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  1. Event at 14 june 2017

    Hello! Maybe someone know what will be event at 14 june 2017? I heard rumor in game chat that in next event we will be able to get Heptagonal Aquamarine gem. Can someone confirm it and maybe someone has additional info, like event name etc?
  2. Force Master - soul and mystic badge

    Thanks for answer, and about my second question... Anyone know when we will be able to merge soul badge?
  3. Force Master - soul and mystic badge

    How many ap do you have?
  4. Force Master - soul and mystic badge

    Someone told me that this 3000% ap its give me quite low dmg.If i have 850 ap it give me maybe 25 k additional dmg on first hit meteor.Its true?Normal hit give on my meteor 12 k
  5. Force Master - soul and mystic badge

    Hello! Which badge are currently best for FM which i buy from Celestial Basin? Currently i use Primal Force Soul Badge (this one which decrease cooldown meteor on succesfull inferno - i also got hm skills) I consider buying Enigma Mystic Badge which decrease cooldawn Meteor on 8 sec when succesful Dragonblaze .Dragonblaze oneself give decrease cooldown by 3 sec on hit , so if I buy mystic Badge - colldown will be decreased by 3+8=11 sec , or only 8 sec? Second question- do you know when we will be able to merge Soul Badge? It will be cool merge my soul bagde with Hoyl fire Soul Badge(which decrease cooldown Inferno by 0,8 on hit from Blazing Palm)
  6. Hello! I have trouble with finish quest Harder, Better , Faster Stronger on my Summoner. At begining quest ( i am with crimson legion) i take it, then i buy Raven Feather Fan. Next and at finish i must find Old Man Cho i give him quest item. Trouble is that i cant find him. I try tracking quest but nothing happend. I try 3 times restarting quest and i still cant find it. I know where NPC should be, but they dont appear. I saw this movie on youtube but in place where on this movie is NPC - in my summoner - doesnt appear. I try restart game, computer, repair file and i still cant finish quest. Please help :) Server Windrest at EU - nick at game BarbieFix