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  1. Not sure how to remove the HP and all that other stuff for a better picture. This is my Blade Master. Kisa the Yun. :)
  2. alex big fan of your work. keep it up
  3. he looks like a very friendly black guy. good looking too
  4. that's a great looking warlock good job
  5. I like the second attempt a little more than the first. Just keep experimenting. The reason I gave you the advice I did is so that you would mess around with the sliders and hopefully in the process find something that appeals to you. This may not be the case with you, but every time I make a new character, my end result almost always resembles my other characters. lol Whether it's in the eyes, facial shape, etc. It's difficult for me to make something original that I can be satisfied with. Anyway, you still have 4 days left. I'm sure you'll find the perf
  6. Very nice, sparrow. @EvaRench What outfit are you wearing?
  7. Hmm...well, your character already looks nice. But if it were me, this is what I would do differently: Change the hair color to a darker shade. I recommend raven. (The hairstyle's fine.) Slightly fuller, wider lips. Bottom lip slightly bigger than the top lip (like it is now). Leave the cupid's arrow. It's sexy. The face is too oval. Give the jaw more definition. Widen the nostrils. Remove the blush if you have it on. Can't fully tell with the lighting. It just doesn't look good, imo, 'cause of the perfect skin the characters have. B
  8. What kind of opinions are you looking for, sir?
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