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  1. nerf Sin

    Sorry, mate. That's too much poorly formatted text to wade through. Literally hurts my eyes.
  2. nerf Sin

    I signed up to play an arena pvp mmo. I shouldn't have to lose a percentage of my rounds the second I press Ready just because matchmaking decided I get to face a Scissors to my Paper instead of a Rock. Hard counters have zero business existing in balanced pvp.
  3. KFM v sin

    I can't wait until people stop and realize how awful of an argument this is. This is a discussion about 1v1 pvp. There could be zero other classes in the game and the balance between the two classes would still be out of whack. The fact that KFMs do well against other classes or that sins lose to other classes is not an argument even vaguely related to how and why the two are imbalanced against each other. This really just sounds like assassins falling back to the "I lose to destroyers all the time so let me have this free win against KFMs." Its sad and it doesn't fix anything. This isn't rock paper scissors. I shouldn't press the button to enter the arena, see an assassin and then just afk because I know the game is "balanced" to give assassins wins vs my class because it is "balanced" to give me wins against summoners. I can't simply switch classes between rounds like an arcade fighter. Where players are locked into their classes for the long haul, "hard counters" should not exist. Full stop.
  4. KFM v sin

    Meaning literally nothing. None of the other matchups in the game justify a 9-1 matchup between Assassins and KFMs

    This is the same non-argument that gets trotted out every single thread and its almost always by the class being called out for imbalance. All it does is attempt to justify poor game balance by attacking the person who complains or making some non-sequitur about another class. "Don't change what's wrong with me class! That class over there isn't total garbage! Nerf that!" It adds nothing and isn't a defense for the state of the KFM/Sin matchup. There is literally no justification for allowing a "hard counter" class matchup in a game like this. Not one reasonable justification. "L2P" is just a whimper. If a KFM ever gets the chance to 3rf an assassin, the assassin literally gave them the opportunity to do it. As is, there's literally no way for a KFM to initiate an offense against an assassin with half a braincell. Leap loses to bodyswap on sight and on reaction. It even seems to ignore the bodyswap minimum range when it intercepts a leap. Leap's cooldown is much longer than bodyswap as well. So the Sin not only has a counter to the only skill that would ordinarily allow an offense to start against an assassin using decoy at range, the counter has a much shorter cooldown than the skill it is countering. That counter also leads into a setup for full damage. Flurry, even if timed to intercept a stealth still loses to it more often than not as the stealth activation just grants the assassin total immunity to the hits. This is on top of the totally unwarranted evade on the constantly refreshed stealth timers and the number of CC effects and teleports usable while in stealth makes the matchup a waiting game to see how long it takes the assassin to do their zero-interactivity combo. Granted, you won't see the combo as assassins have also been given 2-3 abilities that keep your screen entirely white due to blind effects. Literally the most obnoxious concept I've ever seen given to a class that is already invisible most of the fight. Unrelated note, NC really needs to stop with the "lets just give assassins every skill effect every other class already has and maybe people will want them in pvp parties" thing. Blue buff was a mistake. Giving sins a summoner shield was a mistake. Making Lotus Fury an objectively better KFM Flurry was a mistake.
  6. Ncoin, hello?²

    Apparently this is a comany-wide problem. I'm having the same issue. If this system intended to stop chargebacks they could have found a less fraudulent way to do it.
  7. Within the last couple days, none of the particle effects for my opponents have been appearing. This includes All summoner spell projectiles and floor effects like Doom n Bloom All FM spells including aoe effects like meteor shower Destroyer red spin effects and stone shield Most Warlock projectiles including many ground-based aoes. Assassin aoes and projectiles including landmines. This has made the arena nearly unplayable. This does not occur outside of the arena and none of my graphics settings were changed between the time when the effects appeared normally and when they stopped appearing. This change did not occur at the time of a major or minor patch but rather started in the afternoon after normal play in the morning.
  8. Sure, right after they remove evasion and resist frames from assassins and give BD's vortex spam an obvious hole.
  9. Nerf the Summoners

    This is a lie. Might want to ask the EU server what their top ranked player character is. (Spoiler: Its a sub max-level summoner.)
  10. NCSoft please no DPS meters. Dont need more elitism

    Yeah man, better that mommy and daddy make the other kids play with you than you doing something to make the other kids want to play with you. Good way to live.
  11. Kick option isn't coming

    I don't get what this sense of entitlement is. Why should any party be forced to play with you? If the ability to control who is and is not in your party is not available, players will just do the next best thing, disband the party. Unless you're also suggesting that players not be allowed to disband parties. Its really hard to tell because this whole line of thought about "elitism" and so forth just feels like under-geared players whining that higher geared players don't want to carry them through instances.

    I highly doubt they lost many players because those players intentionally chose to play on servers that geographically give them high ping. There's functionally nothing they can do in the realm of magical "better servers" that will make you stop lagging when you try to connect to EU servers from NA locations. That's you making poor choices.
  13. I feel like I'm going to be seasick in 3v3s. The camera zooms in and out wildly and there doesn't seem to be a way to stop it.
  14. BOTS ban please

    This post reads like it was posted by a bot.
  15. Losses from unfinished PVP matches

    I had just finished the first round. As soon as we went back to the waiting area, I readied immediately and my opponent did not. As soon as I expected the round to start the above screen happened again. I don't know how the game presumes the game ended in my loss if neither of us completed two rounds and I definitely didn't quit early.