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  1. I've never seen an out of memory or stack overflow crash, either with the 32 or 64 bit client. It crashes occasionally, but all games do - there are a lot of 3rd party software that could be causing it - video drivers, audio drivers, directx, etc., outside of the developers control. Your machine sounds unstable, not the game. I don't know how a crash isn't going to affect gameplay. The game has problems, sure, and certain types of errors can be mitigated, but it's not nearly as bad as you make it sound.
  2. 5 is a top-row key. Num5 is not. I've got 13 buttons on my mouse and use 9 of them - the others I use for polling speed and mouse sensitivity. It's not hard to map the buttons to keys that aren't often used. Bns doesn't have or need any type of proxy requirements so I don't know where that's coming from. As far as memory, 96G is pointless and a waste of money unless you're processing graphics/videos. tldr; on the rest.
  3. Huh?? Your results seriously mean absolutely nothing. Maybe if you had number of polygons, draw ops per second, blah blah blah, it would show something meaningful. I'm not saying the game is optimized very well, but there's no science, no control, no basis for your conclusion.
  4. NCSoft/Jonathan said there were class balance issues in other regions, which is why the patch has been delayed. You can go with "no reason" or to "milk the whales" or "insanity" if you want, but I prefer to believe the simplest reason is usually the right one.
  5. There's not evidence to support this. It's delayed because its broken, not because people complain. You're mistaking the effect with the cause. I don't want to do QA for NCSoft and can wait. So can you, and you will, or you'll quit. Nobody cares.
  6. Most games perform better on Windows 7 than 10. I can't speak to your cpu/disk usage other than to say it shouldn't be pegged at 100%. But it sounds like you may need to disable the intel graphics so that it will use the amd device. You only have a dual core cpu and a half-size video interface so the hardware just may not be powerful enough for windows 10.
  7. Appealing the ban/lock is a real pain in the butt and you're treated like a criminal in the process, guilty until you prove you're innocent. Locking an account doesn't just affect the game, you also can't access customer support, the forums, or your transaction history. Plus, security based upon IP address is fundamentally flawed and has been since TCP/IP was invented forty+ years ago. The PIN that you have to enter after logging on should be sufficient if it's properly encrypted on the wire. As an extra layer of security, SMS can be used to verify the logon attempt. I've played a
  8. I guess I'm lucky I was able to get my account unlocked but I had to send NCSoft a year's worth of paypal transactions and wait 5 days because, apparently they can't send an email notifying me of updates (except the one's telling me I haven't responded to the emails they never sent me). Anyway, I was left with a warning - use a vpn or Pingzapper, or WTFast, or whatever, and risk having you account locked again. If I were strictly a f2p player I probably wouldn't have got the lock removed. On a side note, I shouldn't have to use a vpn but my ping doubled about 6 months
  9. In-game support would be ideal, but I don't think Hell's scheduled to freeze over anytime soon. In the meanwhile, you can get a programmable mouse for $20 or less, or use autohotkey to map the mouse buttons to keys.
  10. Probably could be fixed with a no-cache pragma in the html headers, but the same thing happened the last time they put up a registration page so I wouldn't count on a fix. Anyway, shift-f5 should get it to work without playing stupid browser tricks.
  11. The excuse that the blue quests were confusing is moronic. They take up memory, disk space, cpu cycles, and other resources that are needed for new content. So unless someone coughs up the cash for some new hardware, the blue quests are not likely to come back. It's a stupid move; I'm not saying that it's not - there probably just aren't enough new players anymore.
  12. Not likely to happen. Inventory space is a major source of revenue for MMOs. BNS, GW2, BDO, Tera - all pretty much do the same thing.
  13. I didn't realize that you needed the necklaces now, but I've got about 20 in storage collecting dust that I got from running floors 16-19. I don't know how long it took to collect the beads, but it's an option if you can't beat Yunsang. I don't do that run on a daily basis anymore, but I ran though it today and got 3 beads. So if RNGesus has blessed you, you could get the necklaces in 15-20 runs. But yeah, the dev's keep putting the cart before the horse. I went through that when I needed the mechanizer weapon from IF.
  14. Huh? Last time I checked you only needed a few hundred draken cores. .
  15. Because it's stupid. Moronic. Idiotic. Vapid. Vacuous. Dense. In other words, it defies any semblance of intelligence. Same crap, different year. Reminds me of Tera's elin race. Maybe lyns decended from elins. Or a Tera developer works on Team Bloodlust now. Anyway, the stupid little rat race gets everything. What's the point in having difference races if there's no racial diversity. Let's give our giant ass Gons a cat to tank for them. I don't understand the demand, because it's stupid. Or I'm stupid and this all makes sense.
  16. They're not tanks, they're one-man killing machines. I've yet to see one of them actually do any tanking. The rest of the party is just cannon fodder now. My apologies to those of you who play wardens and aren't total asshats about it. To the others, stop joining parties if you plan on soloing the boss.
  17. There may be a new UI when the game is updated to Unreal Engine 4 - I suppose it depends on whether the existing UI is portable.I don't know what that has to do with loading screens - those are just visuals to distract you from the excessive load times that exist. Cancelling them just means you'd be looking at a blank screen while a map loads, with only a trivial improvement in load time.
  18. On the first page of my received items, it showed that I had 13 upgrade emblems. I knew that was not correct so I scrolled to the last page, then back to the first page. It then said that I had 27 upgrade emblems. The count went from 13 to 27 just from scrolling through the items. That obviously is not correct, and certainly isn't the way it should work. Whatever, it's just an annoyance. I'd think the devs could get the count right, but maybe their hampsters died.
  19. If the counts changing from page to page makes you happy good for you, but don't say it "should" because it's messed up. So you're saying that being prompted to hit y or k when only a mouse click will work is a security check? If so, that's a dumbass way to implement it.
  20. My apologies for posting in General Discuss, but the bug report appears to be a black hole (if you could actually see a black hole). Anyway, drum roll please. Putting multiple identical items side by side when your looting chests. Fine, if you want to be that way, but don't tell me my inventory is full because someone is too lazy/dumb to stack the items into one slot. Are you trying to bug me into buying more inventory slots when I already have all slots unlocked? Received item counts. Yeah, I know, I've got more than 300 items in there, but that shouldn't affect item counts
  21. I never bothered much with the blue quests, but removing them is a profoundly stupid thing to do. They may just as well start everyone at lvl 55 and play a backstory cinematic to show "what has come before." That would be preferable to being plunged into a world devoid of life.
  22. Total waste of time. I didn't even get credit or loot from two of the bosses and the one crate I got had 6 naryu coins and a sacred crystal in it. What a joke - not going to repeat the quests hoping that I can out dps 20-30 other players while the server lags out from the overload.
  23. How exactly does one sell an account bound, non-tradeable item?
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