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  1. I tried out BnS TW... and man, their community is very different. They have almost none of the toxicity you see in NA or EU. Even if there are problematic players, they are almost always foreign players who are also playing on that server. Oh and btw, in BnS TW you don't get pked if you're doing your faction dailies. They respectfully leave you alone even if you're just sittin' there collecting soulstones. How nice is that. (The ones who do pk you are...also foreign players lol.)
  2. +1 from Malaysia, would like a SEA server bc I'd like to try pvp too. Never tried pvp in the NA server because of the skill delay. ._.
  3. Chill, it's just 400g. You can manage. It's not p2w, it's inflation. With the bots roaming around, the inflation will only get worse. Wait till the lv. 50 content is released, with how things are, the prices of things will skyrocket and you won't be complaining for such a small amount like 400g. This game is a grindfest as you near end-game, so get your gears up and farm that gold.
  4. SEA player here, while I agree that some sea players can be rotten in-game, that's only a few bad apples. It's the same as the community in NA and EU, to generalize that all NA and EU communities are toxic af would be unfair to the really nice ones that exist within it. I just.... well, imo, the new generation of players mostly come from LoL that is pretty much the breeding place for toxic players. Now they found BnS. RIP to general niceness.
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