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  1. To clear up some confusion on Yeti...

    the problem is real within lvl 45 dungeons as well like naryu . ppl in yeti dont have a idea how mechaniks work! you may ask why and the answer is simpple- problem is in the rest of the so caled "pro" players. one exp. Fm can get any party through boss fight and the rest of the party is just left there thinking that they are super mega pro aswell. yestarday half of my party didn`t know how to do heat phase!! they died on 70% with question how to avoid freeze( yes yes 6 man version with 2 bloods) when they survived till 30% they didnt know they have to close ice(on second try) What shocked me the most was my naryu run with pug party around 430ap when we wiped on first boss with enrage timer :D :D each time i set boss againts the wall before he could hit it they just cc him :D
  2. Battlegrounds Facts

    6vs6 is the only place where to get fun in this game important rule is to use lfp for going with random guys and most of the time you will win. i have seen there a real pvp players who own me in skills hard, but their gear sucks so they die in 2-3 hits and i have seen 650ap+ who faceroll you like its nothing, but if you gang up on him he dies like the rest :D so just relax use lfp and get fun.
  3. like in tera when after 10 or so runs you get experianced tab who evrybody can see?