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  1. I am having the same issue, I did a file repair out of game and came back in and have the same issue. I cannot do tainted labs for my fourth and final daily challange.
  2. Mob Resetting

    I have had this problem on my warlock as well, i found if you damage the mobs with anything else besides shackle first they wont reset. Also have had issues with soulburn not working after another warlock in group cast it first and we try to chain use it with multiple WL in group to.
  3. During most instances, after a boss is killed, weapons on all group members will not retract to go on to next boss in running mode. This is cumbersome in Bloodshade Harbor, Naryu Lab, Blackram Supply Chain, when running/gliding/ wall walking is needed to move on. We have had to escape and run back, go through portals back and forth to go to normal run mode.