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  1. I made same suggestion months ago,even tweeted babbletron. Ofc they dont want to fix it,i admit i dont have time to play anymore,so i dont know how bad it is. Ap brackets work 100%,make it inside you cant change any type of gear,its simple.
  2. Lotro has 70% off store,Tera has 60% off store and ppl think they make here good offers :P Lucky for us,there are other mmos out there also. Despite all that a gift is a gift,in Tera i am playing now,they also have free gifts,yeah free,you dont have to pay for something and call it a gift.
  3. The problem isnt the percentage of drop rates.The problem is no matter what ppl will still buy those,to get the rare item. If noone bought rng boxes,then they would stop to make them,easy solution :P So hopefully they would make other means to get rare item,more easier for us.
  4. Rng makes ppl quit games,f2p or no f2p doesnt matter at all,but thats my opinion on the matter. They could make tons of Money from outfits,as it is now,you cant focus on two thing.You either focus in gearing or farming for outfits,i am talking in the standpoing of someone is f2p and playing the game. If my gear is good,close to max,then i start to look around how to make my toon looking cuter,ofc the one doesnt leave out the other,but all my points are based on what majority of f2p players will do,or think.If the rng is brutal,i need to farm 24/7 to be able to keep up with oth
  5. I dont disagree with what you are saying entirely,but the main problem is this game has too much rng,we are not kr,we have a different culture here.Your drop rates in General from game,is putting off lot of players of playing,including me,i was playing 10+hrs and now i mainly log for trove only. Easier things,keeps a more bigger population,thus you increase of your chances of ppl buying ncoins as well.
  6. I'll explain better also in general,if company sold lower they would make way more money.Take ncoin in Web.If they had 1 dollar for 50 ncoins and if bns had 2 million players,i bet my kingdom every single one of them,would buy that pack at least once.With current offers,not everyone will. More players buying something,you have a healthier income,community,blah,blah.If you only count to few ppl that pay,the so called whales,when those decide to leave you end up with nothing.In my example if some ppl stop playing-paying,you wont lose as much. My 2c ofc on the matter.
  7. Answer : Those who find Cheap coffee will tell to all their friends to come try it,couse its cheaper :P So you make more rly.If you have coffee for 5 dollars,maybe i try once and never again. There is a reason most mmos go f2p and have micro-transactions also :P
  8. I'll stand by still with my simple solution to the matchmaking with the brackets,some concerns ppl have,i just thought of it now for one min.It dont take long to fix things. If you remove your weapon,equip lower gear to have lower ap,then just make it inside you cant change any equip,if you try to be a smart person to cheat,then play with 100 ap without weapons and low gear,simple solution as i said.
  9. I'll just answer on the 3 part couse i dont disagree on other things. When ur offline,your character is stored someplace with your stats and ofc your ap,matchmaking will take those stats,its a valid question tho.Also if you are hongmoon 12 for example and have leg neck or ring,its a failsafe to assume you are above 650+ or so. I believe my first comment is ok to allievate the cheating ppl trying to find the workaround on this.
  10. I gave a simple solution to jonathan on his Twitter couple months ago about matchmaking,but that would couse problems with ppl who spend time,money to get 800ap into making easy wins,so i guess he ignored me. Divide it into small brackets of 50 ap.500-550,550-600,etc. Someone who geared would still have an advantage at 550 or 600 ap from ppl at 500,550.Rating would still be accumulated the same,but you only play in your own brackets,getting rewards based on your rating,nothing would change. But the 800ap ppl would complain couse they want to faceroll 500ap p
  11. 6vs6 in General is a fun bg,but its annoying a lot.I do dailies on 3 toons,couse boxes are rly nice and the fun,somehow balanced games are very rare.3 toons and i got one draw,that was fun,or losing with rly small points or winning. Jonathan was ignoring all my tweets about the match making,for a strange reason,he was replying only for outfits and pets at that time,shocking right? There was an easier fix to make it a ladder thing of 50 ap apart.500-550,550-600,600-650,etc. Even High ap players woudnt mind that,if u have the High ap of 650 and u get matched w
  12. The problem is this game is f2p,they needed to get perm banned from the game and you want only reset ranks?So funny. No its not harsh,you know you are doing an exploit and you should be perm banned,its simple for me.
  13. Merchant event was ok,not perfect for my tastes tho. Rng to spawn him and bigger rng to actually get an item you rly wanted.I dont like those type of events. Game allready has so much rng on it,its putting off so many ppl.Player base would be at least double if we had less rng on it. My opinion on the matter.
  14. They said we will be getting breakthrough,evolution items till moonwater i think form surveys,quest rewards now. So till silverfrost i think this is great news for old and new players.
  15. It is fun and it comes from someone that hates to do pvp in every form of it.I dont get why we need to wait for kr to change things.This is west,entirely different culture. Just becouse they want to roflstomp and zerg in kr doesnt mean we wanna have it here,i done so many matches on 3 of my noob toons atm every single day and all games were unbalanced,only 3-4 were somehow balanced in terms of points both teams had. Easiest fix is to make ladders of ap,500-550,550-600,etc,u get the idea.Babbletron never answered my tweet on that,i guess he didnt like me that i raged at
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