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  1. Silent player in guild

    I am sorry I have not spoken up in guild. It is a long story Don't even get me started on that swettie...amirite???!!!!!
  2. Why NA is the reason for the bot problem

    Dear Sir, I acknowledge your opinion as such but refuse to accept it. Frankly, I do not believe your solution should begin with the playerbase OR shall I say customer base. If my bank is unable to keep criminals from stealing money from it, do I accept this as so and say "Oh it is my fault for putting money in it?" Despite the actions of the playerbase within the block simulator you're currently playing, it is not their responisiblity to place restrictions on what can and can't be done in game, no questions asked. This element begins with game design and that alone. If you think that the solution to the bot issue is for the playerbase to march to the front of the battle, sadly you're mistaken. Should be easy enough to grasp.
  3. Only bots at arena

    =Profit. i like your style my man. Like your style.
  4. Game functionality its ridiculous

    Funny thing is OP is spot on. NCSOFT bans its own player base for using an exploit that has been in the game for years while bots run rampid, Gameguard crashes peoples games, and blocking bots gold spam might as well be a *cricket*ing daily at this point. Get your shit together NC.
  5. A Look At GameGuard

    After gameguard took somewhat of a break from plaguing my game time, coincidentally BnS ran better. I had higher more stable FPS and just an overall better experience. After it was reactivated my FPS has dropped significantly and sometimes takes wild dips only to climb back up. Granted I dont play on the most high end system but the fact of the matter is while GG was "gone" the game ran surprisingly well for me. I stopped playing the game about 4 days ago out of sheer principle as the bot infestation and what I'd deem as utter incompitence on NCSofts part. Now this information regarding GG; I'm uninstalling when I get home. Frankly, I feel that the player base, at least those experiencing problems caused or most likely caused by GG should protest here on the forums by creating a petition or by simply uninstalling the game. The NA player base is a cash cow for BnS and it should be noted mmo's come a dime a dozen and if they cant get that through their heads? *cricket*'em.
  6. You do realize this has been in other regions version for years right? NO BANS. Its their bug, not ours. Meanwhile the bots run rampant and your all white knight about punishment for a bug in a dungeon that allows players to go through the mindless trash a bit faster? Wake up.
  7. NCSoft and anyone who supporst a punishment for this needs to look at how that decision is going to affect the player base. Hold on. I'm gonna need to take a deep breath first: -No kick function -afkers -BOTS -gathering nonexistent -Bots in Arena -Arena Balance -Optimization -"European server" -Scam known as outfit pouch Do I need to continue? If NCSoft in any way prioritizes this over the rap sheet of current issues, its gonna cause a sh**storm.
  8. Dear NCSoft, I have noticed that you've got your self a small bot I crack myself up sometimes. Anywho, ya, the bots are pretty much a core feature of your game now and I figured from the looks of the other clients, you've got no desire to eradicate them. So...why not sell us the players bots in the Hongmoon store?!!!!! If you can't beat'em join'em amirite NC? Here are my other marketing ideas. Hopefully the community can join in and add to these: Event #1: A new dungeon called "Bottlenecked" Basically the way this dungeon would work is like this: You enter the dungeon with a level one weapon and the goal is to upgrade said weapon to the current patches max. The first portion of the dungeon is basically a breeze and for each enemy you kill it drops you enough in game currency to uprade your weapon + the mats to do so. But eventually, the mobs drops dont supply enough currency or mats, but they do drop gathering items, and nodes start to spawn which the player can then sell to the vendor to offset the mob drop loss. But get this NC, get this. Those nodes that spawn, theyve already been taken by the 5 bots in the players party!!! ha ha...I know, I know. It's good sh*t. Basically, the premise of the dungeon is to ulimately force the players to reach the end boss which will drop an item which will allow them to completely upgrade their weapon. We'll call this item "the currency exchange". Ya, you see, we'll basically name the end boss bottleneck because he drops the item "currency exchange". You see? You feelin me dawg? Bottlenecked lol. New class: Bot Master Here's the intro: "The Bot Master uses lightning quick, no! computer programed quick reflexes to counter and respond to its' enemies attacks. With it's stealth detection and near cc immunity, enemies crumble at the Bot Master's feet. With a myriad of teleports, there's no telling where the bot master will be (most likely in moonwater plains farming nodes or crashing the economy, but whatev's). If you cant handle any of the above, well....dont even BOTTER!!!! Class is gender and race specific. Can only be male Gon lol. Difficulty level: uhh... New Dance emote lol...You guessed it. THE ROBOT!!!! New Event and Event title: "I shouldnt have bot it" Basically the player collects chests (that they have to open with a key of course). These chests contain a small portion of an IP adress. Theyre called "truth chests". After the player opens enough of these chests and collects the entire portion of the IP adress, they take an NPC who rewards them with their respective server location only...its a lie. Get it?" New costumes in Hongmoon store: As you can see there is both male and female versions :) Lyn Version
  9. Why you quit?

    I'm considering quitting myself. I used to play FFXIV and I gotta say, that game is leaps and bounds above this game in terms of quality. I realize it is a sub only game but it's so hard to justify investing time and money in a game that to me always leaves a feeling of uncertainty and/or lack of confidence. Not lack of confidence in the games future as I feel it will be prosperous but more lack of confidence in my ability to put up with certain elements that currently exist within the game. I've already bought outfits from the cash shop and silently regret doing so. I really want to adore the game, I do trust me. But my experience tells me if you're on the fence about making a commitment to invest time in something; your generally unsure; thats a red flag. I'm just seeing all this QOL shit that wasnt implimented which other mmos come stock with and it's like "uhh, this is 2016, not 1996."
  10. Fabrics and transmuting outfit boxes

    Why would you spend RL $$ to just throw away on transmuting. Dont support this system. It is utter garbage. We should be able to salvage all outfits in the game not just cash shop outfits. Its just broken. Dont do it. Seriously, would you go to the store by a brand new shirt, cut it up only to get the fabric out of it? DO NOT SUPPORT THIS TRANSMUTATION SYSTEM. It's such Bullshit and I cant believe its even a thing.
  11. It means turnip cake in japanese. Quite endearing wouldnt you say?
  12. The vote kick option could only be implimented automatically after a certain time AFK maybe. I think certain perameters should be met before a vote kick can be used. But I completely understand your abuse argument.
  13. As much as I think an mmo is meant to be played with friends, I just cant for the life of me consider your response to be a valid solution to solving the lack of a MOST BASIC FEATURE which most MMO's currently come STOCK with. In terms of QOL, BnS is lagging behind especially in the PVE realm of dungeon content. Playing with friends does not solve the underlying issue. This is a basic feature of almost every MMO out there and would massively improve people dungeon experience and eliminate leeching. Throw this, loot change vote, and eliminate sentry and fire walls and you've got yourself a pretty great party system for dungeons. But playing with guildies and friends isnt the answer for this and I strongly discourage that train of thought as it were looking at a basic QOL feature. No one is asking for a complete revamp of the current system. Were asking for basic features that exist in almost EVERY ACTIVE MMO TO DATE.
  14. We need this. PLUS 1900. THis is a QOL feature most MMO's have. WHy not BnS?
  15. W/out reading other responses I'm just going to say this: +500 OP. These fire walls and sentry orbs do nothing in regards to the skill cap in this game. Dying in general combat is one thing as it allows you to learn from your mistakes. But these firewalls and sentry orbs basically nullify any type of skill cap in dungeons when you die to them. With the current meta of burning through dailies players do not typically wait for everyone to zone in. My overall view is that having these flame walls and sentry orbs is a QOL change that needs to happen as they serve no purpose. Can someone please provide an argument for keeping them in. Any takers? Doubtful anyone can come up with one good reason to keep this ridiculous mechanic in game. Please remove NCSOft. PLEASE.