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  1. I'm on board for the outfit exchange token. For someone like me who has all of the outfits that the stage 10 box has, the box loses a little luster. A few options off the top of my head: -Old event outfits -outfits that were time sensitive that new players would never had a chance to get before. -outfits that were part of old rng outfit boxes (ones that require designer threads). -Or just a stack of designer threads big enough to afford one of those outfits.
  2. Farming Dead dungeons

    Just voicing my support for this. There are a few dungeons and instances I've been farming for over a year. Dreadtide Arena, Goldleaf Foundry, Zaiwei Ruins, Shadowstrike, to name a few. Not all, but some of these instances can be very tedious or time consuming, with dialogue you have to wait through (i'm looking at you Dreadtide). Another option, like achievement vendor would be a welcome addition. I'd also like to throw the option in for the rare weapon skins from places like NSH/E.Fleet into this same general boat. FYI - Yes i know there are a few people that get lucky after a couple runs. I am not one of those people.
  3. Another stone on another alt... And another patch and no account bound stones. They didn't even acknowledge that issue in the patch preview. Why are they so adamant about not making that change? Yes i know about the increase in drop rate. I just feel that if you are going to throw rng items at us, they should all be acct bound for this very reason. They have to know many of us use alts to get mats by now.
  4. Just throwing my +1 onto this as well. I got 3 Divine Grace Stones on 3 different alts i dont play much. So they're just gonna be sitting there forever unused, while my main sits empty.
  5. Brawl Friday

    Yeah, I would definitely like to see this better implemented. I think a time sensitive code would be better for more people. Or maybe whoever is logged in and viewing when the codes flash up could just get them auto applied to their account.
  6. People Afkin in Lair? Report them

    I find that Gloomdross is notorious for this behavior. Guaranteed every time I'm there someone just stands there on the core the whole time. I've been trying to be more diligent about reporting, but having to step out of game to do it is really annoying. You can report bots and spammers in game, but not AFKers.
  7. Clan Management site

    I agree that the in-game clan system is very lacking, and I like the stuff I see above. Pretty much everything OP has implemented are things I have been wanting to see. Especially last login, donations and crafting skills. The other thing I kinda wanted to see though is the option for your clan membership to be account wide (pending leader approval of course), instead of each char taking a slot up.
  8. Can't store these weapons in the showroom

    Same here for me, for Asura bangle so far
  9. What to do with older mats

    I took a break off for a year or so, only to find myself looking at a pile of things i'm not sure are useful and/or are taking up valuable inventory space. Wondering if I can get a little insight on what to do with them. - non-hongmoon gems (like square or triangular) - viridian poison/cinderlands thorn/moonwater tear (or refining stone) - element of hongmoon/hongmoon jewels (or plain versions) - jewel/element powders - silverfrost mt dew Thanks in advance for any info.
  10. lowbie gear upgrading

    All of my characters weapons are pretty low (bale 3 is current max). Certain weapon upgrade costs are rumored to be dropping with the Dec 6 patch, but I'm not sure how far down the chain those changes will be. I'm wondering if its safe to push my weapon levels a bit or if i should just wait it out.