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  1. You should read the first sentence. I'm pretty sure, if enough people express their interest for it, we can get it. Nothing can be done, if people give up every time developers say "there are no plans now". If you dont want region transfers, good for you, dont even comment, I'm asking thoughts of people who do thought about region transfers.
  2. Me and other people would love to have Blade & Soul on Geforce NOW. I think NCWest has a say in this, I mean, even Bless Online was on Geforce NOW and I'm pretty sure it was the developers who talked to Geforce. People have been requesting on geforce forums for them to add Blade & Soul to Geforce NOW, but I'm pretty sure if NCWEST talked to geforce, we could get Blade & Soul supported on Geforce NOW.
  3. I've been sending this request to support for years actually and right now, they suggested that I should post this on official forums, so I did Long story how I started on NA ever since 2016 launch, but I regret that I didnt go start on EU. Back then I didnt understand ping and I didnt feel any lag or difference. I've invested too much time into this game and I want to transfer into EU server or at least have the option to do so with storage and all that, heck I could wait a damn month, if it would mean I could transfer my main character with all the progress and stuff. I dont think
  4. The community and the company screws the game everytime. If they would make same optimization options available in official launcher and ingame, they could shut down BnS Buddy easily. And seriously, the players of this game, if they dont wanna play the game that badly, they shouldnt. If players dont wanna put time into learning the combat and earning stuff or any time into the game at all, again, they shouldnt. NCW shouldve punished these people for using scripts, a long time ago, but they aint gonna do it, because about more half of their playerbase are using these scripts like macro, because
  5. "The panda oufit isnt colorful enough". HMMMMMMM. Wonder why...maybe its because a panda andd it has 2 main colors? And its sad how are bashing on panda outfit which was brought up unnecessarally and you have no respect for the artist, you cant even understand the theme the outfit goes for... "Can do better with MS paint" thats great then, I commented that the whale outfit creator should improve the design, so if you can also draw, go help him make the whale outfit design better.
  6. HThey wouldnt pick the outfit because its actually good, detailed and worthy, they would vote for the outfit, because its unfunny meme outfit. The panda outfit is like the last years duck outfit, more or less the same. I dont think the duck outfit is good enough to be with finalists, but its way more creative than the whale outfit who probably anyone though of. The question I had in mind every year was who will be stupid enough to make that obvious whale outfit design idea.
  7. Woa hold the phone here. Have seen and compared the finalists designs with this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤? This whale design is so bad and plain and the only reason anyone would pick, because its a meme and its not funny. I wouldnt say anything if the design would be as good as the finalists, but it isnt. Honestly...the minds of people like these... I would like to thank NCWEST for not putting this mindless ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ on vote. Seriously. You know how bad this wouldve been, seeing how stupid the community can be sometimes.
  8. The devs said on stream that you can just push it aside and forget about it
  9. Thanks for compensation, but you are too kind. I already understood your decision and radiant energy was 9g before the stream, and devs said in the stream "keep your radiant energy", this all complaining was only community's fault. With this generous compensation, I have no doubts people will still ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ a lot, but I hope they dont.
  10. I would like to see more gems. Like aquamarine and other.
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