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  1. Well, 3.0 patch of Path Of Exile is coming out today... and I wont have enough time (or inclination) to create a bunch of characters on B&S (that I don't play anymore)... just to check their crafting/gathering items... so I guess this spreadsheet is "dead". I will mark it as "outdated" in title. If anyone that still plays this game wants to grab a copy and update it for people... feel free :)
  2. It seems everyone editing the gamepedia wiki has also given-up on B&S... and is no longer updating with the current recipes (https://bladeandsoul.gamepedia.com/Radiant_Ring). Does anyone know of an up to date resource for crafting recipes, or can you only find the recipes now by creating characters with every crafting/gathering skill?
  3. Until you are capable of doing anything more than a simple division in your own spreadsheets... ...or ignoring the sale or materials because you dont feel they are relevant when you only want to craft with them (regardless of their PPM), etc... ...or flippping values like "can craft" and "cant craft" mid-argument to create your own errors... ...as the creator of this spreadsheet, I'd advise people ignore you... as you are attempting to advise people on how to use something that you did not create and do not have the knowledge to even understand. You have already trie
  4. You are wrong... and I have given you data to show how. I made it a long post... with lots of very easy to follow information and descriptions of what you are doing wrong. I am tired of this "conversation" now... as it is going around in circles. If you still wish to continue it, then please seek someone who's job it is to teach basic logic, programming or statistics. They can explain it again to you, and you can argue with a different professional that does this stuff for a living :)
  5. Ahhh... I see your mistake. You are assuming that someone crafting for profit would ignore the higher profits that the material would show, in order to craft something that uses said material to generate a loss. This is not the case... as the materials selling price (and therefore its PPM) would clearly show that it is better to sell the material (if they have enabled the tab for materials they can craft). In fact, the only time this MIGHT be an issue is if you decided to ignore the highest PPM (Profit Per Minute) items and craft things that showed a loss (or were so close to 0 P
  6. RatTH: Thanks for the information! (and Yndril for clarifying his reply). I have not logged into B&S for quite some time, so was unaware that they changed stuff a month ago. It was wrong of me to not check the game before releasing outdated material. I apologize. As soon as I have some free time, I will patch the game and fix the spreadsheets recipes to be current, along with entering current market data for "my" server (Old Man Cho). Yndril: I did not ignore your "explanation". You created a hypothesis then disproved it with your own math...
  7. Care to elaborate, RavTH? Has there been more recipes added to B&S, or changes since this was made?
  8. No, a hardcoded value is one that needs typed in by a human (either by the creator or someone editing it later). As you will see from mine, if you click a price... most of them are set programatically (dynamic values) so that one change can ripple through multiple entries. For instance... change any "Did you take this skill" between "yes" and "no", and you will see a lot of the values change automatically... because cells will change where they are getting their values from. Most of my spreadsheet uses dynamic values so that it can work things out for you, and lots
  9. No matter... I found your spreadsheet via googling your name: It seems you created/released yours a month AFTER mine was was created and in-use by my guild. It also seems like yours is much more limited than mine, in that does not allow changing of recipes, checking different prices if you can craft precursors, uses hardcoded values instead of dynamic ones, etc. Its probably a lot easier for end users though... as there is a lot less information. Mine was specifically written to calculate prices based on precursor (materials) and if you could
  10. I don't see a way to delete forum threads here... can you point me to your spreadsheets forum thread? I have checked your history but can not see one.
  11. When Silverfrost hit, I leveled my crafting back to max... and helped guild to get capes, etc... then left again. The only reason I'd ever go back to B&S is if my guild needed my help again, as I swear an oath never to leave a guild that I trust unless I'm also leaving the game (or get kicked out of the guild for inactivity, etc). I just don't see the point in constantly grinding the same content, when I could already buy anything that I wanted.
  12. I stopped playing before Silverfrost came out (for a few months)... and came back to checkout the Silverfrost patch when it released, added the new crafting info, etc... ...got bored within a week though - and left again.
  13. I am sure a lot of people created spreadsheets around the same time. Most of them probably remained private though. I am sorry, but I have not seen yours at all (and not had anyone mention it before), so had no way of knowing if you'd deleted it. You say its now gone so can't be looked at for similarities? It would be good to see other peoples work and if we took roughly the same paths or used completely different methods to achieve similar results. I did do a search before starting mine to check if one already existed (so that I didn't waste energy recreating someth
  14. No idea when you deleted yours, but as you can see from the revision history of the spreadsheet, mine was created from scratch back on 28 February 2016 (well before 50)... its just not been public until now :) I am sure other people have also created something similar though... they just keep it to themselves as it gives an edge in knowing what to create / trade while leveling and/or for extra income. This is why I only allowed my guild to use it, initially... and made it so that people need to create their own copy to update it. Mine was initially created just before
  15. I've noticed quite a few people checking out the spreadsheet (some staying connected for days) but no comments or feedback about it yet. Would be nice to know if anyone finds it useful or not... and any changes / upgrades they would like (or if anyone finds a bug, etc).
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