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  1. After some little break, finally finished editing of the story arc for Chol Mugo those who want to rewatch.
  2. M'ao is very challenging boss fight uff! :D Char artist, thx to Vieri (https://twitter.com/chevieri) for the commission!
  3. Had some sparring with Master hong with my KFM, i like that boss! :D
  4. I did another improved fight on Yeoharan with my KFM fire build, under a min!
  5. With my fire KFM recent updated gear i try to get under 1 min battle with Yunsang. Thx to Lumiru for the awesome comm. picture! You can visit her work here https://www.facebook.com/pg/lumiruarts/about/?ref=page_internal or contant her directly on dc: Lumi#1981
  6. Got over the year the story cutscenes and put them together again, short but for fun if you want to watch repeative story!
  7. Anyone got the strange crash that is happening after every 55 mins? Using 64bit client (and yes 32bit i used too same problem).
  8. I got a issue with the game turning self off after exactly 1 Hour i tested to stay online, so logged at 11:55pm and at 0:55am Blade & Soul Logo (like you quit the game) and bang says Error 4045. I deleted the gameguard both 32/64bit. It seems it did not helped at all.
  9. Nope, i am windows 10 user, and when i see i already cleaned up all cache in every browser and did not really help and still getting that error
  10. I have the same problem and did all the resets stuff to fix it, but nothing helped.
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