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  1. LOL Bns is a nsfw(or anywhere) game. Na na na na na na na na na na na.... ....swiggity swooty, come for the booty
  2. Blooshade or nightshade? I got this drop in bloodshade...and I've only ran bloodshade a total of 5 times on this toon. I run nightshade almost every day though but for gold, I dont farm for outfits. Never do, if I get one its pure luck.
  3. Lucky strike, didnt even have to bid over 1g, all chars in party were male/lyns and I wasnt farming for it, just following the daily challenge quest line xD
  4. @snowfoxy I create my chars based on rl preferences somewhat. Also because I want to be comfortable playing a char made in my own image and styling.
  5. Try the cinderlands axe. Shades are closest to showgirl outfit, all shades of red black and silver/white are near identical. Aesthetics are everything :P
  6. Why the long hair? You're blocking the tattoo on back of neck :( I seriously love this outfit, goes great with true breeze weapon but I'm not there yet :/ Destroyer in battle mode lel...
  7. Photobomb incoming... My destroyer again My warlock, this outfit is epic af, price is also good xD
  8. Open the image in new tab to get ONLY the image link, not the link for the site and the image else it wont show. When you get the image link paste it in your post window and the image shows. *Right click on image. *Click open in new tab. *Copy link. *Paste link in post window.
  9. Yea. I just told him that because I use classic mode for everything, including fighting. And sure when the camera is close enough it pans, it does so to in classic mode as well but there's the slight problem when u dont want to focus on your toon only.
  10. Switch to classic mode, press O and check for it in settings. Classic mode allows the same controlls most mmos use. Oh and CTRL+F to make other players only disappear. Yw.
  11. CTRL+X times two erases GUI and Names. Graphic settings carried up to all, max res up to all, depth of field on(blurs background when focused on toon), physics on, everything on lol. Oh and your graphics card's setting set to highest quality. If you still have the 4 yr old painter look...you need a better PC/LAPTOP.
  12. Julia: Nothing more will be said on her, dont want to spoil.
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