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  1. i need help with installation

    you were so much of a help, i sent a ticket to the support and it took me 5times trying to explain to them that i am asking them a questions ( which is if i can load the game files i have on a new windows or do i have to redownload the whole game again ?) 5 times of me explaining in detals what happened till i got them to answer my question ... + i knew about the shortcut thingy from your post on here so thank you a lot :)
  2. i need help with installation

    yee thats what i have been doing :) it still gets me the errors, accepted the fact that i will redownload the game again, but this time i added some size for the C so that i can download the game on it so that i can just copy the stuff back to the C/program files and just make a short cut for any new windows i got, Thank you for your concern :) you are cool mate
  3. i need help with installation

    okie here are the pictures the game folder the launcher folder after i choose the folder after i press install
  4. i need help with installation

    wait i will take pictures
  5. i need help with installation

    it gave me an error code ( i don't remember it ) and i don't remember the exact stuff it says but when i choose the folder that has mygame ( which has a different name than NCsomething ) it says that the game's version in that folder isn't what it should be ( even though i played it right before i installed the windwos then after i choose the destnation there is an Install button i click it then the error code thingy pops up saying that i should relaunch the launcher the could is like E+ some numbers ( not E3001) i think it was E2018
  6. i need help with installation

    i did and it says that it detected that the game is installed on my pc then it tells me to choose the folder it has and i do but then i get an error so yee )
  7. ty ty,you are cool i didn't try it yet but ty for the effort atleast :)
  8. what folder did you exactly move, and i need some help too please read my topic here
  9. a week or 2 ago, i downloaded the game using the launcher it took me about a full day of download cause my internet is slow that isn't the problem yesterday i had to install a new windows, but i still have the game filed ( 22 GB ) but everytime i download the patcher, i can't see to know how to make it load my existing game files on the new windows so if someone know please help me :)