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  1. If routing was the problem here, those softwares i used wtfast, mudfish, battleping would make a difference since changing the route is the main feature of these programs, actually some of them do nothing but that. Also most isp's will not care. In my case, when i contacted isp, they told me that they are not giving support for ping. I contacted for about 5 times, 5 different support staf, one of them even asked me what does ping mean and one of them finally asked me the right question to shut me off completely ; Isp - Do you have ping issues on other games or just that specific o
  2. Wish bots were the problem. But here i will disappoint you a little : Hacks are back at arena. I noticed last night, fought against two different blade dancers with infinite 5-point strike, grab, immune to all ccs even those with parry penetration and worst of it, teleport ... yeah. They both were using these hacks cautiously in order to not get caught i guess, but even if five-point strike is a free win skill, it can not be cast from the other side of the arena and without cooldown. Both were using these hacks only when necessary and also they both were at late silver which makes me
  3. So what was that information about why we lag only in BnS among all other mmorpgs and platforms ? Not trying to bash, i was away for long.
  4. Mts, Poharan parfume, Hae mujin machismo ... i wonder if they though about something for people who have huge stocks of these.
  5. @FrozenB I have fiber ... or at least that's what trash isp calls their vdsl service. I know it lags crazy even if they don't download anything. Just my sister's surfing in facebook is enough to add at least 1 sec to my delay. But, now i.e. they all sleep and i still lag like hell. I have no problem playing lol, Tera even Na version, in Tera eu i.e i have stable 60 ping, lol nordic/east eu stable 70 ping, Tera Na stable 150 ping, Lineage 2 Na stable 160 ping. I tried wtfast, mudfish, battleping all of them did nothing but a placebo effect which i realized after testing carefully. I tried
  6. Vote-kick for afks or trolls would be very good. Report would be good too but i think it isn't a must, because it won't solve the problem right away and i don't think they would punish someone for afking or trolling. Also i want to talk about the current vote-kick offline system ... It can be sometimes very problematic in dungeons like naryu labyrint where lots of loots and bids going on while the party is progressing. System doesn't let you vote while there are items waiting for bid and people don't carefully check if their vote is counted or not. Some people don't even care or know vot
  7. I think the problem is, venom pierce doesn't activate F skill (Lightning pierce or crash) so it isn't ani-cancelled like heartstab.
  8. No disconnects today but can't play anyways. What i want to ask, if in game ping is really showing the real ping ... In open world, empty areas it shows 120-160 and in cross server dungeons it still shows 120-160 but there is an extremely noticeable difference. I'm checking with resource monitor and the connection 10100 which is said to be the one we must look at, fluctuates between 50 and 260 non-stop.
  9. Five hits or five seconds is no joke and you talk like as if a bd runs away after he uses templest guardian. It's a perfect time for them to go full-offensive and as mentioned above their ccs, attacks are instant without pre-requisite. How am i supposed to hit 5 times against someone who is surely going to stun 100-0 or airborne me in a blink. Only option is to run away for 5 secs which is impossible against a bd, they are way faster. You really can't be comparing destroyer's shield which activates a free cc for other classes making the destroyer even more open to attacks, with the templest gu
  10. I 've been searching all day and decided to not upgrade any stuff till that update hits.But,couldn't find any info about that: They say awakened oathbreaker and higher stuff will change to something equal.What about siren jewels ? My char is still stuck with siren jewels and a true pirate weapon.What is going to happen to my weapon ?
  11. We all know that ncwest use cheap and extremely unstable servers. So i don't think anyone is surprised when got dc'ed. We even got used to play with 150+ ping. But, starting from the very beggining of the stupid long-run dungeon ? Like Bsh, Supply chain, Naryu Labyrint ... These dungs already take like years to finish even if you kill each boss in 5 sec because of stupid long runs and combat mode ... You get dc and instantly log-in back ? Don't bother bro, you lost it because this useless '' Join the previous pt '' option will only make you lose more time running 600 kilometers dungeon from th
  12. I don't get it. Is it me lagging or destroyer has no actual opener. I mean against other meele classes bd, bm, kfm... even if i'm mid air-charge the guy i.e. a bd press his charge stun and im stunned-aired or his five point strike, i'm stunned-aired again. I use ram,blitz either stun and pull(daze) the kfm jumps after me and i'm stunned again.I tried all tiers ram, blitz, drag nothing worked even if i'm the first one to press the button. Most of the time ram doesn't land on enemy even if he is doing nothing but simply moving, same happens with stun-blitz. Other than that all other
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