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  1. The Real Issue With This Event

    Wow, can't believe people are still crying about this event. LOL #NeverForgetValentine'sEvent2018
  2. Moon Refuge quest as 10th daily challenge.

    I think its a good idea to do this quest on your own on a daily basis, but I see no need for this to be part of the daily challenge. F8 has been really slow since the gold nerf, as there is little incentive to run basic dungeons outside of daily challenge. Players should be encouraged to run more dungeons instead of content that can be done solo.
  3. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    I already said this on one of the other "crying a river because I can't do all of the event" threads, but I wanted to say it again. This event isn't that bad. All players should be able to easily complete stages 1-3 of the turtle and Desolate Mausoleum. You can get 2 oils per character with little effort just from completing these. If you want TT soul shields, go farm MSP. With the double loot weekends, and the ability to use the fleeting event weapon, MSP should be easier to complete, and a good source of mats, exp, and you can get your BT, VT or TT soul shields. As for the gems, they are a low priority upgrade to begin with as the amount of dps you gain is minimal and literally any piece of gear that gives you damage bonuses should be upgraded first. You are given a starter set of hexa gems upon completing the story, and hepta gem tickets have a pretty good drop rate from CS and Mandate. Moon refuge is another way to easily get gems, even if they can’t be upgraded they are good enough for a starter set. They admitted on the stream that the availability of gem powders was an issue they were going to be addressing in the future, so just be patient. Let the whales flaunt their red wings and fancy titles, and focus on having fun while playing the game. If this game isn’t fun for you because you expect to be able to log in for quick and easy events and get tons of good items for free, than you should think again. This “I want everything now and I want it for free with little effort” attitude that many players have is just ridiculous. All the meltdowns that people are having over this event are pretty funny to read though, so keep it up guys!
  4. Trying to upgrade accessories is becoming such a huge pain. Today I ran DD 20 times trying to get the Numok bracelet to upgrade my divinity bracelet past stage 6. The only one I saw went for 158g. Meanwhile, I saw 3 of the legendary horizon belts that went for minimum bid. Why are these necessary upgrade items so rare? It's hard to find parties for these older dungeons if they aren't on the list for the DC for the day. And looking at upgrading BT accessories, I will need to farm Awakened Necropolis for a Lucent earring. This is just an alt for me, so I'm not planning on getting TT accessories any time soon, but I would still like to have decent gear. Please please please put these items in Moon Refuge so that we don't have to run outdated dungeons to upgrade our accessories. I would so much rather farm there than run such unrewarding dungeons over and over.
  5. I get that people are upset that they can't do ALL of this event, but it is not completely useless. You can easily do stages 1-3 of the turtle and the Desolate Mausoleum dungeon. You'll be able to get 2 oils per character for little effort. It's too bad that everyone won't be able to get the Lycan's Fire Wings, but then again, it's only a cosmetic. As for the TT soul shields, MSP would be much better to farm those if you are unable to find an actual TT raid. Gems should be a low priority upgrade as they don't give much of a dps increase, and they typically cost too much from events to be worth getting over oils. Overall, this event is not that bad, just disappointing that all players cannot complete all aspects of it.
  6. Raid Nerfs

    Personally, I dislike the raid and dungeon nerfs. Part of the reason I love this game is because of learning mechanic and having the skill to execute them properly. Unfortunately, I believe the majority of the player base is not capable of learning and executing many of the mechanics, which is why the nerfs are happening. Player’s inability to complete the more difficult dungeons or raids can be due to a number of things like: high ping, low fps, poor performance of their pc, bad internet connection, the poor optimization of the game, or quite simply lack of skill and knowledge of how to play their class. It’s too bad that NCWest can’t figure out some way to help those players that are struggling outside of “make it easier.”
  7. Simple way to fix event

    I agree with the OP in that they should have made entry into HM available to everyone during the duration of the event. They also could have just picked two different dungeons that do not require an entry fee. Or better yet, add that event currency along with the other one to Candy Cloud Park. Not sure why they had to over complicate things by adding two different event currencies. The fact is, many players are struggling to fully participate in the event as it requires an entry fee for HM. Yes, you can easily complete the daily for CS by just doing the first boss, but its nice to have that extra chance for a merchant or gem ticket drop. Completing both dungeons is also a good amount of unity points. It would have been a nice move to let us complete these dungeons for free after the whole disaster of antiquing the white orbs and demon spirit stones with no compensation. Unfortunately we will all just have to suffer through this together. I can only hope that they make some other source for obtaining orbs or shards outside of the daily/weekly challenge. If they don't then the cost will remain much too high as an entry fee to a dungeon.
  8. PvP in Moon Refuge

    Even as a geared and experienced player, this area is completely frustrating. I was minding my own business killing mobs and got ganked from behind as i went to pick up my chests. And to make things even worse, you can't even get back into the area after pressing 4 to go seek some revenge. Moon Refuge itself is meant for new/low geared players to grind things at their own pace. And honestly, it isn't even that rewarding since there's no promise chest drops outside of the panda village. It's hard enough for low geared players just to kill the mobs in there. Why they would introduce open world pvp into the mix is beyond me. It's like they learned nothing from the Valentine's Day Massacre event.
  9. Moon refuge - content outdated on launch

    Moon Refuge is nice for alts trying to gear up their weapon through the rift/dawn path. All the weapon boxes are available there for buds. I found this place much easier to farm on my low geared alt, than trying to pug dungeons like HH for a weapon chest. Outside of that, it really just serves as a place to chill and do some mindless farming. It’s too bad there isn’t more to do for end game players, because the area really is very beautiful.
  10. First boss of CS should be free bid as the orb only offers access to the second boss. Anyone has the ability to complete the daily without needing an orb. What I have seen however, is that most parties allow the orb user to take the items from first boss as well. I assume it’s because they are just happy to get carried through the dungeon and have access to the second boss which contains the event items. There are many low geared players or alts that may not be interested in bidding and just want their daily and dynamics for the event. It's nice if they pass, but not necessary. There is nothing wrong with bidding on the items from the first boss; the player providing the orb should not expect to get those items for free.
  11. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    This mistake has been devastating to players. It wouldn't be such a blow if we were able to prepare for it by getting our oils crafted and use up our resets before the patch, but it's too late for that. Miscommunications happen, but offering absolutely no solution is just unacceptable. I really hope they re-think the decision to do nothing about this. At least come up with a way that we can do both dungeons daily since it is part of the event.
  12. This current event has been a big help for those players that have been struggling with rng in getting their accessories from Skybreak Spire (BT). At this point in the game, these accessories are considered minimum gear requirements, and should be made more accessible. I am writing this post to suggest that the Skybreak Spire Reward Scrolls be kept as a permanent feature in game. Thanks!

    Personally, I don’t mind carrying new/low geared players especially for weeklies or BT, but a lot of the player base has no patience and does not want to “waste” their time teaching mechanics. I strongly suggest making some friends in game and just ask nicely. Make sure to read up on dungeon mechanics before trying out new dungeons. But most importantly learn how to play your class properly. Unfortunately the story line does nothing to teach new players about the game and how to play their class. On a side note, I think its time that the story line is changed to just give players basic draken accessories and a rift/dawn weapon and a full set of raven soul shields with primers to infuse. This would help new players immensely as understanding the basic gear set up can be very confusing. It would also be nice for there to be an ongoing event where new players can obtain legendary soul and pet. That would be a huge help to new players.
  14. Yet another event requiring DC's

    They also used to require us to do 4 challenges for the DC and oftentimes we had to complete Beastbog, Twisted Grimhorn Wilds, AND long dungeons like Awakened Necropolis, Blackram Supply Chain, or Bloodshade Harbor. They’ve already simplified the DC to be as quick and easy as possible. I can’t believe that people are still complaining. The fact remains, doing DC and event should only take you about 30 minutes to complete, which I do not believe is unreasonable. What is unreasonable is for you people to demand free things, but complain about having to put in even the smallest amount of effort. This is a game; its supposed to be fun. If you’re starting to view it as “work” then it’s time to move on. This is a Korean MMO, which requires a lot of grinding. If you can’t commit 30 minutes per day to this game and you think the DC is too much work for you, I suggest moving on to another game that you can play more casually.
  15. Yet another event requiring DC's

    Personally I dont think doing the DC is too much to ask along with the event. Even on my weakest character, a raven 3 gunner, I can do the quickest and easiest DC in around 15 minutes. Basin boss is basically a freebie, so you really only have to do 2 dungeons. They want people to actually play the game. It wouldn't make sense for them to allow people to log in for 5 minutes for a simple event dungeon and get enough free stuff to keep up with gear.