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  1. before i uninstalled the game i tried it 1 more time and casting multiple spells had a very big delay. I'm wondering if any one else has this or if it's just me. Disclaimer I have a good and stable cable internet so don't white knight for ncsoft.
  2. Whats the point of playing anymore?

    Idiots saying "just leave lmao" Yeah when the game is deserted because people keep leaving and you're one of the few who keeps playing i hope you get *cricket*ed for not having any help in dungeons. Also if there's a problem with the game that's making more and more people leave i suggest ncsoft to fix the problem instead of just saying "deal with it" and i suggest the white knights to actually play the game and see how bad it is and stop licking ncsoft's ass.
  3. a major "i don't give a *cricket*" by ncsoft
  4. before rising waters update i could actually play and my fps were around 10 on terrors and blackwyrm and doing 24 man was also doable at 20+ fps and never going below 12 at poharan but comes rising waters update and now if i attack 2 monsters, yes 2 freaking monsters, i'll get terrible lag and doing 6 man dungeons is literally impossible with fps going to 5 or less. I did not download or change anything with my computer before and after rising waters update for it to run this bad after it. That was also an update where ncsoft said they would optimize the game a little better so they must've done something that makes my pc not able to run the game.
  5. lvl 50 comming tomorrow

    it's already the 22nd here in eu
  6. JungHado's look at 50 cap

    silly hat? many bad ass samurai in anime or movies wears an hat like that. Oh and if i remember correctly samurai jack had one too some times
  7. lvl 50 comming tomorrow

    and the game is still unplayable for me ever since rising waters patch (massive freezes every time me or more people attack more than 1 monster at the same time) Prior to rising waters patch i could play reasonably well without my game freezing like it does now this can be proven by the fact i lvl'd 2 chars to 45 and 1 to 38 which i would not have done if the game was unplayable like it is now. Do i have to update drivers or something? I've never done that and some dude said it might be because of that so if that's the problem can any one tell me which ones to download and where to download?
  8. Screen shaking effect, please make it stop!

    STOP IGNORING THIS *cricket*ING THREAD @NCSOFT i'm almost 100% sure it's this shit that causes my fps problem when i attack more than 1 monster
  9. [Legendary] Weapon and Soul Shield

    what do you mean "NA version"? this is NA/EU version or you can call it west version
  10. I love this game it kept me entertained for many hours in a row but when rising water update came i started getting this problem and prior to the update i could play the game but now it's unplayable because of it. When i said the game is bad i wasn't referring to the gameplay or visuals i was referring to it being optimized for high end computers when probably most people who play f2p games have potatoes for computers.
  11. Dragoncall Tier 3 Stage 1 description says "critical chance increases by 5 sec for 25% on hit" shouldn't it be "critical chance increases by 25% for 5 sec on hit" ? This is not the first spell description to have been messed up like that i remember a destroyer spell having a mistake like that but forgot which one and didn't really mind it because i thought it was a 1 time only mistake.
  12. your pc's specs should be more than enough to play this 4 year old game with no problem but it's optimization is so bad that you need a high end gaming pc if you want to get the best experience out of it while leveling or doing high level dungeons and if you want to have at least 30fps on terror/blackwyrm/24men raids you gonna need a quantum super computer or something like that
  13. the white knights will still tell you your pc is shit and bns is well optimized edit: why is my post on top of OP's post? lmao this forum is as bad as the game
  14. no optimization updates next patch

    rip in pir