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  1. Saving silvermoon illusion wep chest

  2. Yayyy costume customization is coming!

  3. The Radiant Ring gem crafting

    Smelting and Aransu orbs? xD
  4. Unrefined Dragon/Tiger Bracelet

    You can buy for 3 complete prayers beads
  5. Wing Drop Rate Probably 0.1% at Best

    My BF got 2 wings in 50 Boxes ._.
  6. Shock caller weapon chest

    Now you can preview the weapons in a weapon chest with shift + LMB
  7. Merchant of Wonders

    I can't See nothing
  8. Warlock's DPS rotation

    I use Ice Build 2 > F(Leech) > V > 4 > 3 > V > 4 > And Spam 4 with Rupture and Bombard xD I have all HM Skills, Magnum and Enigma Mystic SS MSP 8 or MSP 5 Xanos 3 I think Skyrift works better with Blue Moon Soul Bandage
  9. The Radiant Ring gem crafting

    Radiant Ring is dead now because of the void fragments and the roulette, the only utility they have for now is the Aransu Orbs I think.
  10. The Radiant Ring gem crafting

    With the pouch you have a chance to get another diamond I guess. But it's not worth it to me xd
  11. Mushin tower Floor 16

    Just go to the entrace of floor 16+ if you already beat Naksun