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  1. 2 hours ago, luzt said:

    This stone really messed up the market in a bad way.

    In reality you aint saving much gold, if any, compared to before the Nebula stone.


    I saved a lot thanks to the events. Saved me a couple gold on the upgrade and 36g for transformation stone. The biggest saving was I didn't have to do dungeons daily for another 5days for enough stingers. So all in all I saved like 40g and 5 days worth of daily stingers. That's a huge saving in my book. All the other mats I have farmed over time doing ssp multiple times a day and kept rather than put on the market. 

  2. 13 hours ago, Shelly said:


    How do you guys stay entertained doing the same stuff over and over again?

    It's simple, I play when I want to. If I don't feel like playing one day I won't play that day. When I get completely bored of the game I'll quit. I think of the game more of a game than anything else. I only do dungeons I want and things I want to do. I don't go out trying to do all forty dailies and such. So by doing only things I enjoy even though it might not net me as much profit as mixing things I hate with things I love. 

  3. I don't think anyone has a percentage just like most things in the game the rng percentage is hidden. But it can fail. But like all thing it's RNG. I had friends who made two back to back then fail 3 in a row, and I've seen other fail a couple and never attempt it again. 

  4. Like the person stated above. Currency exchange reset every 24hrs. I'm assuming you got the 7day reset from their live stream or someone spilling misinformation from the stream. On the stream they said currency exchange is base off of a 7 day average value. That means everyday the oldest day value gets drop and the day befor the current gets added to the equation. 

    Seeing as trove event just ended, I wouldn't expect to see "normal" prices until Wednesday or Thursday. Also the new costume are out so people might flood it again to try to get them. 

  5. On April 23, 2016 at 4:29 AM, GenesisAria said:

    Does that mean it's obtainable to be used as glamour? Not sure what you mean by "upgrade pattern"

    Yes you can use it as glamour. Upgrade your hong moon weapon to seraph then make another hong moon weapon and upgrade it to let's say true pirate. Now use the seraph to glamour your true pirate. It'll be a win win. 


    Jokes aside, I heard on the last live stream that the legendary weapon skins will/can be available but no details on release yet. 


    Edit: people are going to want proof of it, well I'm not going to go looking for it on the stream but it was around the part where they were admiring the weapons then started talking about how the white summoner staff looked so good. 

  6. I can't state the cost off the top of my heads for mats. 

    I did upgrade to true breeze a couple day ago and the total cost was around 900-1000 gold give and take to get it to breeze 10. 

    The cost of course would be less if you have elements, darts, soul stone, etc. I had literally zero darts so I baught 260 (I think it's 190 to breeze then 70 for 5-6 breakthrough) at about 2.2 gold each.  


    Time wise, it took me about two weeks (a little less) of farming at 2-3 hrs per day to save About 1000 gold to upgrade. Did mainly 4 man lair and let people bids on drop. Low exp but high gold gain. 


    edit: added time part

  7. 9 minutes ago, AttacKat said:

    It doesn't have to, read below.

    The problem is the 2-step is only in game and not for the actual NCS account, therefore, hackers can just log into your NCS account and disable the in game 2-step.


    To disable the 2-step verification, they would need the code on the app. If they lost their phone, they would need the original code that they used to set up the verification. I'm assuming most people don't save that code, but it is required, according to NCSoft site, to disable 2 Step Verification with a lost phone.