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  1. Lol! We are still discussing about this? The news post was very clear what was gonna happen. I can't believe soooooo many people didn't understand.
  2. It does work, although most common enemies have 15% defense or less, meaning that with 15% you deal full damage to the enemy, any amount after that does nothing.
  3. When I make parties for my dailies I always ask for 500+ but I take whatever joins, I never check people's gear. The reason why I ask for 500 instead of 450 or lower is because it takes longer to fill a 450 than a 500. Anyway, if you see Aih looking for party members, feel free to join.
  4. The sender e-mail is fake (NC's one is no-reply@ncsoft.com not no-reply@EMAIL.ncsoft.com). Writing is god awful. And log ins are from each game's site, not ncsoft's main one. Cmon, doesn't take a genius to realize all this. Sine we are on topic and you seem to fall for this stuff I will warn you that there are also in-game mails being sent about account being compromised for wharever atupid reason. They give you a false website that you can notice right away from reading it (it was something like bladeandsoulnc). Your mail already does the genius work for
  5. Si, señor. Aca desde Argentina garroneando ping.
  6. And lose the profit from selling them for NCoin? Sure, lol
  7. There are actually newer ones that are way better than those. The other Jin and Kun swimsuits are actually good. The Jin one in particular is *_*
  8. I know, I also like to play this game, but we have seen how they work and nothing we say is gonna matter. The only voice they will listen to is that one that comes from the wallet. Legion comes out at the end of August!
  9. No... everything is the same except for the fact that you can't chose to go the siren/pirate path after the patch. If you are in the siren/pirate paths when the update comes it will force you into the silverfrost path, thats why it lists those points in the evolve path so you know what you next obligatory step is after the patch. If you have the siren/pirate evolution weapons you should rush for that path for sure. If you are able to hit Awakened Pirate before the patch you will save yourself a lot of money. Waiting for the event is a bad idea because regardless of the Nebula Hamme
  10. Stop paying for premium and you won't have to care anymore.
  11. You don't need to be writing an essay to require the use of correct grammar. It just makes you look dumb and diverts people from reading what you are trying to say. If you write correctly more often it then becomes second nature and you start doing it without even thinking. Try it =)! And yeah, I couldn't finish reading because of that. You don't want to put the time to write correctly, I don't want to put the time into reading the letters vomit =D. Sounds fair, right?
  12. BM main here with around 300ms ping. As long as you don't play KFM you wont have many issues. I run dungeons and can tank with no problems (sometimes I even end up tanking over other better geared BMs). You just need to adjust to your ping and learn bosses' patterns so you can predict whats coming next and act accordingly (that is for bosses with fast attacks, if attacks are telegraphed 1 to 2 seconds in advance you can still react no problem). It centainly is much more fun to iframe and block attacks like a boss than staying back and facerolling your attacks. As such the
  13. Block Piercing means how much of the Block stat of the target you ignore. You should naturally be over the cap for PvE. In other words, it doesn't matter
  14. Thank you! This is very useful (for those that are not idiots, that is)
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