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  1. Well, there is a positive note to these changes. Given that B+S is no longer on my hard drive, I can fit in a few extra hours of movies. Also I will be able to have more free time to enjoy the nice weather outside. I just wish I hadn't spent any money on this game now, then I would have more money for ice cold beer. So while it's a shame that B+S is no longer a game which I feel motivated to play and I will miss my characters, it's not all doom and gloom
  2. So in other words we need whale gear to get any form of tradeable items... yes I know DKV/FAS/SJF are not exactly hardcore content, but most groups ask for 1100 AP or charge for a carry. Oh well, back to Black Desert methinks.
  3. Nice Try

    If this is for real than I can't see me even bothering to download the patch on may 9th. There's plenty of other games out there that don't continually make it harder and harder to earn money while adding more and more uber expensive upgrade paths. I mean come on! First killing gold from dailies and dungeons, and now removing gold and tradeable mats from daily box? I think someone somewhere is extracting the urine.
  4. The big issue I see with these changes is that people are being pushed into the dungeons that require high DPS and execution of mechanics before they are actually able to crank out the required numbers. For instance even NS can be an utter nightmare in f8 party if you end up with a group of HM7-9's with story accessories and +3 Bale. NS is a very simple dungeon to complete, but you need a certain amount of damage or you just see enrage on first boss and group falls apart. Really things were fine as they were, money could be earned at a reasonable pace so as to at least have a decent weapon and a few levels on legendary accessories before hitting the queues for things that are higher on the list. I may not think like everybody, but personally I wouldn't dare queue for something higher than NS without at least getting weapon to Raven and having a soul/mystic badge as well as accessories from DT/EC/NF/NS. I wish to be a valid part of a group, not a low geared hanger on who is barely tickling the boss when I queue for a dungeon.
  5. Is BnS worth it?

    The story and combat in this game is awesome, and many of the dungeons are quite fun as well. However the P2W is absolutely atrocious. If you aren't already super geared, you won't catch up and be able to run harder dungeons without paying before 2020. The rate of gold acquisition is next to zero, but to upgrade your soul you will need roughly 36k gold. If you don't want to be 1shot in 6v6 then you need to upgrade pet... another 30k on pet pods. Good luck getting that kind of cash without swiping. Add to that the fact that hongmoon skill items literally do not exist in PvE content. Apparently they drop in dungeons but I have never seen one yet. These sell on market for 500g and above... or you can buy the duelist bundle for £12 and buy with bravery coins. Is such a shame to see the game wrecked in this way to satisfy a few whales at the expense of everyone else. It could be one of the best MMO's out there if the gearing/upgrading process wasn't so utterly ridiculous. It doesn't help that the mats needed to craft things like sacred oils and PTS are next to non existent unless you are already geared enough to run the hardest dungeons. If honest I would have spent a lot more on this game if it didn't feel like it was trying to force me to spend in order to be somewhat viable.
  6. Just look at the price jump...

    And just as the prices shoot through the roof they nerf the income from dailies... How on Earth is a newer player meant to be anywhere near viable to even run something harder than Naryu Foundry if the price to upgrade is so ridiculous??? I don't mind a grind but sheesh, buff gold rewards already! I am happy to support games that I enjoy, but not so amused when the game basically holds a gun to my head and says "if you wanna play, you don't just got to pay, you got to be a millionaire and spend every penny you earn on gold from f9"
  7. TOI - Reduced NPC AP - really only this ???

    I have found the same, am only on lower floors as my gear is garbage, but where before patch I could at least get my 3 wins done, now pretty much every class is impossible to counter. I am just stunned/dazed/in air the whole time and can barely even get a shot off before I am slowly beaten to death... And for some reason I am always rolling summoner or destroyer on my first floor which is basically a guaranteed lose. I can honestly say that ToI is one of my worst gaming experiences. It makes me long for the days of trying to fly Superman through rings.
  8. The P2W seems to be getting worse. Latest patch nerfed the gold gain from everything but the "1100ap or eff off" dungeons so good luck getting your gear upgraded without whaling or having people to carry. Personally I have lost all interest in gearing my chars here, seems like a fools errand and quite frankly there's many other games that don't force you into the cash shop in order to get anywhere at max level.
  9. Perhaps a good way to solve the whole gear and elitism issue would be to add the base accessories to the Celestial Peach merchant. As it stands the only way to buff AP without swiping is to run dungeons. However in order to find a group for even the easier ones people seem to require you to have 1k AP minimum. Sure, farming peaches is hella boring but at least this would give people a chance to meet the base requirements to join a party and finally start upgrading their gear/making semi decent amounts of coin. They are available for draken cores, however this too requires that you have the dungeon achievement. It's getting frustrating that there seems to be nothing I can do other than farm open world dailies for a pittance and perhaps be able to afford the mats I need to upgrade to Raven by 2020. I am not one who subscribes to the whole real money for power kind of thing. It feels rather like cheating to me. I am not averse to dropping money on cosmetics/premium/the occasional loot box but the way things are right now it seems that you either follow the path of the whale or give up hope entirely.
  10. Glide cancelling for no reason

    As the title suggests. Currently I am running an alt through the story quests and am at the Silverfrost Citadel part where you have to glide between floating islands. However 3 times now I have been taken out of glide and fallen to my death. I am not sure if this is an issue with this particular area however it is exceptionally irritating as every time I "fail" I have to kill all the mobs and the miniboss yet again. I am not hitting any buttons except for shift (so as to have enough speed to make the jump) and it is failing in different parts every time. One time I was kicked out of glide on the last jump and fell in front of the steps, next time was on the second jump where you have to dash to make it, and again on the final jump. I have noticed it happening in a few other places too although it's generally not that frequent until trying to do this quest.
  11. Obsidian Serpent Outfit

    And wouldn't you know it... After posting this rant the darn thing dropped on the next run... It's like that old trick of lighting up a cigarette when the bus is late being guaranteed to make it suddenly turn up! My goodness what a relief to finally have it. Now to keep trying for Poharan's twintails.
  12. Obsidian Serpent Outfit

    Can we please get this added to the Hongmoon Store. I have killed Lady Nightshade so many times now I am starting to see her in my sleep and still no sign of this outfit. I would gladly part with cash to have this outfit if it means I never have to run Shadowstrike again. The drop rate on this is so ridiculously low it's depressing. Please just let us buy the thing!
  13. How do you level up from 50 ?

    Good luck with that unless you have a group... Trying to take on big packs of hard hitting mobs that stun non stop and are 3 levels above you is NOT fun... I was loving the story until I got to the Grimhorn Wilds part and now I can't see me progressing any further. Is this some kind of sick joke?
  14. I recently swapped over my email address to a new one run by a different provider and that seems to have fixed the issue. SO far have had no delays to my verifications since yesterday. Will keep an eye and hope to all that is holy that it will keep on working!
  15. Hi, I would like to report an issue that is making it near impossible for me to play this game. I have recently started playing again and live in Europe. My IP is not static which means that every time I log in I have to go through email verification. This in itself is a minor inconvenience and I am glad of the extra step to keep my account safe. However on many occasions this has led to me being kept from the game for entire days at a time. The problem seems worse at weekends where sometimes the emails take up to 12 hours to arrive. Other times they come straight away. I don't know if it's an issue with the server that sends out these automated mails but something is clearly not working as intended. This evening I waited for 4 hours until a mail finally arrived by which time the code was invalid. It is now finally working again, although for how long waits to be seen...