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  1. Now thats something new and kinda the solution I was hoping to find ... ty. I just tested ... it seems like each 5 normal def increases evolved def by 1 (idk about fractions .. so i'm not sure if there are fractions involved in this .. but I'll just go with the info I've) so say if one gets a full ss set like naksun+spar/chall or similar .. with higher hp focused and base def stat focused ... along with defense fuse ... that will add an extra like ... umm .. I think somewhere around 1k def and maybe more but lets go with 1k def ... which will result in 200 evo def ....
  2. Ok so now e have 2 types of info. # One a previous comment someone said only def doesn't work on terrors and last comment ..none of def/eva/block etc works on terrors , so which one is correct? On a different note .. I asked around some ppl in game and a few said .. that you know some skills .. gives you like 100% evasion for a sec(while using that skill) .. if you use those you don't take dmg that moment ... is this correct? and if so ... say .. if you fuse likes lots of eva ... would you be able to evade the terror yellow attacks atlest (with a high ratio)?
  3. Regarding the baylee thing ... umm you're saying so any bosses with hm lvl=evolved .. if you dont mind me asking where are you getting this information from? On the Defense thing, so if it doesn't work and other stats works ... from what I know red aoe's can't be blocked, have to be framed(in general) ... so its hypothetically highly likely the block stat won't work but what about evasion, I know they work on normal mobs yellow atks etc but I never really tested/noticed on terror atks ... can u actually evade their red aoe with high evasion? if so .. going for evasion stat is possi
  4. The cc concept is a known one .. but it isn't that easy to get ppl to coordinate .. so thats not really a viable solution for the long run so I'm gonna skip this. Anyways lets move on ... this isn't getting me anywhere close to the answer I'm looking for as the answer I'm looking for is soul shield fusion stat related .. but ty for your suggestions
  5. Umm on the stacking thing ... never really noticed it and I'm quite sure there is no such thing .. what you're saying probably the fact when you have more ppl = fast kill or more ppl = others taking agro .. making ones life easier and such but as sure as I can be terror dmg has nothing to do with how many people there/stacking unless the fact is someone else taking agro and thus u not not being target saves u from a few hit resulting in better survivability. Baylee being evolved boss ... can someone else confirm this? And if this is the case then I would still like to know whi
  6. Simply put, try to get yeti but then I think its kinda waste of time right now as we'll have even newer contents out soon, maybe ask your clan to take you into asura/ido .. they are not that difficult and if they don't then join a clan that actually helps. Oh and I think you're mixing general dungeons(non-evo) with terrors(evo mob) ...these are totally different scenarios .. for your average dungeons you don't want/need hp really, I've seen ppl with laggy connection doing just fine or almost close to their decent pinged pty members with the usual mix ss build focused on crit ... w
  7. Not sure what do you mean by stacking with other players ... Regarding the drum buff, its not really an option for me as I tend to get dc a lot so well dc = lose all pp so I'm hoping to find another solution than drum. About baylee/those bog mobs, umm .. thank you for your insights, in general as far i know the higher your level/stats are .. you take less dmg from mobs/bosses based on level as a factor and also stats like def/block/eva etc. But when it comes to terrors ... ppl say they are evolved mobs and normal defense etc doesn't work on them and as far I know b
  8. Hmm regarding evolved def, I heard about that too. Just wondering though ... how is it that I see sometimes some people taking more dmg from same atk while others taking less dmg ... I mean if normal def etc is doesn't work on evo mob atks(terror) . .then how 1 guy taking more dmg than another from the same atk? Could it be a lvl thing .. even if so .. if normal def etc doesn't matter then why would level matter in regards to how this dmg system works? or does it have something to do with their evo def ... I mean low hm lvl = low edo def maybe .. idk, idea? Oh regarding evatio
  9. # Defense stat ... if you have higher def do you actually take low dmg in from terror ssp (I've crid def used on my alt ss set so I'm just wondering about the def stat) # Same question as above ... but this time Evasion, higher evasion actually helps there with stuff like evading aoe/hit etc ... with a decent enough ratio and if yes by any chance would it evade terror red aoe? # What about crit def, does it actually work on terrors? # Block stat ... not sure about this but anyways ... any chance of having higher Block would help there? # If crit def/evasion/def actua
  10. oh nvm perhaps the guy had a alt toon on other faction or sumething ... anyways .. ty dude. thread closed. cheers!
  11. aha thanks, that explains but iirc there was one from other faction .. what about them, idea?
  12. When you wear a faction mask you're unidentified and as far I know that means no whisper & some other features disabled as well but anyways to the point ... but I got a few whispers while using the mask on last few days from random strangers ..... just wondering how they whisper/find who's under the mask?
  13. Kinda hate to say this but with that gear and this class ... well nothing extraordinary here, nor it deserves praise. If anything those guys that can do mushin with profane/infernal acc .. well they actually deserve some praise maybe (just a tiny bit). The fact is low gears on high place .. you gotta have skill but with cats and that gear ... well "meh" (by the time one have that gear .. they already know the rotation and what to do and what not) Obviously cat lovers and whatnot will disagree and already disagreed many times before that it aint ez playing cats
  14. incase anyone haven't checked ... launch the updater, small patch is already available ... download it while waiting ...
  15. Well there is this saying "Not all fingers are of same Length" .. So there will be people like that complaining because "hey the item is too overpriced .. so ya its p2w" Firstly pay to win implies use of real money for something that gives you advantage over others atleast it used to from what i know. Now some items gives those advantage like skillbooks maybe but you can buy those with gold too, so its not really p2w Next thing would be well .. we/the people saying those guys wrong .. aren't a fan of overprice ether .. but well people can put whatever price they want on their
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