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  1. Xingcode banning

    Just completely remove that trash. I'm so sad that you can't disable it any more, since I had 20% increased dps without it. Rip my 0.75mbit upload rate.
  2. Blighted Harpy...

    "Hurr durr, I can't use macro and solo a boss while I take a dump, pls nerf, it's broken and not fun hurr durr" As if the game hasn't been dumbed down for monkeys several times in a row.
  3. Awakened Threat

    I thought so as well until I saw u can actually disable War Cry.
  4. Awakened Threat

    Because we don't have threat on l. draw, comet strike, warden rmb... those things counted as 3x dmg that stacked well with threat buff
  5. How to learn a new dance ??

    Just let harpy in EL pull you to start dancing. That's the emote.
  6. Solo area difficulty

    We also want cat/thrall to tank for us. -Sincerely, other classes.
  7. Solo area difficulty

    Yes, because you need max soul to do 200k dps LOL
  8. About Smite Stage 2

    Pretty old post, but still on first page. If more people get confused, this is why it works as intended. It can be used when <4m away after cyclone kick. In other scenarios, it's 4-9m. For example, after SS.
  9. Issues and suggestions

    It would be good if NCsoft actually read your thread instead of planning the next trove. Some of the issues may be minor and harder to fix, but some are game-breaking and should be resolved asap. At first I thought it's going to be some rant by a new player, but then I saw you listed most problems that may kill this game sooner than expected.
  10. Do Oblivion Necklace in DT still drops?

    My friend even dropped Chest of Desolation last night (tradeable), so most definitely yes.
  11. Apparently milking the game before it dies while it makes it die faster. Apart for moonstones and oils, whales don't have necessity to whale.
  12. Moonstone crystals

    It's sad that even with 50k peaches farmed a day you need 10 days per aransu stage. And where are other accessories? Yes, they should definitely add 10 and 100 ms bundle drop from Master Hong, and most importantly, make the chance as original Naksun drop. Moonstones are becoming bigger and bigger paywall with limited Whirlwind keys.
  13. These kind of posts make my day during maintenance. Thank you!
  14. When is NCSOFT going to address this bug? They stated we'll still be able to enter the old hard mode versions from open world with same reward just so we can have fun. It's been months since then, and we still can't do it, it's completely removed. There was one post where they said they will "look into it", but it never bore any fruit. As someone who loved mech of DT, and wanted to experience it again, it pains me they aren't even trying to fix it. Please, just let us have some fun. Removing content is the worst kind of thing you could do in games. There are still players who play this game for FUN and not to farm most efficient end game content, and I do have full VT gear.
  15. pre f90 AI is pretty bad, and can be manipulated easily.. gl post 90f..