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  1. I got a couple friends to help kill Nightshade bosses. It took several hours for the 3 players to kill each of the regular bosses 9 times and MM 3 times. Then afterwards we ran bloodshade a few times. 1 of us got the earrings. This is ridiculous.
  2. yes LOL I would do this but it doesnt work. Pirate emblems CAN NOT be purchased with Hongmoon coins. I keep throwing my gold at the screen but nothing is happening D:
  3. Prime time for USA hours. all bosses alive and NSH ghost town......
  4. I keep checking NSH on my server (Gunma) and it is 100% always a ghost town. I don't think NSH is a reasonable option. I don't think farming 60 Pirate emblems 1 at a time is a reasonable options. I don't think spending real $$$ is a reasonable option. I keep trying my luck with BSH every day but never seen an accessory drop from it.
  5. Getting the Dark pirate weapon seems much easier than getting the jewelry. None of the jewelry are listed in the loot tables for the brilliant chests. I'm so sick of weeks of nightshade & bloodshade harbor. I'd rather do... you know... new content?
  6. Oh wow. I'd like to do that too, but not sure if i'd be willing to trust a random stranger
  7. Prior to the patch, it WAS easy. now it is nearly impossible unless you have 6 months of farming OLD CONTENT or pay $$$ Nope. I has 0% chance for pirate accessories.
  8. 24man is a ghost town. sitting around there afk all day trying to get people to kill bosses.
  9. I've done the Bloodshade Harbor daily quest dungeon run everyday since Silverfrost Expansion. NO Pirate Ring NO Pirate Earring NO Pirate Necklace NO Pirate Bracelet I've never seen any of these drop from neither that dungeon loot nor the quest rewards. It costs 80 total pirate emblems to buy these accessories from the vendor. You only get 1 pirate emblem per run. I'm over-leveled for doing this old content. IT IS BORING. I don't want to do this dungeon 80 times. Even more times because this dungeon has a high chance of "stuck in combat bug" therefore you might get stuck in the b
  10. I actually feel that the bot problem is a LOT better than what it was. Yes, there are still some botters. However, those bots cannot impact the economy as heavily as they were. When bots were in full force, soulstones were 12silver each. They are now around 33silver each. The huge change is greatly from NCsoft requiring small dragon certificates to to make soulstones from beans and those certificates are not farmable. You can only get 4 per day from doing 4 different dungeons.
  11. How do the botters benefit from repeatedly farming blackram narrows?
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