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  1. After some little break, finally finished editing of the story arc for Chol Mugo those who want to rewatch.
  2. M'ao is very challenging boss fight uff! :D Char artist, thx to Vieri (https://twitter.com/chevieri) for the commission!
  3. Had some sparring with Master hong with my KFM, i like that boss! :D
  4. I did another improved fight on Yeoharan with my KFM fire build, under a min!
  5. With my fire KFM recent updated gear i try to get under 1 min battle with Yunsang. Thx to Lumiru for the awesome comm. picture! You can visit her work here https://www.facebook.com/pg/lumiruarts/about/?ref=page_internal or contant her directly on dc: Lumi#1981
  6. PvP event chests opening

    All what was in the boxes!
  7. Got over the year the story cutscenes and put them together again, short but for fun if you want to watch repeative story!
  8. Thanks to Kasuyumi who helped me with the video. I was creating some fun action footage this time. Hope you guys like it!
  9. Toke another month with the boxes, well it was not that much, yet short month! :D
  10. Raven King Last Boss Kill

    My clan Evil Intent clears Black Tower last boss Raven King with help of the friends.
  11. Feb 14 Client.exe not showing up again

    wow 4 days it runs nicely and then again i get error 4045 after 55mins?
  12. 64-Bit problems so far.

    Anyone got the strange crash that is happening after every 55 mins? Using 64bit client (and yes 32bit i used too same problem).