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  1. They will not fix it or they will when all new/low levels escape to a new game where they have a fresh start.
  2. I know that, but I mean the spinner is bugged. When the spinner hit one, it skipped 4+ places, I missed lots of tokens due this bugged daily dash.
  3. I have like 51 tokens now, but I have troubles collecting them. But I almost got them if team greedlust daily dash would work like intended. The Daily Dash is bogus as hell, it skips so many tokens, I think I have missed the tokens 8 times now. First time I rolled three times a one I should have 9 tokens, second time I should have 6 tokens and today I should have 6 tokens.. #FEELSBADMAN
  4. I hope they make them account bound in the next patch, probably not. because of team greedlust.
  5. GM's said we need to discuss it on the interwebz and that devolpers "maybe" will read it. So up you go. @Riss77 stop with the character bound items, it's so outdated. +1
  6. Say what?? Do the GM's even play the game :P. Hello, Hello, We apologize for the late response due to the volume of tickets we currently receiving. Unfortunately, Support is unable to grant your request to transfer the items obtained from the Treasure Trove. I understand that you want to transfer them to one of your characters, however, it is intended that the Treasure Trove is uniquely based on each character. Furthermore, items generated from the Trove are affected by the RNG Mechanic. It is also intended that if the items bought from the Trove can be traded, you may s
  7. Unfortunately, the item in question is not eligible to be transferred as they are still currently character-bound and you are able to re-obtain them on your other character without support's assistance. Thank you for your understanding. If you have any other question or issue, please let us know. Regards, GM [insert name] NCSOFT Support Team
  8. Up you go. I have only 4 stones but scattered across 2 characters... things are hard to get :D.
  9. It's called greed :P. There were lots of sales, hosting companies that offer up to 70% discount on an annual subscription, fashion stores that gave 40% + 50% shipping discount worldwide, game store that sold their stuff cheaper than ever (not the newest goodies but that is understandable) and so much more. And team greedlust came with some lousy discounts on digital items (absurd).
  10. I thought they would add all the unique costumes of this year at discount price or better, lower the price of everything. This is not a Black Friday it a Greedy Friday (but that its old news).
  11. I got like 3 silky hairs, maybe if there was a way to transform the unused once into 3 á 4 solar energy. And change the hair (end round) into 10 solar energy? Would be a lot nicer especially for the new players.
  12. Curious how this will end I have partied with relax people but also with enough toxic players... Not sure if this will amplify the inner toxicity of certain players.
  13. They don't ban someone that fast. A month ago I killed some random kid on the SSP. And got the following PM, I WISH YOU AND YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY CANCER. The kid said some other things that I didn't tolerate (have reported him and provided a screenshot, pics or it didn't happen). But back to the topic last week I saw that kid running around, proof that they don't do shit.
  14. Greetings, Class change would not be so good, you don't learn basics of a class if you get whole deal at once (that's what most people write). We all want to try a different character after a while but don't want to do that progress path of hell again. Leveling is quite easy in BNS, within 1 á 2 weeks (if you have social life) you are lvl 50 + HM4 but progressing can be time consuming. Here is my suggestion: give us a way to send equipment and a weapon to a different character on the same account, call it the "box of wonders" 1 piece per box and need 3 sta
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