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  1. The only thing to lmao at is your fallacious thinking. Taking the experience of 0.01% of players and applying it to the entire player base is in no way logical. That's like saying "the guys on my team can all run the mile in under 4 minutes. Why can't everyone else?"
  2. False, but you only got to 30%, so how would you know anyway? Lowering upgrade costs would be far more helpful. Everyone already has a pet at some stage; being forced to start over with a "fleeting" item is just plain stupid. Good for you, but nobody cares. You may not cry when someone whacks you with a baseball bat, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt.
  3. Leave my flowers alone. How else am I going to buy that super cool stuff from the MSP trader?
  4. I have some words I'd like to express to the event manager, but I don't want to get hit with the ban stick.
  5. My installation is 33.41GB. You need extra disk space, temporarily, for the downloaded files to be decompressed. How much depends on whether the installer decompresses one file at a time or all of them.
  6. Sounds like a hardware problem. I'd suggest running a memory test.
  7. Disable the integrated graphics in control panel >> device manager to force the system to use the nvidia gpu. You can browse for the game executable in nvidia control panel using the add >> browse dialog, but there should already be a profile for it. If not, you probably need to update your video drivers (download from nvidia.com).
  8. I repeatedly see this error when trying to login to this website. The text sometimes says "an error occurred on our end" but the only way I've found to get around the problem is to close/reopen my browser. Happens with both google chrome and firefox.
  9. You can buy gem powders from the marketplace for around 15g each. They're available from the hongmoon store sometimes, but are usually overpriced. You can farm celestial basic for treasure room keys and get hex gem chests - each one contains a random, non-salvageable gem (can't be converted to gem powders, otherwise identical to the gems you can buy with gem powders).
  10. That argument would be valid if Team Bloodlust was an independent developer, but it isn't. Team Bloodlust is an internal development unit of NCSoft; they do whatever their bosses tell them to do.
  11. I don't have a problem with the game's players, old or new, except for those who buy into and defend NCSoft's lies and deception, and accuse other players of having a bad attitude, "carry me" mentality, or entitlement syndrome, when the root of the cause is obvious. It is what it is. And what it is, is a company that is becoming increasingly more predatory and being steered by greed and incompetence. NCSoft has pissed all over the community and is telling us it was just a little rain. The community needs to stop turning on each other and direct their frustrations
  12. No quotes other than this one. You sound like the one who's butt is hurting. Get off your high horse and get over yourself, "more experienced player." You can play the game for 10 years and still suck at it. Maybe you should use the energy you've reserved for responding to butthurt quotes for something other than critical, disparaging, and undeserved statements about new players, as though they were born into a lower social caste.
  13. I'm not the OP, but I think the whole point of this thread was a response to the post made by Community Coordinator Cyan on June 14, in which he states "We will be announcing some changes in the coming week to help with some of the pain points players are currently experiencing." He did not follow through; there were no announcements made, ever. Basically they had nerfed gold drops from dailies and the dc and, when players complained, said they'd make changes and didn't. Most of this thread, including my own posts, has gone way off topic.
  14. I started at baleful 9 on my alts. Used titan nebula stones to get to 12 then raven nebula stone to get to raven 3. Saved me a boatload. Post-event who knows what's going to happen, but I'd recommend taking advantage of the event while it lasts.
  15. I went from baleful 12 to raven 3 on 2 alts using a nebula stone, a raven king's ferocity (on one, animus on the other), and 1 empyrian. I'm pretty sure I didn't buy 5 of them because I didn't have that much gold.
  16. June 26, 2018—KB4284848 (OS Build 17134.137). That's the third cumulative update to v1803. I've got 2 other updates for adobe security stuff, so in total 5 patches (not 4 - forgot about installing the last one.)
  17. You can try doing a complete uninstall of your graphics drivers (use ddu - google it) and install the latest ones from NVidia/AMD/Intel, disable the built in sound device and use only proprietary drivers, reinstall directx 9 and VC runtime libraries, turn off unnecessary crap in the gamebar settings, blah blah blah - lots of stuff were affected or broken by the upgrade. I think disabling the fault-tolerant heap is a bad idea, but some claim that doing so will resolve some fps issues. You can try it yourself and see - if it doesn't help you can always turn it back on. Depending on y
  18. My response was regarding the event. Do you read? You rudeness is unnecessary.
  19. The update (Windows version 1803) was an overhaul of the OS so there isn't a specific process that can be disabled.
  20. Why does this thread remind of "The Immortal Iron Fist?" I think that raven/riftwalk bracers are "not ugly," and they don't take any undue effort to acquire.
  21. Devout prayer to RNGesus will sway the odds in your favor. Or don't gamble without knowing the probability of winning. Which basically means don't spend any money on the trove unless you like being a sucker.
  22. Yes. I'm not sure what floor it dropped from (not 20) but I got one 2-3 months ago. Haven't seen one since and I usually do f16-19 everyday. I think the drop rate is just very, very low. Of course, it only dropped after I gave up on the idea and started with a new bracelet. Now, the old bracelet is the better one, so I wasted the mats on the new one.
  23. Decrease the font size/scale in UI settings.
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