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  1. You are right. Since nobody works in NCWest. Nobody here contacts to players and no doubts nobody contacts to Korean developers from here. It's a ghost town. And everything people talk on local forum stays on the local forum. Let's write directly there. Here is just chat between players - we talked, complained - not only nothing we ll'be changed, Koreans will not even know about all this. It's time to ask Koreans who manages game here.
  2. Russian server had crashes in mushin because after the patch the limit of players per chanell was increased. The same day community manager announces they contacted Kr developers and asked to send a fix. Next day asap maintanence, it was fixed. The limit of players per channel was restored to previous number. You had the same on western servers, how did you deal with that? You did nothing, you said nothing. Last time I logged in there were the same 2 crowded channels. Ru at least constantly keep in touch with community, they respond them in group, on forum, on streams and they do stream a lot.
  3. So I play 32-bit client mostly for 3d spec BM. 32-bit client is a complete trash. When I become bored of crashes I switch to 64-bit client. On 64-bit client BM's 3d spec laggs as sht, so I become bored of laggs. There are 2 options right now: being bored of crashes or being bored of laggs. And that's only the story for dungeons, for raids I ve got even more sad picture. Every time I play B&S on Korea I have a question. Why NA/EU B&S version is so UGLY? It's not only more laggy but also more ugly. ANYONE who ever played on Kr knows that their textures and effects are different from NA/
  4. In F12 Fire BM burst starts from: 80-90 ms (goes 68-80 after); 80 FPS (goes 90-110 after). 3d BM spec burst: 115-125 ms (spike up to 135, in F12!); 40-48 FPS (in F12!, goes 55-60 after). In raids it's literally unplayable, it's 8-10 FPS and you see 1 picture. It's a slide show. In dungeons it lags all the time 15-25 fps, but always freezes and we add to this that after patch server in general laggs more than before. I have the question: what the **** was released? The well known truth - the game B&S lags as ***. Instead of doing things to optimi
  5. Only 2 options are possible: - Korean team is dumb (all region teams' favourite excuse), so they can't send a correct file with description of update to NA/EU (or maybe ALL regions, who knows); - NA/EU team is dumb, I tend to think your Korean translation skill is ...google translator. You got millions of Koreans in USA, can't you get just 1 for translations?
  6. Don't pay attention, it's bullshit. On EU there is no a system to kick online player.
  7. It is starting today and when is it ending?
  8. Agree, their blocks became shitty shitty shitty. Bosses where their 3 sec block was used (like Xanos, Dark Vicar, Amara etc don't work anymore because it's just for 3 hits and where we needed long 3 hits 5 sec BM block like on Sakura tree also no block anymore. It became useless ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.
  9. So... I see the Earth Necklace is like the most common drop not only for my raid :)
  10. Gunslinger for sure, also it's one of the useless classes which you would think to take into a group the last. Wipe depends on your role not your skills mostly. But in skill question everybody can expect dandelion/decoy from SUM/ASS (yes, ass class), freeze/iron shield from FM/DES and so on. The class you can't expect anything is really only goooner.
  11. Agree, it's interesting and the next event dungeon should be Naryu Labyrinth :)
  12. I may say to NCSoft don't worry about these crying bodies on forum. It's just those who wanted to get hexagonal obsidian easy way. It's just fans of easy ways. They wanted to spam the event dungeon on their 10+ alts as always without understanding anything about classes or dungeon but surprise surprise! you need to use brain in there. And this must be the 1st time they see the real BnS and how it was in the beginning. Of course they are shocked. They get used to western BnS - a casual version where you play, watch a movie and do manicure all at the same time. This group of players don't spend
  13. Of course It would. But see there is a new trend now - to lock all not ugly/old costumes in shop chests/trove. Enjoy!)
  14. I also have freezes in Celestial after the last maintenance. Not smooth like it was. I reeealy wondering what could you possibly do with client/server to make a game lags even more...I updated drivers (so naive) but after checking forum on Saturday I saw that many people noticed it and the reason again is BnS not PC.
  15. So If you want to have powerful gems you need to buy them for real money (like it always was) or you can just flush your life down the toilet by spending every evening for hmm... let's see...30 days for 1 hexa gem then it's 5 months for 5 of them and it's only hexa. Yes, completely different system, much more accessible :) Korean games are really something and their F2P is something. This case left so bad aftertaste that I don't really care 15 gold or 20. So for me personally it can't change my attitude already.
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