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  1. Buff Fire KFM

    I totally agree. Fire KFM needs to be buffed. The difference between Wind and Fire is just to big. Also if the iframes would be on other GCD would be dope.
  2. xigncode and upcoming RedStone 4 update

    In todays patch notes the following is mentioned: - Updated XIGNCODE3 to version 70946 which includes support for Windows 10 RS4. It still does not work for me.
  3. xigncode and upcoming RedStone 4 update

    Same still for release 17120. I am glad I found this thread. thank for sharing a workaround. I really hope NCsoft sorts this out with Xigncode before RS4 release.
  4. dragon or tiger bracelet for a fire kfm?

    Dragon bracelet. tiger strike is the main source of you damage
  5. Ancestral Badge

    Hi there and happy new year, I was wondering the same and I got the ancestral badge two days ago so here my thoughts/findings: (I'm fire KFM with no VT-gear/soulshield) - The badge is awesome fun to play with. the instant stage 4 burst crazy good, tremor, stage 4 trash clear is ridiciulos good. It's just very fun to play with - DPS wise I tried with 8-set raven soulshield and 5-raven 3-MSP. For me the 8-raven is slighty better dps (F12 Moyan test). Compared to my old setup with Magnum batch it's also almost the same. with 2k dps different. For shorter fights it's ofcourse better or when you get good weapon resets it's also crazy good. So without VT gear, it's no damage boost for long fights, but also not a loss. Burst is better and playstyle is more fun for me. And it only gets better when VT gear comes. So for me it was a good decision. I recommend getting it before VT gear.
  6. wait for Starstone or HH. it's not even in the reward box. It's practically non existent. Rift/Dawn 8-9 is not achievable
  7. StarStone Mines low weapon drop rate.

    I think so too. Please NCSoft, this is really too low. I am stuck at dawn 7 too for ages. the stupid weapon just doesn't drop. Pleeease increase the drop rate or a chance at least into the field quest reward box. How you listen to us :) Thank you and happy new year.