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  1. You can buy the chocolate packs from hongmoon shop with hongmoon coins..
  2. 64bit client

    Is it really too much for you to just wait for them to release their version of the 64bit client and play it then without any worries? you really cant wait like 5 days? jesus
  3. 64bit client

  4. that sounds like a YOU problem lmao. if you dont have enough space and dont want to spend money on them thats not my problem its yours. if i need something from the cash shop in a game i will just buy it if i like the game enough. if not i get them from events like everyone else, but i wont sit and complain about not getting free in game inventory space because unlike some people i know nothing is free and i cant be spoon fed everything. Not every game is going to have the exact same perks as the previous game. all mmos are different and you will never get everything you like packed into 1. If you want it that badly. go to school get a degree in video game design and make ur own mmorpg with all the free inventory space you like aha
  5. no buddy "you" still dont get it. No one is forcing anyone to do anything on this game. the most anyone is being forced to do on blade and soul is PVP, you dont have to buy into treasure trove or other pay2win events, but you do have to PVP if you want to unlock certain skills, or items..ur arugment has nothing to do with what i was talking about with the other guy either. pay2win and not being able to find groups have nothing to do with eachother, so idk why ur telling me that. And nc soft is motivating people to buy gold because theres a little thing called marketing. if you are selling a product and you want to make sales or more sales, you "do things to people interested in buying your stuff without forcing them to do other words no one is forcing you to buy gold. and no matter what nc soft does to make party matching better, people are free to make their own rooms and can ask for 1000 ap if they want to. its their room. i am on the same ship as you with 590 ap and cant do 4man but im not demanding that nc soft do somthing about it. i just get better gear..
  6. yes because some cant pay2win they are salty towards people that can. thats called jealousy,. Todays word of the day is "Jealousy". Yes i know what i said, i know what i typed out so why waste ur time repeating it. and no i did not admit anything lmfao. i spouted pure facts. this isnt an interrogation buddy. yes people get nice things from the treasure trove that i wish i had but im not an angry little brat about it spouting off pay2win this pay2win that. The only people crying about pay2win are the people i stated above and the people who dont have what they wish they did. This game is not pay2win haha
  7. kay, you spent more money than i have. Congrats, and more power to you. I never said anything about spending more money on any game than you or anyone else but if you feel you need to compare wallet sizes by all means go ahead lmfao. and btw "So..not pay to win because some people wont/cant pay to win?" wtf does that mean. please butcher my comment some more and then question it lol..terrible summary and P.S, you pay to expand your inventory in pretty much all mmorpgs unless given to you otherwise. lel inventory has been the least of my worries but it seems to be a major issue for you. why is beyond me .
  8. Coming back??

    The game has only been out for about 8 months but apparently you havent played for a year lol
  9. The people who complain about pay2win, are the people who have no money, or are jealous of the people who spent money to get where they are. The treasure trove event is only a 2 week event and then its gone for x amount of months. If treasure trove was always available in the cash shop 24/7 THEN the game would be highly pay2win but its not. Dont get mad because you see people getting amazing items you wish you had. A lot of "pay2win accusers" just get salty seeing other people with more money than you progress faster than you..Dont expect blade and soul to just give you 12 attack power gems for free. if you really want them and DONT want to spend real money, then you have to work pretty hard and craft them. the treasure trove gives u a chance to NOT do that if you have and are willing to spend the money
  10. Just because there is an event that allows you to spend real money for a chance to gain good items. does not make the game pay2win. The game is pay2win if YOU make it pay2win. on top of that, the pay to win evens only last 1 to 2 weeks, and then they've never played another game even CLOSE to pay2win as this game? play titles like maplestory, gunz, perfect world international and grandchase, and see how pay2win those games are. sorry but you have no idea what ur talking about. and i would say maplestory is the most pay2win game i ever saw lol
  11. New Server

    is this your thoughts when starting a new game? can i have a new server please? i dont want to be on a server where everyone is high level. wtf? Can i have a new country please? i dont want to have a country where everyone is richer than me lol..
  12. Why everyone is quiting

    im never cursed you lol but okay If you dont like grinding. or cant even handle a little bit of it. then you probably shouldnt be playing mmorpgs period.. every mmo will have grinding so goodluck finding one without. and it is not hard to get through the content at all
  13. What pisses me off the most

    I have been playing since head start and i never once got a bot or gold seller sending me freind requests
  14. Need more feminine outfits for males

    I disagree with this idea lol..
  15. Why everyone is quiting

    sure whatever you say lol. *internet* cough