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  1. whipeline

    hey folks, i do have this problem... after i use whipline i stand with my back against enemy... how can i switch camera fast cause now i have to use my arrow key left or right to bring me back face to face with enemy what cost me importent seconds that i lose in battle. anybody know how i can do this?
  2. PSA: Ditch your pride.

    Its sad how most lvl 50's ( i not gone say all cause you have good ppl as well) skip all the mobs and run like there is no tomorrow without even looking back if everybody is inside the dungeon or with them. There are ppl that rather stand waiting on the spot off the boss then to help a hand.. just cause there principe is "skip the mobs" but honestly you think devolepers created a dungeon full with mobs just for us to skip it??? then they also could just make a empty place tho... but hey BSC for exsample reg mobs give also outfit clothes most off the times it is they that bragging already from start to skip mobs that gone bid first... and then my final line... did you all saw the drop rate in for exsample BSC yes it sucks so maybe pretty maybe is he plan that you kill all the mobs to get a higher drop rate. but that i dont know... ofc not all what ppl screaming already at start is... indeed... SKIP THE MOBS!!!
  3. Completely Bored of Bns

    Playing solo have more good points then bad points tho for exsample you are in a random party.. you will always have that one retard that slow ppl down if it is not during the run it will be when everybody go outside and he stay inside till party fall apart. you will always have that one greedy person that bid on all rare items to claim it themself. so my opinion what maybe would be the best for you is to start a clan of your own and try to find ppl that suits your profile and not the way arround. Then you sure can have fun if not then i would say like anybody else take a break.. but during that break you maybe gone find another game one where you can sit in a guild and where you have fun. so i think you have to make up for yourself is it worth to stay or is it time to leave BnS behind and move on. But thats just how i think off it tho.
  4. SERIOUSLY, faction.

    There are 2 solutions to this all know problem and trust me bragging in the forum is not one of them :) 1) announce a date in your faction and a place where all off you can meet toghetter and make the call or *start acting as a faction* or * just move all to the other side bit by bit and enjoy how victory taste like*... but then be aware that you have none off the other side left to fight with and that it probably will be faction wars vs bots 2) say nothing at all and switch by yourself to the other side if those on your faction not care about you why would you care about them then?
  5. Dear ppl, After so many times asking in forum by so many ppl to take actions against bots nothing happend so far. So we all just have to accept that these bots and/or afk ppl destroy dungeon runs for a entire party. If it is so that you cant or not willing to take actions against these ppl then at least give us a kick option so we can create party's with ppl that actually are prepared to play the run Friendly Greetingz
  6. You should had that told alot earlyer that you run windows 10 :) thats the problem.. well at least if you was step over from any other windows to windows 10 then it can cost you some problems been there myself. switched back to windows 7 and i have to say game runs smooooooooooooth :) it makes me verry happy now if i compare it with the game i played 7 days agon on windows 10 always something... long loading times, freezing screen, dc, and yes a bit like you not tottally but that my pc was run faster then the game what made me flying in the sky after i was walk thru a gate. Anyway... have fun i hope you also are a solo gamer :) or it will become boring verry soon hehe :)
  7. Why it's too late to get rid of bots.

    o well game works again :) bots are only at channel 1 for so far i can see i solo pinchy so its all good for me tho :)
  8. Why it's too late to get rid of bots.

    and if they have to start now already with merging servers then that is really not good tho so soon after release in europe
  9. Game won't start?

    Thank you verry much :) seems game will launch now hehe had also problems to run as administrator before i found that :p but on the end it all works again and me happyyyyyyyyyy :)
  10. Game won't start?

    click link check :) downloaded it check then it says download done when i click on it i see Gameguard... when i click on that i see a compleet list starting with O or 0npgg.erl and ends with a jpeg picture named Splash so this far i am now where do i find this BnS folder and again sorry for this but as i said i dont know nothing about all these folders :) i install and i play and there it ends :)
  11. Game won't start?

    well that sounds easy but i am a compleet noob about programs so please can you help those like me by saying step by step what we have to do sorry for this tho but i would be verry thankfull :)
  12. Why it's too late to get rid of bots.

    It have nothing to do with time mate 2 seconds to block a spammers everybody can do that. In most mmo/mmoprg games i played you had this problem, the only different is that other company's took care off after a week, while we sit here with bots already since launch. its even became this far that bots are placed on field bosses... And i hear you now thinking out loud what the flip... but yes some ppl like to play fieldbosses as well when they not have the cap level. and trust me it aint fun if you get 1 drop at the time while bots overrule you.
  13. Launcher Error 4049 fix?

    so seems alot off ppl have this problem today? i also have this problem after my pc was shut down for latest updates. any idea when this will be fixed?
  14. servers down, once again :3

    got same error, was not even possible to log in at the website but now this is fixed so probably game as well :)