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  1. at 20:00, rukkirri has the reworked Z skill that comes with the next character overhaul. Are we getting this tommorow as well, or was this just accidental game assets displayed?
  2. Hey guys sorry the shatter masts video is taking so long to make, there was a very long reel of footage to edit > < I made another video for world of warships that you can check out if you just like the gif spammy type of videos c:
  3. As you may know me, my in game name is Paula on Mushin whilst my account name is Kancollewuzhere I've decided to start making Youtube videos instead of hard grinding dungeons to make money or playing endless hours climbing PvP. So far, I've made one video and am planning another one soon. I would appreciate it if you all could check it out. I am still very new with video editing so please don't be too harsh on me ;_;... (my friends literally butchered me with criticisms orz) I go by the Youtube name Kancollewuzhere, and the link to my first video is....
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