the "P2W" feature....but who were able to obtain those premium? almost everyone... In Blade & Soul their no such a thing they changed a 20$ pay2Win premium by an unreasonable farm, and the more you pay the more advantage you gain on other people, the more mats you have, the better weapons/gems/soul you can have day1 compared to those F2P people limited by time & HM coins daily purshase... And what make it B&S worse than a Pay2WIn, like i said there no limit, your free to invest thousands of $ to never have to farm again and to take top spot in 6v6
  4. Blade and Soul IS NOT PAY TO WIN

    Saying content is available to everyone was their way to fool simple minded people, but the thruth is when they'll release a new raid a lot wont even try it for months, if you meet someone who paid in battleground you getting destroyed if you ever can compete with them the only explanation is you gave up on life, to make it even more simple for you...find me a single top player 6v6 or pve gear wise who dont spend 100+$ every trove
  5. Blade and Soul IS NOT PAY TO WIN

    What are you talking about, your arguments litteraly make no sense.... i will make it simple so people trying to sound smart finally understand what going on here what make people progress faster in blade & soul & get advantage in every situation pve/pvp gears wise etc... = mats How can i get more mats than everyone else = Paying for it Is A free To Play player can even reach someone "troving/buying rng boxes, instant max their soul day one or run around with max fused gems day one = no and a bonus just for you : Compared to other games is patch & new content accessible to everyone at release Only for those who pay or the ones spending 5+hours /day Is it worse than a P2W game = yes Why?... The gap btw normal F2P human being having a social life is tremoundous and bigger than a standard "P2W" game
  6. Giving items between ur characters

    That a funny question people ask when they lack of argument.... and the answer is obvious, to send feeback & help them to improve the game, months before they add threat so everyone can tank i was the one complaining about it on forum, i may not have helped but im pretty sure a korean thought the same & gave a constructive feeback on their forum... paying stamps to trade 3 outfifs in 2015 is a covenience system, but paying stamps to trade 50+outfifs in 2019 is an inconvenience system. Why do i play daily a game that frustrate me? obvious answer again....not playing it daily ? why even playing it once a week...cause "gameplay" is good in B&S , answered it already on previous post , read properly....and why why why? Because most of us see UE4 like last hope. And i am pretty sure we'll see soon F3 account bound & an account bound storage...but i do not think "Grimoir" 3 years olds statement with 3years old arguments we can't even confirm/prove are relevants
  7. Giving items between ur characters

    i Searched i found no1 saying we dont mind paying but i found a lot of "make F3 account bound/ shareable topic".... you still don't understand that we are in 2019 and we can no longer make use of those "stamp" properly because there is just too many outfifs to trade now... Convenience has its price , yes, and the price is losing term of convenience B&S is the worst game i played everything is pay2trade even if you worked/paid for it.... so what B&S have to propose,"gameplay" only..... and what happened when a weird "awekened patch" broke it...people instantly left and feature like pay to trade your 20$+ 3D costum doesnt help to come back. In the world we live, convenience can't be taken lightly, especially when we all know how bad this game is optimized compared to every other games, they should at least compense it , being not that greedy because their stamp system is ridiculous now.
  8. Giving items between ur characters

    what are you talking about? so people who usually played good games where costums are free to send, came to Blade & Soul and said " hey we don't mind paying to send them now, implement a pay to send system"? for real? Find me somewhere in the forum you saw that i am curious.... That "stamps" system is ridiculous now after 3 years with people having 50+ outfifs they can't trade, and that the whole problem of this game, devs focus on releasing new contents but should focus more about adding "life convenience feature" paying to send outfifs is a game breaking feature now, not having a shareable storage after adding soo many classes is a game breaking feature, spending half our time sending gems to alts is a game breaking feature, there soo much thing they should fix first.
  9. I know this is a farm fest game we need to grind nonstop but seriously what the hell, can we up some of old legendary accesories drop rate or lower amount of cores needed for old one….i really dont understand the point of playing this game, i have never seen a game with drop rate that low, even old korean mmo were better i Don't even know if those legendary item exist anymore, how can this game work or stay alive its impossible, even if we drop a bracelet or a glove we still have to farm a lot to upgrade it, same goes for those inexistant pvp accesories, its unrefined we cant even equip it right after it what the point having a drop rate close to 0%? On good game the progress is smooth the min gear requiered to participate endgame content is human and make sense, in blade & soul min gear requiered are legendary items we barely see anymore…..there soo many items to upgrade to be able to enjoy the game pvp/pve but drop rate soo low on everything even goodies like a dress or dance at EL, never seen one...who can recommand a game like this? who can convince their friends to continue playing when they tired of B&S when we all know they making a good choice quitting. When the last time we/you organized a guild event? you told friends to chill in open world? there no such a thing, we login we farm mats like robot and we log off...and the most outrageous part of this game is that its not even optimized we not even playing with decent ping, so asking people to farm that much for what? dc/hight ping/low FPS endgame raid? you can't be serious
  10. Treasuere tove a rip off or not?

    If you find a single player charging ncoin to expect an aransu prism in a 3 stars who no matter what, far more expensive and time consuming than simple buying a VT necklace in a raid, let me know...else stop trolling
  11. Treasuere tove a rip off or not?

    Ok we will make thing simple first go check "trove news they added, this is ncsoft word : "The more stars, the more desirable the rewards!" So explain me what is this what prisms doing is that 3stars suposed to be the "best desirable item"? .....You gonna tell us prism are the best item of game? or we misundertoood the definition of desirable rewards? its not rigged? we should just pretend that our rng soo bad it magicaly changed a 3stars into full of trash item worse than a 1 star? explain me pls i want to understand
  12. Treasuere tove a rip off or not?

    I really dont know in what world your living and maybe you accepted to be scamed by everyone and find them excuses but we don't... When they first released trove system was simple "2 stars = good rewards and 3 stars = excellent rewards" now 3 years later since they know they can scam people they testing new scam strategy and won't change it untill community start to complain said it yourself you had a bad "3star crit" with crappy items... Tell me what kind of rng is that? that the definition of rng? your wrong that the definition of "scaming"...even in real world when you win, YOU WIN, you don't roll again to see if you rather won a lego car or a real car, when you win at casino you win real money, when you pick up right number at lottery you win a good'll see nowhere in a serious gamble "game" prices soo terrible you won't even consider taking it, wich is what happen for some 3stars & 2 stars like you noticed wich is the exact definition of scamming people when you attract them with good prices and they end up with trash items even when its a "bingo"
  13. Treasuere tove a rip off or not?

    3k messages and you got nothing smartest to say that " its not unfair or rip off its how event is designed its rng based".... Problem is not about gettting what you are looking for its about getting "nothing" i have seen people opening 300k+ and barely see even an outfif If we compare this to a gamble game/casino wich is rng based or luck... system is simple, when you win, YOU WIN. But in Blade & Soul they added fake 2 stars and fake 3 stars to bait people, and don't think your not affected by their policy, this game is build entirely on how to make people busy by proposing unrewarding/time consuming content that will force people to farm nonstop because why not, even if they put low drop rate everywhere/ add fake crit trove/ lower crit/lower mats etc... a "Grimoir" will pop up to tell people it's rng based...ask the broken koreans how they feel about it after 6years.
  14. Taking steps back.

    Rework "drop rate + upgrade cost" according to their "agressive patch schedule" and the "west" playerbase got nothing to do with creating a entire new system but could have help a lot....even if people come with their argument "its a korean game its supose to be grindy" i have never played a korean game that grindy.... 2 set for pvp +pve we have to farm endlessly for years, legendary accesories with super low drop rate + huge upgrade cost being the "minimum" gear requierement to do raid or open world pvp??? any features related to "mmo" abandonned by devs to reward us with F8 instances and low FPS unplayable endgame raid most of people gave up... Just remember the last time we all took a break to chill and have fun together & live the "massive multiplayer online" experience .....that was 3 years ago during betas, then we never saw the light again
  15. Battleground 6v6 is too unbalanced

    So they are "very easy to kill" but they take "long time to kill"? ok.... to answer the author, what make those battleground totally broken is being one shoted cause unbalanced gear, 1st : i never played a game when you just been one shoted like this, dunno why people doesnt boycott it till they fix that clown fiesta... 2nd : a game you need two different gear, one for pve and an other one for pvp, and we have to farm both? seriously? 3rd : a chi drain system? what kind of genius added it? on normal and good game you can compensate your gear with your skill, but here you touch the whale and you instantly ran out of chi, cant combo or attack/defend ? what farce is this?