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  1. Solo PVE? Lonely? Where are the friendly players?

    I feel better now. Yesterday I met a player randomly while doing faction dailies. We ran some quests together then added on skype to keep hanging out during the upgrade. ^^ He said other clans wouldn't take him because his class is bad at pvp but idc so he is joining Pureblood! I'm so happy to have made a real friend!!! :D
  2. New Wanted Costumes

    I missed it? TT___TT It would have been perfect for my summoner.
  3. New Wanted Costumes

    This for my companion
  4. New Wanted Costumes

    Here are the ones I'd like to see for my lyns If they release the first one I will do whatever it takes to get it. I love it so much :DDD
  5. New Wanted Costumes

    Is there someway I can see these outfits on the female lyn?
  6. New Wanted Costumes

    How do you know the un-released costumes?
  7. Solo PVE? Lonely? Where are the friendly players?

    I know what you mean! I live in Japan so my timezone is off as well. At first I thought that was the reason I wasn't seeing many players. Now I'm starting to realize its just how it is. I normally play with my brother (who lives in the US) but he is having problems logging in lately. Thanks for the nice words. I'm glad there are nice players in the game even if they are all on other servers. XD
  8. That's exactly what I was thinking. I'm lvl 39 and last night I was running Tomb of Exiles because I'm still missing my #8 soul shield. I managed to land in a party with 3 50s and my computer is slow so loading screens take me a while. Low levels, afkers and high levels. There needs to be something in place to protect us appropriately leveled players from all of them. I miss real gamers. People who enjoyed games being challenging instead of always looking for the quick and easy way.
  9. Solo PVE? Lonely? Where are the friendly players?

    Oh no worries. I didn't think you were criticizing me. You were just giving me insight on other peoples' mindsets. I think that other clans will be more rewarding for some styles of gamers. I'm totally ok with that. Eventually I'll find the people who are looking to play the game like me. I know I will never have a top ranked clan (in the sense of pvp etc). I'm ok with that too. When I find people who want to join my clan I will treasure them. Quality > Quantity ^^ Thanks for the words of encouragement.
  10. Solo PVE? Lonely? Where are the friendly players?

    I get everything you are saying and many of those are the reasons I left the other clans I was in before. I had just started the game and people were wanting to take me to blight to carry me so that I'd be high level quicker. People telling me what skills to put points into and reminding me that I don't actually have to do blue quests to get through the game. I am a gamer who actually enjoys playing through the story and I love to grind my character to make them the best. I am almost never the required level. I'm always above it. I am not casual I am just not rushing to the end. I get what you are saying and I noticed a lot of players are like that in this game. My clan will be great and have an amazing outfit even if it takes me 5x longer to get there. I don't mind putting in the hard work but I don't want to be in a clan where people are constantly harassing me because I am not level 50 yet. I may not be level 50 but all my gear is maxed, my gathering and crafting, I have every costume that is available to my level, I've played every quest and I'm about to get clan rank 5 all by myself.
  11. Solo PVE? Lonely? Where are the friendly players?

    Well at least I know it's not just me. I'm usually pretty decent about making friends so I felt weird about it. This makes me feel better and not at the same time. Thanks guys xD
  12. Little idea for helping new players

    Can you link me to the Korean forums? I can post some of our thoughts if you want.
  13. Little idea for helping new players

    You pretty much said exactly what I wanted to. I would be so happy if they'd put level limitations on who can go into the different dungeons to prevent both of these. As someone who does want to play slowly and actually enjoy the environment, story and my class it can be very annoying to do the dungeons. As a low level the dungeons finders are empty since people my level were out getting carried through high dungeons. Then I get to higher dungeons and maxed jerks running through it, letting stragglers die and skipping the cut-scenes so I don't even know the story. If its not a high level then its a bunch of low levels who want me to carry them. Example: This morning I did a run through Tomb of Exiles. A level 50 joined the run with a bunch of us 37-41ers. Despite several times people asking the 50 to slow down they bolted ahead. People who couldn't keep up were being picked off by stragglers or set on fire. I tried to go back to help one person and got set on fire myself. This happens ALL THE TIME. If 50s wanna run solo then RUN SOLO. I dread going to dungeons for the first time because I actually want to experience the dungeon and the story around it but it almost always turns out just like this morning.
  14. Solo PVE? Lonely? Where are the friendly players?

    Thanks but I'm Cerulean. Also, as I said before, I am not interested in leaving my clan since I've already put so much work into it. I'm not looking for a clan I'm just curious if other people feel the players in this game don't really seem friendly/talkative like in some other games. I'm especially curious to hear how you feel since we are in the same server. Perhaps my tune will change when I hit level 50 since I'm guessing everyone hangs out there. The lower areas are pretty deserted though. When I do see high levels they seem like they are just taking advantage of us lower levels and making things even harder on us.
  15. Solo PVE? Lonely? Where are the friendly players?

    I'm on Yehara.