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  1. BNS ABC Game

  2. Honestly, you probably answered yourself. You have the facts, you see the evidence, and KFM IS going to be better overall. If you want to play FM, do it, but that's for your own enjoyment. In the new patch, BM and Dest are hugely buffed. Summoners are going to drop in popularity because their overall power is down (although I'm still sure a faceroll summoner will beat a faceroll KFM; if that changes we got a problem...we may have a problem cancel what I just said). But when your counters get buffed and your strong matchups don't matter, and you don't get as much out of the new content, then I can't argue much for the FM, aside from relying on their broken freeze/target mechanics as usual. It'll still work, but won't be as effective. Edit: Seems you want to bump everything up because you want answers, and then disparage people who try to answer. I'm done with these types of elitist douches. Have fun.
  3. Skill. Sorry, but that's probably the best answer. Aside from that, "Anything but BM" is probably the next best answer, but even that could change with the new announced Silverfrosts. I'm going to say BD, FM and KFM (especially KFM) are the classes which you can really "control" your outcome in the sense that there aren't many unwinnables (sums have the best matchups overall, but it's more amazing overall with Dest/FM huge weakness), although less clear-cut advantages. People are going to pile the hate on KFM having poor matchups, but they're always in the game until they're x-2. A skilled BD, FM or KFM would in most cases be able to "stay in the game" more than even summoners. I'd like to think Silverfrost will balance the BMs and fix one problem, although it'll probably mean bots will multiply.
  4. Hmm. Honestly I think you are grasping them, but they're escaping. FMs can movement Q, E or SS out of soft CCs like snares (you can too, but only with SS), which allows them to escape without burning tab. If you want more info, google either a Blade and Soul All Escapes guide (youtube) or Blade and Soul Crowd Control guide (just google it, some blog or site). I use Grasping Roots 3:1 as one of my last skills (finally got HM5!) almost entirely for the penetrate deflect trait - feel free to spec out of it to the single target Weedwhack vs someone who doesn't deflect anything back at you (ie FM, Sum, Warlock, especially Ass). And yeah, I sometimes think FM is tougher than Dest as a Sum (FM have their own real bad matchups though). Yeah it's not your 1 not working though; they escape real easy. Edit: Either that, or some summs are bots. I think it's likely they're just escaping, but who knows nowadays
  5. For some actual info. Once you almost hit plat (actually a bit higher, but whatever, you'll get there), you'll notice people actually know sht. As in, you cross the "bot threshold" and the "summoner faceroll threshold." There, you have to know the matchup, counters, cooldowns, setups and all that jazz. There, at around a bit further in the mid-high plat level, you'll get to the (somewhat) balanced area where honestly, summoners aren't cancer - powerful, but not cancer. FM: FM is a hard matchup if the FM knows what to do. I have a 1900 summoner main and a 2050 FM alt, so I'm a bit biased. FMs have stronger CC, burst, and if they spec their static Divine Veil (the big bubble), you're crippled for 15s. Try not to fight too hard during that time, since you'll lose. You're going to have to spec into Petal Storm and have a 3s version of their DV, but it's going to be a tough go. Yes, using Grasping Roots and changing the angles works well, and you're going to have to burst them down when their DV and their Ice Sheath are down...which is tougher because they have better burst, better Petal Storm (in DV) and better Grasping Roots (in their freeze root) than you do. You have priority on CC (try to "trade" CCs since if they freeze you and you knock them down, you win). Ass: I think you're favoured, even if they permastealth and know what they're doing. It's tough, but a legit good matchup as you mentioned. You do have more tools to deal with those guys than say FM or Dest. Weedwhack poison, Doom/Bloom poison flicker them out of stealth. Spec'd Bomb V is an AOE stealthbreaker, and spec'd Beckon also is a "get out of stealth while they're whacking you free" card. They're going to probably play for time, so you're going to have to go aggressive on them. Warlocks: I haven't seen many locks in Plat, but while climbing after reset I've noticed that while they have amazing burst, their sustained is horrible. Again, because they're a ranged class spec your Petal Storm to the health regen (like you should be doing vs FM and other summs). I don't have much advice for this one unfortunately, aside from maybe don't waste your escape when they chain until they're raining hell on you? Yeah I'm lost here. Destroyers and KFM: DON'T WASTE ESCAPE. Destroyers are tough and are another counter like FM. You can't waste escape, or be prepared to get o100-0. Ditto even more for KFM. Destroyers especially are your counters as you know. Micro the cat to not attack during spin, don't attack yourself during spin, run like hell when he turns red, Q the cat before he grabs it and it becomes a 1v1, and in general run like hell and 4 until he runs out of spins, CDs and focus. Then you have a 50/50 chance. As for KFM...just don't blow the tab before they commit. Overall, if you're heading for plat, you're still going to get sht hate, but that's the BnS communitards and things will even out. Good luck.
  6. Summoner vs Summoner/Force Master

    LOL. K, guess I was drunk. I think I meant to say there's no discrepancy of over one tier's worth of ranking, and the game in the plat meta is skilled and somewhat more resembling even than the forums would put it, aside from BMs who are in a tough spot. But w/e, that was pretty funny.
  7. Summoner vs Summoner/Force Master

    Yeah they're pretty tough, and retards or saltards like Mew don't help. A diamond slug, let alone summoner has more skill than plat anything, except BM, which legitly sucks atm. FM's not a problem, great. I still think it's a tough counter matchup given their divine veil absolutely kicks your petal storm to the curb (FM here, and summs are actually an easier matchup than most). In the summ vs summ catfight, it's a mirror match, so use all your op stuff vs each other. Focus and mouse sensitivity and micro (yeah, it actually takes skill) are going to decide the game. I personally have more success going for the summ rather than the cat, but other people say differently. Again, do all your FM stuff here like root the sum so he/she can't LoS you, use 3 and 4 well, etc. Also remember to change your specs into heavy 3 when you go vs sum/FM (usually I take 2 out of LMB into 3). Against destroyer, well that's the other hard counter matchup. Again, it actually takes skill to micro yourself and the cat to NOT ATTACK the idiot when he's spinning, especially if it's the first 0.5s or if he's red. This is tough. You're going to have to spam 4 like a coward to get out of his spin/leap. You're going to have to mash q before he grabs the cat and it's suddenly a 1v1. You're going to have to mash e to recall your cat from attacking and giving him enough focus to spin for 3min. Oh, and if he ever turns red, then just run like hell for a few seconds. Actually, the name of the game is running like hell until he runs out of focus, spins and cooldowns. Then you have a 50/50. Good luck. Edit: Oh, and if it's a bot, then abuse its lack of intelligence and look in another forum post on how to beat bots. Otherwise just enjoy the freelo.
  8. Before 2nd week of BNS, Tier list for low rank: Bad summoners >> Bad everything else except for Destroyers. Most popular classes remain what people main and like to play, in most cases BM and Asses Before 2nd week of BNS, Tier list for competents: Summoners >> BM. Skilled FM, skilled KFM, skilled Asses, bad destroyers >>>>> Summoners. LBD and Sum matchup is an exercise in cancer. Again, very varied metagame. Current tier list for low rank: Bad bots >>>> bad summoners >>>>>> bad everything else except for non-bot destroyers. Massive spike of summoner and destroyer bots, as well as bronze/silver baddies who can't faceroll asses rerolling summoner and realize they still can't hit plat. Gold is very possible because bad summoners>>>>bad everything else. Current tier list for plat+: Every BM, pro or not, rerolls a summoner and takes over the ladder. I still think sum has more bad matchups than good in high elo, but they are everywhere. Course, I might be a minority as an 1850 sum main and 1900 FM alt...yeah, I do better as FM than sum, weird huh. The game went from an even spread where everyone played what they wanted, to a "everyone play summoner" craze. Different reasons though. The pros and hardcores realize that summoners are the strongest class overall - not as much as the forums state, but they'll get an advantage wherever they can. On the other hand, noobs reroll summoner because they can't faceroll their ass in bronze and silver, and it's true that summoners can faceroll much better. Pros have good ideas. Jae says stuff like summoners should not be able to X protect themselves while airborne. That's legit. I'm not great, but my suggestions would be taking away power that pros would feel but lower players just accidentally do while facerolling: stuff like not having cat interrupt air combos and removing the unblockable attack after their evade: stuff that lower players don't know but do while panicking, but would curb the 1.3-1.5 summoners to the next popular class (KFM). Those suggestions are legit. Other stuff like "zomg halve scummoners, delete them from the game, only play summs vs summs" really just warrant a fck you and have a nice day tard.
  9. Tier lists by level of play

    Wow. First opinion piece that puts destroyers ahead of summoners in low ranking. I'm not sure if I agree with that overall, aside from the head to head. Unless you're talking about a destroyer bot vs a low level player. Nothing ground breaking here. In the Plat-Diamond, sums are still easier, but they definitely hit a wall. Yeah, I know they're still the most played, but I don't know whether that's bandwagoning or actual power - answer is probably both. I'll throw an exercise at you. If you're going to make an ABSOLUTE BRAINDEAD monkey and give him/her a class, what would it be? A Destroyer. That's why the bots are destroyers. However, what is the current "**** off" version of bot? KFM with an instant macro. I believe that means that at the higher areas of play, it is the KFM who are the most powerful class, even more than summoners. Summoner bots are exceptionally obvious for botting (ie invincibility, flying, etc). KFM bots are more integrated with 3rf buffering etc. Ping isn't indicative of level of play, so perhaps that's what you said before, and if that's what happened, then I agree.
  10. Rank Distributions (23rd Feb)

    If anything, I find the "summoner threshold" of plat as the most interesting (sort of like the "destroyer bot threshold" is around 1700). It either means that the game is balanced around plat, or that there is too little evidence of higher ELO play. Judging from another graph that summoners still have 1.5x the number of diamonds vs the nearest competitor (35 to 21 KFM was it?), I'd guess both. That means that yeah, summs are bitches and they need tuning, stealth taking away power that pros would notice and lower players would accidentally discover while button mashing - my example suggestions would be to prevent cats from interrupting airbornes (physics don't allow that meow!), or remove the unblockable 1 attack after the 2 evade escape (few lowers would know of that, but they'd stumble on that power while panicking at first CC). But yeah, the proficiency at plat is much less difference than the witch hunts on the forums, and the likes of "omg cut summ hp in half or delete them" are just gonna get a "fcuk you and have a nice day."
  11. Let's all stop pretending

    Game's down, so I'll join in. Agree. While most classes have a significant burst combo (KFM, I'm looking at you too), the combination of range and and inevitability of FMs are OP, bordering a broken mechanic (FM/Sum roots preventing targetting is becoming a huge problem that only really benefits bots), let alone a bit strong. I'm FM/Sum, so I'll go with Sum. Straight-up average forgiveness. I don't have burst or 100-0 mechanics and have less CC and escapes than most classes think, but just the straight up forgiveness of being able to gain "priority" with my CCs (if you stun me and I stun you, I win) because of the 2v1 nature of the class leads to an absurd curve for lower level players.
  12. Looks like Gameguard is back.

    Interesting. Is Gameguard the reason why multiple reports of crashing after character select happened in the last few hours?
  13. Game Crashing

    Add another one to the confirmed crash list. Funny, it was alright immediately after updating, and then now it's click on character and instant Crash Report. Repaired files, restarted computer, no dice. Hope NC can get this sorted in a decent timeframe.
  14. While I agree with you, in that the game's good for both casuals and hardcores (if they ever fix the relevant problems like bots and lag), I hate to know what is hardcore if 3-4hrs is casual. That's moderate to hardcore at the least for me.
  15. The Hate for Summoner

    What's insightful? I actually don't know, but they were quoting the excessive hate part, to the point where it's no longer about balancing summoners, but more like "They kill me so they must be nerfed and I need buffs" typical forum trash. I don't believe 1600 is a fair enough ELO to judge. If you really looked at the stats (Feb 23 rank distribution), you would notice that all classes, BM included (poor them I'll admit), have a nice curve of high population lower rank into low population higher rank...except summoners, who have a disproportionately high representation ( 3-1 is it?) up until around the 1890ELO right below plat. Afterwards they drastically drop in number, to the point where their numbers compare slightly above KFM (1.5-1?) IIRC. Still high, and that may need addressing. But to the extent that "zomg sums take no skill I could be diamond using sums but instead I'm a silver ass" threads are around, no. They probably haven't seen plat in their lives, let alone diamond. I was using a demographic statistic in CBT that surveyed all classes played period. As in, y'know, people play the game. And BMs and Asses are the most played class in the game, to a tune of 1.7 BMS to 1 destroyer. I might have erred saying they're underrepresented (edit, I did say that), but I said summoners and destroyers were originally less popular than BMs and Asses. Obviously, an unpopular class that counters popular classes and countered by an even more rare class would be disproportionately complained about. I'm not playing the victim. I get that sums are powerful, but I judge that based on the 1900+ ELO where the metagame is much more balanced after the summoner threshold. So ya. On the other hand, facts just paint that while I'm not playing the victim, you are playing a comparatively low ELO.
  16. *Yawns* Well, good luck with the researching. That's the first step in getting good, contrary to popular opinion that whining on forums will get you somewhere. Look at the BNStree, look at the amount of CCs/escapes/focus costs/cooldowns of a summoner, and then compare it to anyone other than BM. I'm not going to say sums aren't easy or pubstompers. But I AM going to say that bots and toxic baddies like OP and most of the people here should be banned before being heard. Another thing to consider. With the recent rank distributions, you will notice that right before plat (1890 if I interpret the Feb 23 chart correctly), summoners and other classes reach parity - in other words, that's the "summoner threshold," just like around 1700-1750 is the "bot threshold." That is where some semblance of balance occurs. And believe you me, vsing a summoner might be tough in that ELO, but it isn't broken compared to macro KFMs and literal broken mechanic FMs. I have to say I'm sick of forum balancing whiners. I mean, this is worse than League. At least in League, you'd have bronzie Rivens complaining about balance - here, you have level 20s complaining about their (hard as hell) KFMs or Asses not being able to button mash and beat a lv45 anything, let alone sums or lbds. One last thought. Imagine IF NC does something so stupid as to listen to anyone aside from select professionals in the high diamonds. Imagine IF KFM and Asses, the difficult classes, had a 50% winrate from the get-go. This is like if Lee Sin has a 50% in bronze (actually in sub-lv30 games more like). Now THAT would be broken as all fk.
  17. Animal Farm! Every class is broken. But some classes are more broken than others. Now if you're not a BM, then please STFU. Actually, if you are a BM, still STFU. That is all.
  18. Not complaining just the truth

    Good attempt to speak the truth and to stop complaining. You fail, but good attempt. Let's take this slowly. First thing you say. "I don't wanna nerf anything but halve summoner hp." Uuuhhh....right, you don't speak much about summoner salt, so I won't either. That said, good thing you focused on assassins because if you're a destroyer salting on summoners, you just lost all your cred right there. Which is zero. I only know FM/Sum, so 2nd hand knowledge on Ass/Dest, but I've heard that Ass is the hard counter vs Dest. Just by theory, destroyers will have a tough time vs assassins. Asses have, as you mentioned, plenty of skills to dodge/mobile themselves away from destroyers. They're also squishy as all fck if you burn their escapes, and take much more skill to play than destroyers, summs or lbds. Finally, don't ever underestimate exactly what diamond means. You haven't seen a diamond in your life. I might be exaggerating, but the normal forum troll has a rating of Silver or lower, max 1600. Diamonds know this stuff, and no diamond is gonna lose to a gold. Unless you're a BM, in which case I totally feel for you. TLDR. I'm original poster. I don't wanna complain but I'm complaining. I don't wanna nerf anything but I wanna summs half hp. Imma dest and I suck at this game and can't take summs. Imma salty over my hard counter class. Imma dumb and if I can play my counter class Imma diamond easy. That's what I read. You had some good points, but right now, you just created another "pvp is broken I'm bad plz fix," this time focusing on asses rather than summs/dests. You're gonna be offended by this post, so rather than salt over it, go fix your OP.
  19. Always matched vs Destroyers

    Bots are dumb as all hell. In more than one way. And yeah, it's not that you're unlucky. I think anyone from bronze to even high gold now face a large percentage of bots. Like 25-50% of 1v1s. If you're in gold, you can recognize them before the match because their names are either complete gibberish or 2 completely random English words like "Newspaper Tomato" (not n&s, just an example). It cheapens the pvp experience is dumb as fck. But if you have to face them, just know that your winrate (should) skyrocket against these foos. On my summoner alt, I must have had a 0-50 streak vs these bastards, and in the last 3 days have a ten game winstreak vs them.
  20. Why so obnoxious?

    Because people are dumb. End of story. Asking a summoner (or anyone, including that under leveled KFM who will get 2-shot) to stop doing anything when he/she could do otherwise is futile. Just like trying to ask people to stop doing airborne combos or glitch Ogong/BSH. People are dumb, and assuming people will do anything other than the most retarded thing possible is usually going to fail, unless they're on the enemy team. Edit: This also assumes you or the other BM/KFM are competent and can actually tank and damage efficiently because of tanking. If I play a summoner and have taken aggro for 30s, or if some FM has taken aggro for a minute and is about to die, then damn right I'm gonna Q. That's not on them. That's on you.
  21. Is Arena really equal for everyone?

    Is arena equal? Man so many answers. Depends on what you mean equal. Do you mean equal stats? Then yes, your stats are equalized, and a gold BM will have the same stats as a bronze BM or a diamond BM. The only difference would be in skills, where obviously a lv45(5) would have a huge advantage over a lv30, and doubly so if we're talking BM. Gold doesn't have some sort of stat advantage, if that's what you're asking. As for arena balance between classes...well no. It's not entirely balanced at all. That said, if you're somewhere around lv45 and you're a gold LBD and vsing a gold BM, then either he's hacking (if you're not exaggerating re your 2 moves, kinda unlikely), or honestly, you and basically every other class has an advantage over BM. I'm not going to touch class balances though, since there are many other useless salty threads on that one.
  22. you know you are *cricket*ed when...

    This is gonna be super unpopular, but unless the summs did real well with 4v1ing the destroyer, I'd actually have given you guys the edge. Without smart intercepts (which most summs or players in general are incapable of understanding), a non-retarded destroyer can take 2 summoners 1 after another easy. Like Sum vs BM easy.
  23. How to counter Blademaster and Destroyer?

    This guy knows what he's talking about. Honestly, if you have issues with BM before he's lv50, you have a problem. Try not to attack into his block, and honestly, this matchup should be 90-10 in your favour. If you're talking specific traits, trait your Bomb V, as that knocks up in all directions instead of standard V which attacks from one direction. Against Destroyers, that is basically 0-100 in their favour. You have to micromanage yourself and your cat to not attack when he's in spin. You have to pray that he doesn't grab your cat (pre-emptively bash Q). You have to spam E so the cat doesn't attack him and help him regenerate focus. Then you have to run like hell and hope he doesn't kill you before he runs out of spins, cooldowns and focus. Then you have a 50/50 chance. Summoners are not broken (too much), but they have a lot of 90% winrates vs other classes and 1 particular 0% winrate matchup. That isn't an OP issue (for the most part). That's a class pick and counterpick issue.
  24. Yun Warlock Petition!

    I never really got the whole race-locking, unless there was some huge lore-based reason for it. As a TERA player, the new (and at time of release OP of course) Reapers, Gunners and Brawlers were all race and gender-locked and that caused a huge outcry. One of the best things in that game was seeing a Popori (Lyn-ish similar, midget 100% animal) trying to be badass with a weapon bigger than himself. Throw my vote in for Yun Warlocks, Lyn Destroyers and Gon Summoners. Won't matter much since they'll never do it. But I'd be interested in seeing if people hate BD/Summ, or are just NA's distaste for furries.
  25. The Hate for Summoner

    Great post, and good effort. Also pointless. 2 errors. One, you say you're a summoner. Never do that. You're trying to initiate a legit logical argument. That ain't gonna happen with the saltiness of other classes (which are unwarranted unless you are BM). For the record, I'm an 1800 summoner main...with a 2k FM alt. Two, you concluded that the big issue is the summoner's mechanics. Wrong. They don't want mechanics. Most players don't even want parity or PVP balance. They just want summoners deleted, or in League terms, Riot'd until they're irrelevant. They want their BM Kirito or their Ass Snake or whatever to be winners. Summoners aren't popular, and they difficult initial challenges for the most popular classes (BM and Ass/KFM afterwards iirc). Destroyers, the early counter to summoners, are also historically underrepresented. Summoners have a high skill floor, and a button mashing sum will beat a button mashing Ass/BM. Statistically, the most popular classes are Ass/BM, and the most likely skill level of a hater is "lower than button mashing." Even in gold or plat, I see people stop mashing... just to directly attack my curled cat or my Ice Sheath. And with hundreds of summoner games and less than 50 FM games, I might be an oddity, but summoners have huge issues in higher elos. Just do some research. Go to BNStree. Go look for the amount of summoner CCs, escapes, and track their cooldowns and focus cost. Then look at a FM or LBD. Then look at a Dest/LBD counter mechanics and its comparative cooldown and focus cost. And then look at an Assassin's stealth mechanic and theorize its own cost and availability. Summoners fall quite short especially compared to my FM. I don't know if NC will balance around high level or low level, or even balance at all. But good luck trying to get respect from losers, no matter what class you play.