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  1. hi it could be very usefull to guild for check ppl for activity and the only way i bellive we ca do that is with time log or if anyone is offline to have the notification how long is offline with real time
  2. Guild msg to all players

    hi why there is no guild msg to all players for veterans and above
  3. Duelist Bundle

    why there are bound and we cannot buy more from store why thats option all ppl have many alts active but still you cannot buy as many you like like the others i could like this option to be free and buy as many ass we like
  4. Dreadtide Critical Soul Shield

    yes exist i just took 3 peace of that i think its a dayly one i took it on moonwater plains Sapphire basin in the cave with name Dreadtide arena. After i kill the monsters there was new npc came out.i had some sec to decide leave or stay. So i stay and i kill it then the chest was with 3 parts of that soul shild hope i help