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  1. having issues

    do you guys lag for like .5 second sometimes? im out leveling and i get that .5 second combat spike all the time. making me sad tho :( who enjoys this?
  2. To Nc soft NA

    you sir, needs to get a girlfriend and enjoy life a bit more
  3. topic about ques

    so right now im trying to lvl alts and i see less and less people everyday queing. uhm this gets me worried >.< like long ques for lvl 22 dungeon
  4. Game Issues and Why I'm Quitting (Rant)

    you're the number 999999 with threads like this i think everyone got tired of seeing this
  5. this happens in every mmo

    but still they play it instead of other "fixed" games
  6. this happens in every mmo

    thread might get deleted idc i want to waste some time here but in every f2p mmo theres always qq and games still goes on. look at gw2 at start, every single thread was and it still qq and game is still on with lots of players. i mean come on guys threads wont do a thing and you know it
  7. Reporting a bot infestation

    have you ever bought anything via coin exchange or something like that? (the new p2w platform)? maybe thats it
  8. Reporting a bot infestation

    wtf why do i never get friend request, whispers or stuff like that ever? im true pirate and not a single one. i have been getting a lot of bots in arena but not even a mail, fr or anything wtf i think people who get these shits are gold buyers
  9. It's time to QUIT

    imo best thing to do is wait for 1 month then come back to see hows it going. play another game ima be playing ffxiv and lol
  10. To ya'll who complains about bots

    Ncsoft haves around 4+ games and they are filled with bots (aion for sure) you think they didnt knew? they just give a shit. accept the truth don't defend the dark side
  11. is it worth to start again?

    i didnt entirely read his post cuz damn his dumb but yeah i changed my mind. why? because ncsoft locked the thread when i was actually defending them lol
  12. is it worth to start again?

    good answer thanks :) but what if they fix it?
  13. is it worth to start again?

    um can i ask why you stop playing this one tho?
  14. is it worth to start again?

    same thing idk what other game to play tho. i was wondering LoL heroes of keep playing ffxiv
  15. i got bored on my main and i want to start the game fresh. is it wort (kinda like leveling an alt) or current game is slowly dying? dont wanna waste much time imo