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  1. Well... thats a hard question. If you can get both, do it .But if you can only afford one, then go for blue moon because is better for dungeon. The problem with magnum/arcana is that more gear you have, worse is the effect, not because the badge itself but the skill. Triple shot doesnt get any buff from the gear besides the general damage buff and at high lvls of gear, the damage difference between spending time lauching true shot instead of dark shots is huge and can be a dps loss, especially if in short terms fights (thats why blue moon/colossus is better for dungeons). Btw, i use my arcana
  2. Yes, you can play as dps but is a little bit harder. All the people spec that you tank the dungeon and in the most of the case you will tank. Fortunately, this game is design to not have a tank spec like other MMO'S out there, forcing the tanks to do dps for hold the aggro of the party instead of have a "taunt" skill for do this job and the BM can use his tanking skill for doing dps to compensete the tank part so i personally recomend that you learn how to tank, that will make your life more simply than doing dps with them in the most situations. For the BM the best build for now is Fire, is m
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