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  1. The blue shield coming from Pigsty dungeon is called Hogdonny's Defense shield, but it is listed in collection as "Hobgoblin blocking soul shield".
  2. Giant Enemy Crabs - Speargun Doesn't Shoot

    On one toon I waited with killing the giant crab till I had all smaller crabs killed - but it took 5 minutes for it to respawn after getting killed by NPCs...
  3. Giant Enemy Crabs - Speargun Doesn't Shoot

    After the Giant Crab kill the gun becomes unusuable and even replacing it with new one from the rack does not make it work again, forcing the player to kill the remaining crabs for the quest manually.
  4. Unable to move, jump, or look around.

    Same problem here, encountered when trying to fight Yutan - mouse stopped respoding and only keyboard controls were useable. I died and the mouse returned only around a minute after the resurrection. I was playing assassin.