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  1. This is also a huge issue for me. Pretty disappointing to finally get those IA accessories, but unable to get past stage 6. I completed the Call to Arms box and never saw the accessory box drop in easy mode. I've seen a lot of "legendary" box drops, but never the purple one. I'm just a casual player and don't have the time or desire to farm for this item that should be easier to get. Breakthrough items were never this hard to get before, so why now? They should change it from Sanctum cores to Sovereign cores. That or up the drop rates, please @Hime
  2. I'm fine if they want to have a "whale only" event. But the amount of rewards that those whales are getting is insane. At least the "Valentines' Day Massacre" event was only for a cosmetic item. Those select 50 Whales that are getting into the event are walking out with thousands worth of gold and mats, which they don't even need in the first place. Pretty sad to see another pvp massacre event on the anniversary. But hey, at least those of us who cannot participate in the event got some nice free outfits. LOL.
  3. Let's not forget the disastrous Valentine's Day Massacre event from 2018. At least that time the only thing anyone wanted was a cosmetic item. Now they have another massacre event for the anniversary where whales can completely dominate the entire event and get massive rewards. You would think that they learned the lesson back then that these pvp events are not good for the community, but no. GG NcWest you never cease to amaze me.
  4. It's really unfortunate to see how they keep making these mistakes. Its amazing how they always come up with some way to upset the players. After all the unwanted changes that they already made, this is just the icing on the cake. You know things are bad when they decide to remove one of the perks for PAYING members. And they do it without warning. And they have nothing to replace it with. This is just another reminder that they are completely out of touch with the player base and really don't care about what PAYING customers want.
  5. This is great. Now I can spend even less time in game since daily dash rewards are so trivial and not worth the effort of logging in. As an end game player, the only thing really worth from the daily dash was the venture tokens. It was nice to be able to buy some outfits or trove keys with those hm coins. It's becoming quite obvious that they asked themselves "how do we get players to swipe more?" And they just slapped us in the face with making the daily challenge more difficult to complete, nerfing gold and materials, and now by removing one of the perks for PAYING members. Its amazing how t
  6. I would be okay with the gold and material nerfs if that meant that I could complete the dungeons and daily challenge quicker and easier. That’s not the case though. It takes so much of my time, it’s ridiculous! I’m actually glad this patch finally made me decide to quit playing my alts. It’s enough of a pain now just doing things on my main. I really hate having to run so many useless dungeons to complete the daily challenge. Before this patch I could do 4 sets of daily challenges in the time it now takes to do 1. And now for far less reward. It’s just very disappointing that they seem to be
  7. Wow, can't believe people are still crying about this event. LOL #NeverForgetValentine'sEvent2018
  8. I think its a good idea to do this quest on your own on a daily basis, but I see no need for this to be part of the daily challenge. F8 has been really slow since the gold nerf, as there is little incentive to run basic dungeons outside of daily challenge. Players should be encouraged to run more dungeons instead of content that can be done solo.
  9. I already said this on one of the other "crying a river because I can't do all of the event" threads, but I wanted to say it again. This event isn't that bad. All players should be able to easily complete stages 1-3 of the turtle and Desolate Mausoleum. You can get 2 oils per character with little effort just from completing these. If you want TT soul shields, go farm MSP. With the double loot weekends, and the ability to use the fleeting event weapon, MSP should be easier to complete, and a good source of mats, exp, and you can get your BT, VT or TT soul shields. As for the gems, they are a l
  10. Trying to upgrade accessories is becoming such a huge pain. Today I ran DD 20 times trying to get the Numok bracelet to upgrade my divinity bracelet past stage 6. The only one I saw went for 158g. Meanwhile, I saw 3 of the legendary horizon belts that went for minimum bid. Why are these necessary upgrade items so rare? It's hard to find parties for these older dungeons if they aren't on the list for the DC for the day. And looking at upgrading BT accessories, I will need to farm Awakened Necropolis for a Lucent earring. This is just an alt for me, so I'm not planning on getting TT accessories
  11. I get that people are upset that they can't do ALL of this event, but it is not completely useless. You can easily do stages 1-3 of the turtle and the Desolate Mausoleum dungeon. You'll be able to get 2 oils per character for little effort. It's too bad that everyone won't be able to get the Lycan's Fire Wings, but then again, it's only a cosmetic. As for the TT soul shields, MSP would be much better to farm those if you are unable to find an actual TT raid. Gems should be a low priority upgrade as they don't give much of a dps increase, and they typically cost too much from events to be worth
  12. Personally, I dislike the raid and dungeon nerfs. Part of the reason I love this game is because of learning mechanic and having the skill to execute them properly. Unfortunately, I believe the majority of the player base is not capable of learning and executing many of the mechanics, which is why the nerfs are happening. Player’s inability to complete the more difficult dungeons or raids can be due to a number of things like: high ping, low fps, poor performance of their pc, bad internet connection, the poor optimization of the game, or quite simply lack of skill and knowledge of how to play
  13. I agree with the OP in that they should have made entry into HM available to everyone during the duration of the event. They also could have just picked two different dungeons that do not require an entry fee. Or better yet, add that event currency along with the other one to Candy Cloud Park. Not sure why they had to over complicate things by adding two different event currencies. The fact is, many players are struggling to fully participate in the event as it requires an entry fee for HM. Yes, you can easily complete the daily for CS by just doing the first boss, but its nice to
  14. Even as a geared and experienced player, this area is completely frustrating. I was minding my own business killing mobs and got ganked from behind as i went to pick up my chests. And to make things even worse, you can't even get back into the area after pressing 4 to go seek some revenge. Moon Refuge itself is meant for new/low geared players to grind things at their own pace. And honestly, it isn't even that rewarding since there's no promise chest drops outside of the panda village. It's hard enough for low geared players just to kill the mobs in there. Why they would introduc
  15. Moon Refuge is nice for alts trying to gear up their weapon through the rift/dawn path. All the weapon boxes are available there for buds. I found this place much easier to farm on my low geared alt, than trying to pug dungeons like HH for a weapon chest. Outside of that, it really just serves as a place to chill and do some mindless farming. It’s too bad there isn’t more to do for end game players, because the area really is very beautiful.
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