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  1. Show off your characters!!

    Not sure how to remove the HP and all that other stuff for a better picture. This is my Blade Master. Kisa the Yun. :)
  2. I just can't...

    I agree with Sherlock. But know that Summoner and Warlock are both popular classes. You won't be a special snowflake with neither one. Same with FM. FM and Summoner are both excellent soloing classes. WL is not. WL is good for providing party buffs and dishing out decent DPS.
  3. Solution For GG error (4049)

    Are you guys on windows 10? I always get error 4049 when I try to run the game and Cortana is working in the background. Open up Task Manager and look under Background processes. If Cortana is there, then right click Cortana and end click on End task. Cortana will respawn a few times in a matter of seconds, so just keep closing Cortana. When Cortana is tired and stops respawning (Cortana will respawn again later, fyi, but by then, GG won't mind 'cause you'll be in the game) - right click Blade and Soul launcher, click on Run as Administrator, then try to launch the game. If you still get error 4049...then maybe it's another program that's not getting along with GG. Try: Window's key + R - type in MSCONFIG - Run - Services tab - Click Hide all Microsoft services - Disable All - OK - Restart Run BnS as try again. If that doesn't work.....I've no clue. Keep contacting support. :(
  4. Show your Soul Fighter Presets

    Looks good, dude.
  5. HM Lv10 in 8 days!!!

    Sorry aqua. Forum is buggy af for me today. I was going to say it's time for an intervention.
  6. HM Lv10 in 8 days!!!

    He must play A LOT.
  7. launcher is broken

    Error 4049? Yes, I am experiencing the same. NCSOFT support told me in a ticket that they are aware of the issue and are working on it. This problem has been around since launch. It may be a couple more months before they really fix this thing. And yes, GameGuard is the cause.
  8. So, that was short lived. Error 4049

    Haven't been able to play for over a week because of this error. I messaged NCSOFT support and they referred me to a temporary 3+ month old fix on reddit, which did nothing to alleviate my problem. :(
  9. So long, e-sport.

    Yep, I agree :/
  10. Currious about returning

    It'll take you a while to catch up gear-wise, dude. I'm sitting at around 300AP right now. I have friends with over 600AP. You will always be behind on gear if you're casual like me and have no desire to spend money to speed up the process. Adopt Kyrax's mindset and it won't bother you anymore.
  11. What would your dream MMO be like?

    My dream MMO MMO that takes place in the Pokemon universe. 3D models, interactive world, incredible customization. Something like BnS, I guess. Or FF14 but with a lot more features.
  12. when the new class will come

    why's the hype for this class so low? is it bad? warlock had way more hype ya?
  13. No Orginal names?

    thanks you're the best
  14. Show your Soul Fighter Presets

    lookin sharp, champ. the mustache adds a hint of manliness and earns respect.
  15. No Orginal names?

    how do you make your name invisible? :)