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  1. Blade master PVE build - Fire vs Lightning

    rofl why ppl dont use fuc...g F with lightining build, with each honed hit you reduce cooldown, also lunar slash for chi recovery, well imo they are about same, just fire build is ez to execute, since its very simple build, and lightining require kinda more understanding. its up to you what you want to use.
  2. Is BM the lowest DPS class in PvE?

    rofl bm for sure is not lowest dps class, if you *cricket* up your boost like noob, then yeah you deal no dmg compared to other class, but if you wont *cricket* it up, its good dps, was checking some sins dps compared to bm, well i've managed do 8.1 in 57 secs, while i rarely see sins doing it lol imo blank is like FM >sin > (kfm,bm,bd) > rest bm is not braindead class, if you want to pull out great dps, you have to think about what skill you use and what you do even in pve, its not braidead class like sm or destro, where you spam just rmb with sm or lmb rmb with destro.
  3. Can't beat Mushin F8.3

    you are so awesome man, but it's bm topic. also everyone know for fm f8 is ez lol
  4. Animation cancelling... is dumb.

    oh this whine topic is still going on, they wont fix it, since its feuture. else if they fix it half of clases would not be playable, and it turn out in typical mmo, where ppl pick just op class in pt.
  5. are you guys staying until?

    mm never..
  6. are you guys staying until?

    till i get bored from it?
  7. Animation cancelling... is dumb.

    pointless trying to prove something to ppl, just anoher cry topic. if you think it's dumb, mm okay. Noone force you to play this game.
  8. Animation cancelling... is dumb.

    then you simple dont understand what are you talking about, gl in mushin with destro with such attitude
  9. Animation cancelling... is dumb.

    it's game feuture, if you can't do it just quit this game, whining wont change anything, not every game is made for all, you would probably also cry about starcraft, where apm means a lot.. this is not casual game.. im pretty sure most of ppl who cry here play with classic mode lol
  10. Ok, seriously i've had enough of this

    good those door abusers are annoying, and good they got banned. About bots.. well, they are everywhere, every f2p has it. It's not like im not pissed about it, but seems its not so easy to get rid of them.
  11. Warlock Secret Technique - am I an idiot?

    enjoy it, bm and bd is extremly expensive too.. hf on wl without hm skill
  12. I am banned and need help

    well ye, there is system which randomly bans players, just for fun. there is always reasson, always nothing happens without reasson lol.
  13. I am banned and need help

    ye, noone ban without reasson. Making drama in forum wont change anything, grow up.
  14. ye, like every kid is innocent
  15. About Hoongmon skill books..

    cool bm one 350+g, wana buy it?