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  1. It doesn't matter if it's 5 dollars or 5 cents. Selling event currency is morally wrong. But hey, we've all known for months that NCSoft intends to shut down BnS and probably wants people to burn all their NCoin before they do so.
  2. The fact we can't use HMCoin is sickening and makes me tempted to say screw it and do a charge back of the little I have spent in the game.
  3. NCWest won't care about this. IT would take someone threatening to sue for copyright violation (reminder that the moment those artists drew their work, it was automatically copyritten to them) for NCWest to respond, and they'd probably just ban whoever threatened legal action instead.
  4. NCWest nor NCSoft care about people stealing art. They only care about money. Find a way to make them ignoring your copyright cost them money and they'll respond instantly, though.
  5. Never will happen, BNS is so old they can't bring it to consoles anymore, and it would cost them money. They hate spending money on this game.
  6. Tower of Infinity is only for whales currently.
  7. We won't be getting Gunner, the game will be shut down by NCSoft well before they even consider translating the patch.
  8. Not that it matters if it is disqualified or not. The game will be dead and shut down before NCSoft even begins modeling it in game.
  9. If the design isn't disqualified and the submitter banned, then we should vote with our wallets instead and not pay for it should it win.
  10. Game is beyond dead. Everyone should be doing mass chargebacks and abandoning before it's too late.
  11. We are never getting Gunner. NA/EU are more liable to be shut down before we get it.
  12. This confirms the game will be dead and shut down within 6 months. Expect a 'sad' sounding announcement at that time from NCSoft that due to declining player numbers, they will be shutting down all BNS servers with no refunds.
  13. It is a waste of time, don't give a dying game money.
  14. NCSoft likely would be arrested if they add more outfits that put children in skimpy clothing.
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