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  1. @Dad ("solved" it so quickly!) (these are ranked ladder for 3v3)
  2. Chi Burst Changes

    The class was (still is?) quite broken in PvP WITHOUT the heal to begin with, having a heal is just icing on the cake.
  3. Hello everyone, the purpose of this thread is to list some common features of these characters so that you can avoid them (or even report them to support) if you see them! (Note, this is for NA servers and may or may not apply to EU) There are 2 common types: 1) These character spends half of their routine to AFK in arena 3v3 tag to get beans, then the other half "completing" dungeons to get the dragon certificates in order to trade their beans. You may recognize these names/characters if you played in 3v3 tag 2) Multiboxing (ie 1 person controlling multiple accounts at the same time) characters, very common in soulstone plains. There are some common features between them: 1) Majority of them are summoners 2) They have non-upgradable accessories, consequently their stats are subpar 3) They do not contribute much to dungeons (stands still to lmb, rmb, doens't do mechanics of dungeon) 4) They commonly queue up for: lair of the frozen fang, awakened necropolis, cold storage, heaven's mandate and the daily challenge dungeons. 5) A lot of them now have true profane as their weapon (they used to have non-upgradable weapon as well), but this is not usually the case. Yes these ones all have true breeze! 6) Their characters' names consists of either 2 normal words (eg. Great Musician) or a common name plus 2 random letters (eg. JohnMP or klJane). But their ACCOUNT NAME is almost always in gibberish/random letters. Why is this a problem? In arena 3v3 the problem is minor since you can easily find a lobby with 2 other people to queue up with, however they are a MAJOR NUISANCE in dungeons since they do not do mechanics and likely to fail the dungeon when they queue up in more difficult dungeons. Even though majority of them queue up through LFG, they do join advertised lobbies! Hopefully this helps you to avoid them and have a nicer time in game!
  4. Why everyone is quiting

    @NN13 Let me help you, mister Saoyara is completely clueless and definitely whiteknighting around here to the point he agrees with the poster of this thread (as ridiculous as it is) as an example, Now you don't see his posts in this thread anymore (but my posts directing to him are still there), because no reasonable human being could possibly agree to such nonsense presented in the thread so he stooped down to the lowest tactic in debating ever: personal attacks, hence the mods removed them. Isn't it ironic that he tells you to grow up?
  5. What balance? Bronze to mid plat are destroyer bots. Mid plat and on are summoner bots/hackers. How do you even talk about balance when you can't even fight humans consistently?
  6. The game itself is pretty much a perfect setup for bots/griefers: -Dungeons: how easy it is to afk/leech rewards -PvP: click "find match" -> afk -> (game ends) exit lobby -> requeue, especially in 3v3 tag. Tons of beans and exp from doing this. The lack of official stance and actions on these detrimental matters should be alarming to all players and the game will never reach its true potential with these unchanged. Which is a great shame because there are some good ideas in the game. With shoddy marketing practice that they are doing right now, I'm kinda surprise that NCSoft are not selling "gamesharks" themselves with all the hackers running rampant.
  7. I must give kudos to NCsoft to be able to "trap" so many players such as yourself in such a short period of time with their marketing strategies. I mean the game has been out for 2 .5 months and you've gave them $60... You declaring not paying a single penny further is irrelevant, they've clearly have won... $60 you can buy a AAA game that you can enjoy forever, but instead you "enjoyed" this for 2 months. No wonder they don't care about the future of the game (ie fixing fundamental problems of the game to ensure longevity), you suckers just dish out money!
  8. NCSoft

    They care about something alright, and it shows by prioritizing new contents over major issues in game.
  9. Time to get on those bots, NCSoft.

    Nope, here's some more new content to keep you busy.
  10. Congratulations BladeAndSoul 2 Millions players

    2 million* players *includes inactive accounts due to countless in-game problems, and bot accounts. I doubt the game has more than 50k players right now, and that's being generous.
  11. nerf destroyers

    Someone got destroyed by destroyer bots.
  12. AFK in arena

    The game borderlines encourage you doing that, because A) Great and easy way to gain XP/beans (join match, afk, alt-tab, repeat every 5 minutes) B) Doesn't affect your solo ranking. Also it's not hard to "bot" that sequence either, seeing all you need is click the ready button and exit lobby button, loop that and voila.
  13. How's the queue times for the servers so far?

    There WOULD be queue times if the player base remained as big as it was during launch. To the people who played since the beginning: do you guys remember how fast it disappeared (ie "game dying"), it was about 1 week in for me.
  14. I think you would love the game Team Fortress 2, Lord Gaben has plenty of unusuals for you AND it is a better mmorpg than this game (also f2p).
  15. Hacking bladedancers now?

    Bronze to mid-plat you fight against bots, then very smooth transition to hackers from mid plat and above.