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  1. Show off your characters!!

    good looking characters, and finally a really good looking lyn especially with that hairstyle.
  2. Show off your characters!!

    The one in the far left is the best.
  3. Prove it otherwise then, and tell me there are more girls playing summoner than man..............................., could you be that stupid to not see it?, i don't even need intuition or prejudice, it is how it is, otherwise prove it as i said it already. And YEAH playing a class like summoner with a cat and pedo material looking lyns as a *cricket*ING MALE its STUPID, and yeah those people should be discriminated any problem with that? isn't that normal?. As an extreme example, would you like to have a full grown man gay coming to you start doing their thing? assuming you are man and not a girl. So is THAT normal?, this example doesn't much to do with BnS ofc but i wanted to tell if that crap shit is damn normal, because IT IS NOT lol. Or a male dressed as a woman is that normal for your brain? Even if this is a game, it STILL reflects how you think about the world around and and how you perceive it period.
  4. Its both in the case of summoners when the player that plays this class is a male, if a girl plays summoner the class is still OP but at least its played by a girl damn it lol, with destroyers as i said they are ok in almost all aspects no matter what gender plays it get it?
  5. that's even rarer lel, and destroyers are ok so far compared to summoners.
  6. If all the summoners were real *cricket*ing girls then i would not comment because thats the most appropriate class for female players. But since like 99% of the summoners are MALES, all i can do is facepalm -_-.
  7. Actually........... that is the real truth -_-, the only problem is that you can't see it, its no trolling there, the devs said themselves that summoner was aimed for the female players, because that is why is such an easy class, make more research before you open your mouth.
  8. Show off your characters!!

    My future warlock enjoy.

    My future warlock enjoy.
  10. Do you really enjoy play arena 1vs1?

    did i say with HM5? NO!!, not all people have HM5 lol, get back to reality.
  11. Do you really enjoy play arena 1vs1?

    Get 45 FIRST and stop whining LOOL, in this game you get 45 FAST compared to other mmos lol. And wtf is with people wanting to pvp at lower lvl? don't they realize they have fewer points? and they still cry lol facepalm.
  12. still players in arena?

    Then how do we see enough goof KFM's in high ranks and Diamond? -_-. And you cry about Sin, well may i remind you that Sin has their "counters" as well? like Destroyer, LBM and summoners since you need to hit and run and pve build vs summoners to win, otherwise you simply can't.
  13. Arena is broken

    get to *cricket*ing 45 lvl and stop crying for god's sake lol.
  14. still players in arena?

    what rank are you in platinum?, what ping you have to play KFM?, and may i remind you THIS is still not the lvl 50 balance patch? where KFM's don't have the necessary skills to be complete right now, plus the downfall of summoners. So keep calm and wait lel.
  15. NA Diamond Class rankings

    See here?!, that guy mains FM and he plays summoner because they are OVERPOWERED right now just to get the prizes, the truth is here.
  16. NA Diamond Class rankings

    He would still have the same knowledge of the game BUT, it would be harder for him to play another class thats all, playing summoners doesn't require you to press lots of buttons with correct timings as KFM or Sin or BM needs to, easy as that. And i already said he might get diamond but he would not be in the tops thats all period.
  17. NA Diamond Class rankings

    Even those 2, if they were to play BM or Sin, the would NOT reach their first places in Diamond, maybee the would get diamond but for sure not one of the best ones in diamond. And about colourised, he was a good/great Sorcerer in Tera and i am disappointed to see him play the easiest class and claim he is good. P.S. I don't like his face at all LOL, sorry about this but he looks like an asian weeb lel.
  18. NA Diamond Class rankings

    If those "diamond" summoners were to play Sin or BM then, i am pretty sure they would not even reach platinum PERIOD, stop defending the *cricket*ing summoners gosh.
  19. NA Diamond Class rankings

    if you are serious and not a troll, then please go back to class 1 and learn to read the numbers thanks.
  20. tell me your rank, because i want to see what shit summoners you fight against lol. the Only assassin i saw that can do good against summoners is Vile on youtube.
  21. Ideas for long hair?

    i really love the first one, it looks like Erza Scarlet :)
  22. 5 reasons to stop playing bns

    you know nothing -__-, tab doesn't stun in its self, but if you hit their spin/tab at the wrong time you get stunned easy as that lol, i am a FM i know the pain :(.
  23. Wait a minute, maybe i would sound dumb but, can't you play on China server? or any other close to your location so you won't have a problem with ping?.
  24. Man people play BM because they want to learn it fast so when the 50 lvl patch comes they would be REALLY strong. So if they learn the class now, then by the time 50 lvl patch comes they would be prepared to beat everything.