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  1. You Outfit lovers know these Outfits were you have to farm a ticket to exchange it for those. But when you want to change your character maybe from Gon to Yun, you can´t use it anymore. So maybe that NPC you exchange the tickets could get a new tab where you can change a outfit back to a ticket and buy the right one. So you sell maybe a siren outfit, get a siren ticket back and can exchange that for the outfit you need. That option you could also make possible for the white seductress one that was in the trove long ago :)
  2. Outfits in f10

    Yeah, i am waiting too, luckily Gon have a existing mod but thats not the same like actually having it. We got the hair, we got all the outfits from the masters and also Jinsoyun, so Yuras outfit is absolutely overdue.
  3. The Gon thread (screenshots)

    My lovely Gon Ladies <3
  4. Nun gut, die Seele aus dem Post tatsächlich, alle anderen darüber sind aber komplett gleich zu vorher. Awakened Ascending/Hongmoon wurden generfed, True Ascending/Hongmoon sind dann aber wieder so wie vorher. Schau einfach mal Ingame in den Tree, der Crit-Dmg und die Critrate sind gleich.
  5. Die Seelen wurden billiger gemacht, nicht verschlechtert xD
  6. White Angel finally arrives?

    Maybe in CBT ? Because that outfit isn´t in F3, so it has never been in F10 or in any event in NA/EU so far. And i can´t remember seeing it, started with EU release.
  7. Show Off Your Warden

    My Warden <3
  8. Show off your characters!!

    My Destroyer :3 and Gunner :3
  9. Pfirsich verarschung

    Die sind nunmal random, hast wohl grad Pech^^
  10. Show off your Character - Eure Screenshots!

    Dann werde ich hier auch mal meine Bersi posten <3