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  1. And you should salvage you weapon through the antiquity window (there should be an icon showing on the bottom of the screen, something like a little house? with a red number of it (amount of items to be antiquated) to get a legendary weapon and some mats.

  2. It is just a way to push high gear players to switch to new (and difficult) content and direct the mid-tier ones to the previously highest raids/dungeons. Dual mode does seem like a good idea though, still no way of telling whether they would bother to implement that for raids.

  3. When I tried logging through the launcher today, I got "system error (1)" on the verification code panel and the verification code was never sent to my email, I had to log through the website, which delivered the code properly - and it could only be used in the website login, as it was giving "wrong code" error when used in the launcher verification window.

  4. You can collect 5 points for levelling a character to lvl 60 by selecting Character in U (Achievement) window and futher points from Character -> Skills achievements by clicking on the highlighted books. To distribute talent points, you open the martial tome and select "Show enhanced skills", then click on the icon of the skill you want to improve the damage of and add points.

  5. They just forgot about the file with the skills description or removed it accidentally from interface somehow.

    Btw, does it say "unavailable" for buffs/debuffs hover-over description for everyone or am I a special case?

  6. Because quest log/daily quest limit is organized in an idiotic way - instead of counting for daily limit only completed quests, the game counts completed + quests in the log.

  7. I also get stutter when skills are casted (not only mine) and quite a rubberbanding when gliding or running after the 13th patch. Not to mention sprint gets interrupted in water all the time and pretty often on land too, without any apparent reason, it just poofs off.