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  1. Blade and Soul

    Accidental delete my 200 stack of Naryu coin could please recover on my Sayuri Mikazuki character NA Zulia thanks
  2. Emerald Gem

    Hi there, Think, Emerald Gem its bugged Says: +xxx Hp Recovery Over Time +xxx Critical Defense . Triggers When hit Tested many times but this gem never do the effect and dont even show on screen like others. Thank you for your answer if iam doing bad and sorry for my english.
  3. I Just made a post about this Premium Features and final spin Rewards.
  4. Get rid of F9

    Gold are not the same as real money just that..!
  5. Premium Memberships

    Yes you're Right, in my opinion i think now, its very worthless to get it, "just for the extra spin and wardrobe", the boost isn't good like you mention even for new players still very hard for paying a extra. (No Mention Premium Benefits on Dragon Express since new patch).
  6. You have to wait to the next maintance for removing Radiant Energy on Crafting
  7. That Guy have the lucky RNG with that Merchant items, and he still cry about it... God Why..
  8. Premium Memberships

    What's the deal to buy a Premium Membership at the moment?... The only New is the Extra Daily So... Whats the point to pay for only one feature?...
  9. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Omg LOL this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing vid make me the night hahhahahahhahaha
  10. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    This is pretty bad for you guys. At least 15g to 20g its ok..