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  1. idm creating new toon , its the item progession hurts. +1 to class voucher or atleast something that can make upgraded acce to be tradable,
  2. Hi, im having fun playing this game and still i am.. would like to ask what are been added content on korea that will put in here NA? (i did play tw before but short time) 1. clan wars?.. not faction 2, mounts?.. 3. new class?.. 4. raids/dg? 5. pets?.. 6. territory wars?.. 8. new maps?.. 9. etc etc what else? anything, everything even its just a minor thing.. pls tell.
  3. ro is coming buy ur packs now buy it fast :D .... im gonna love this one, people just riding the hype lol,. lucky i had xp on that game .. hihihi
  4. im a f2p .. im WL hav stage 4 seraph, hav all ap gems, not upgraded acce(all true) my current ap is 7++ ,complete storage and inventory slots.. i think i masterd the 3 ways how play a wl, <DC> spamming rmb mindlessly for the insta DC!!!... < volley > u want to be a pianist?.. play the volley rotation lol ,, < helix+rmb> spam spam spam.... the grinding on this game is not prob to me(zombie mode! farm,grind=sell) , its just i feel so fed up now with my wl it seems i cant see myself using wl on future playing , im thinking to reroll new class but coz of my ping prob. mel
  5. when where?.. when this treasure trove event, where did u guys saw that announcement?...
  6. i laugh at this honestly ,, im imagining a player rage quit coz he cant handle the pressure :D ( ionly paid for monthly prems,, now atleast at stage 3bale w/ currently max acce .. i almost quit coz of gems but luckily now i only need 2ap gems aquamarine, and amethyst .. cons and pros talking here not whats the best.. right its ez to get some mats on TW but think its 2yrs+ content and wats the currently end gear at TW?.. p2w weps .. if ur playing there GL. hav fun :D
  7. oh man thyre desperate repeating it again.. comparing a 2yrs+ release to a months game..wouldnt u think in na they wouldnt add those?..
  8. before coming here ddnt u think im not updated or aware of current state on tw?.. i hav irl friend still playing on tw ( i already spend too much time/money ) yah right some few players are coming back but!! (mostly it was SG players or alts) when N/A bns was realeased the eng speaking players went down and they feel the impact of it... i aggree with u on some aspects on bad handling of the game from NA server but there still room for improvements now atleast they listening.. i didnt say TW is bad server dont go there actually the handler of it is better than NA (excl
  9. 1. i ddnt had hard time reaching this stage(profane)cricket* even tho 24man is not active unlike before still pass siren~pirate stages coz of events ..*cricket* 2. TW release first than NA.... 3. it is nice, for regions close to it,.. sea player (pve), got 50~70 ms Tw , while 100~120 on NA for pve i feel i dont need it. 4. ok well talk it below 5. coz at TW they didnt buff bosses.. 6. ok this one is lie.. hav sg friends ask them and they hav those problems. 7. cricket gold buyers.. 8 .good thing 9. +++ greediness (but i like it) 10. yup its easy
  10. here comes another toxic lol , i ddnt say any bad things about the game or publisher, im posting this to warn other players.. " whole time u played this game and u think ur rng is super sucks ' even if ur a pay2player think twice or more ' if u can endure it.. thats good, well good luck
  11. lol toxic players .. restricting ap on every dungeons,.. i know ur one of those, w/ legend can 2 man and carry others lol...
  12. lol bad rng,, thinking back i ddnt get any great things even on dg. ex. ember even tho i farm it 100+ it doesnt even drop, i got my gears upgrade in hardwork, bale+ acce, i ddnt get any gems from trove 200keys , then this merchant event 100ss was the best i could get from it...now another rng that i doubt could get any,,, now if ur on my place do u still hav motivation to continue?.. im having fun being competitv but if this rng stops u from being like that well?..
  13. ok this is ridiculous,, i farm, necro,cs both for almost 200+ since merchant release and guess what iddnt get even a single gem,,, lol then they put the gem on dragon express thats good but!!!!! .... my friends got more than 3 peridot gems already and upgraded it,,, so my rng is sucks( well this could be a sign to me :D ) i had fun playing this game and still having fun but if my progress on this rng is always like this in future well i say no.. i dont want to burn my time/money to get what i want while others get it easily with their luck lol... i lost motivation but i like the game ,,
  14. im active loyal fast learner, no drama player currently im at 587 ap/warlock ,, i left my 1st guild coz of inactivity .. im doing dungeon dailies/challenge then after that farming,,,looking for active, do farming/grind guild..lot of players/friends online that can help each other to grow ,,.can dl discord,teamspeak if needed.. pls post ign whom im going to ask info about the guild..
  15. well i played more than a month now got 2 45 characters smooth gameplay .., but after some patch dc is often now to that point that i cant play anymore!!!! i tried many things optimize gcard, ( connection is good/ no dc << im monitoring it,,)checking dns problem ..update all drivers/windows update, repairing file game. dont have razer things..cpu temperature not going up 40~50C .. ram is enough 4gb. turning off anti,... but it still keep on dcing w/out ERROR msg even on event viewer nothing showing up!! its it freeze 1sec then auto close game... i tried every fix i could do. pls help.
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