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  1. The dungeon is just flaky. Weird stuff happens on all my characters. I'm not a very good BM so I figure it's just me, but I've gotten trapped behind the dragon's tail in the lava several times. I died once on my gunner and couldn't even use 4 - had to exit back to the server to get out. Dead, lying on the ground then suddenly pulled into that dumb "hit the space bar 50 times" combo. Now I just go in there and whack on the dragon a few times and collect the reward. I've gotten the premium/elite boxes a few times but they're hardly worth the effort. Mentally, for me, the process is "
  2. Yes, the game is probably poorly optimized. I didn't mean to imply otherwise.
  3. Power consumption of your graphics card and fps are only loosely related. Any gpu benchmark or stress test will make a video card nice and toasty at a relatively low fps. I used to throttle my GPU at 90 to prevent overheating (the card had a crappy fan that couldn't be replaced).
  4. You're at the end of the story. Now you wait for the next act to be released.
  5. I guess you can on a gunner using skyhook (or whatever it's called). I rushed it on an FM and got to this spot, then had to backtrack to get the wall dash quest.
  6. Are you trying to evolve your weapon with it equipped? Peaches are just one type of "money." Some items require other types of money like raven feathers.
  7. What? NCWest did a good job by burning most of the ppl? NCWest did a good job by putting it in dungeons that most new players couldn't get into? How is that doing a good job?
  8. I'll only play the new warrior class if I can be a Lyn. Seriously though, it's mostly about development costs vs profitability. I doubt that game lore is given much consideration when decisions are made.
  9. The game has better security than my bank. Must keep my virtual property safe!
  10. Try using DDU to completely uninstall the drivers, then re-install the graphics and physics drivers only; don't install NForce Experience, 3d vision or HD Audio drivers.
  11. I apologize if I was rude to anyone. Never mind on what I wrote here before. It would probably just start another argument.
  12. Fixing the patch notes now just looks like an attempt to rewrite history, or cover up an intentional miscommunication.
  13. Well someone took pity on me and sold me the item for a fair price, so I've got nothing more to say about this right now.
  14. What's an "averange"? What's a "flucation"? Sorry, I gave up the practice of mathematics after completing advanced calculus in school. Now I'm just a dumb ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.
  15. You can play the market without milking other players. If that's what you actually enjoy, good for you. I'm not a sociopath and I won't abuse the market and other players to get my jollies. I was/am filthy rich in gw2 and I got there via the marketplace, but I never had to, or wanted to, abuse it. I bought gear at low prices and sold it at reasonable prices. I find it hard to comprehend the magnitude of greed that exists in this game. I quit for a year and came back just to finish the story, and I guess it will end when this event is over. I have no desire to engage in
  16. Who said my rotations were bad? I didn't. I just didn't do 6 of them. I know that fluctuations occur, but lengthening the time span for aberrations in ping, server response time, etc., does not produce results that are more reliable. It just allows for more unknowns to creep in. That may be contrary to the opinion held by this community, but I wasn't on the committee that made that determination. The whole point of my parsing was not to weed out boosted players, it was to test the garnet. I did so to my satisfaction and shared the results, and only shared because I did an about fac
  17. Sorry, didn't know you wrote the rules on parsing. I'll leave it in your capable hands.
  18. @Crickateer I didn't do 6 parses; My rotations start getting sloppy after a few minutes due to a neurological problem that affects my motor control. I don't think it would make a difference if I had - I eliminated other potential factors by removing my pet aura, using an iron weapon, and only equipping the one gem I was testing. Then I went through the combat log and separated the critical from the non-critical; if boss AP has some hidden property, it should become apparent in the non-critical damage. I went into f12 expecting the garnet to be superior; I'd tested it before and the
  19. It's not normal. Depending upon your class, you either need an animus or a ferocity to get to raven 3. I upgraded my BM's weapon with an animus that I bought from the marketplace for 55g two days ago. The price as I write this is 55g - it hasn't changed, and in fact has gone down a little over the past week. I've got no problem with paying a fair market price. I've got no problem with someone buying low and reselling at a higher price - I've done it myself on occasion. When that price becomes unreasonable, it's not a matter of fluctuating market prices, or of supply and demand, it'
  20. When words are no better than silence, one should remain silent. - not-so-ancient proverb Accordingly, your reply does not deserve a response, so I won't bother. Health and long-life.
  21. I think the premium membership shows up in your received items, but I can't recall for sure. It does exist, for what it's worth (which is not very much). Unless you've got your eye on an outfit, I'd suggest selling the ncoins on the currency exchange for gold. The hongmoon store is overpriced on practically everything.
  22. There's already a long thread about this.
  23. Just tested a hex periodot against a garnet of the same size in f12. Base damage was the same and the difference in critical damage was insignificant. Time to throw the garnet into my vault, at least until they change critical rate to critical damage.
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