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  1. @Hime Ticket: #23598923 Affected characters: DeadlyPoison, DeadlyEcstasy, DeadlyBullet, DeadlyObsession Server: Yura
  2. I'll put u in context about the screenshot (i'm Dy), "A" doesn't claim the 1st boss loot, however the ppl was kind with "A" and leave the loot to him (i didn't bid anything just cuz i was not interested, if i have interest i just bid), and to be clear it was a 6 ppl pt, nobody left the pt before "A", "A" just throlled the whole party members (completed his daily quest got loot and leave), after that i've said the rest that i have orb too soo how is for 2nd boss the moml rule applies, used, killed kaari, take my loot, end of story. My point with the screenshot is directly related to
  3. MOML on Cold Storage have always meant 2nd boss only, since the begining of these dungeons years ago, those that pretend anything else are crazy, and to be clear i use my own orbs too with random ppl and never pretend to get 1st boss orb for free, is open bid and always been that way, the missconception of MOML (both bosses) is stupid and just open the doors for the scammers and A55holes, this is an example that happened yesterday
  4. I've had ~20 White orbs and more than 300 Demon spirit stones and all become useless... ARE U SERIOUS!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  5. Just that, even after this patch the profile of gunners is still bugged, this is a shame NCSoft
  6. WHITE ANGEL UNDERWEAR VARIATIONS, i supose you can put as outfits without any problem YURA OUTFIT
  7. Don't trusth ncsoft ppl, the same manure happens frecuently, go to this thread, there is a workaround until this "dev team" solves...: NOTE: THIS WILL COMPROMISE YOUR SYSTEM SECURITY IN SOME EXTENT CUZ DISABLES SOME RS4 SECURITY FEATURES, SO IF YOU WANT TO STAY ON "APRIL 2018 UPDATE" AND PLAY THE X64 CLIENT DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK UNTIL THIS "DEVELOPERS" FIX THIS. Procedure shared by @Belzy Video guide for better understanding
  8. Don't expect solutions from ncsoft (full of monkeys -_-), this problem has been reported for months (when RS4 still on insider testing) and this "developers" did nothing, replies full of manure, again and again. Go to this thread and try this workaround on "April 2018 Update": Check this video as a visual guide: NOTE: THIS WILL COMPROMISE YOUR SYSTEM SECURITY IN SOME EXTENT CUZ DISABLES SOME RS4 SECURITY FEATURES, SO IF YOU WANT TO STAY ON "APRIL 2018 UPDATE" AND PLAY THE X64 CLIENT DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK UNTIL THIS "DEVELOPERS" FIX THIS.
  9. Yup, your "xigncode 3 update" does nothing, still the same crap.... 2 MONTHS..... 2 MONTHS REPORTING THIS AND NOTHING!!!, and your support team is full of crap and lies, telling that they never had problems running game on redstone 4..... SHAME ON YOU
  10. This was a bad event and this is why: -You used two streaming services, youtube and twitch, for normal usages there is no problem, BUT, when you use the video streaming to show the game code there is a BIG one, the services are not synchronized so the code was shown first on one of the services, so the ppl that was watching the streaming on this service have far more chances to activate the code and the ppl that used the other service received the code too late, FAIL. -The amount of redeems allowed for each code was too low for the amount of viewers, 5K ppl (900 on yout
  11. @jayt what is written there and in quotes never invalidate my point, as long as never implied that the original condition will become invalid, there is a big difference between "CAN" and "CAN ONLY" (only if); about the adjetive you used... well, i'm not the one that can't see this "little" difference on the sentence. About clearing mobs i mean when there is 5~7 mobs over me (REALLY CLOSE TO ME) attacking, sure, you can clear 1-2 mobs without BS or even unload, just rmb, but that thing changes when you have soo much over you, too much attacking at the same time, GL is not a tank cla
  12. @Satero good arguments, just a correction, the misleading thing here is not the skilltip, is the patch note description and that's not false, it lacks clarity and lead to confusion, i've detailed in previous comments and explained why is misleading, anything else is ok.
  13. I know this is rng and i don't expect too much from the trove, but let's be honest, the rates are specially low compared with previous troves, i don't buy a lot of keys like others, can only buy 20 each time with hcoins, today i've completed 60 and this is what i got As i said i don't expect too much, maybe an octo or hepta after 100~120 keys, but seriously, on previous troves you can get more than enough items to recover the invested gold, maybe 30~60% more in value, at least in my case i'm just losing my gold, no gain, at all: ~500g to open slots, ~500g for 20 keys so
  14. mmm... your screenshots have the answer, they never said something about "Dragon Certificate", clearly says "Training Certificate","Whirlwind Token", "Pugilist's Token", look again.
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