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  1. I don't like talking down to developers, or a company, but from a returning players experience I feel this game is still really "T**sh"


    Don't get me wrong the story is great, whomever did the story, and the artwork is awesome, the music isn't bad either.


    But the issue with this game...


    - Community is toxic / elitist as hell

    - This could be because I think people make alts to run dungeons for dailys on and swap off so they just want to do as fast as possible.


    - Make dungeon  runs unlimited, give more options to premium members, its annoying having to run alts to play with other players.


    - Dungeon Resets, enter a random group, leave the group because someone kills the boss before you even get in, and suddenly you can't even do the dungeon again so you can complete quests, this happened in two dungeons (Never completed them) but the game says I did, and zero quest credits :\..


    The loading times are horrid, on a PC i7-6700k, with 32GB OF RAM, 1080TI, and game is on an SSD, there is no reason it should take as long as it does to load between zones its poorly optimized.


    People recommend I download a 3rd party application / launcher called BnS Buddy, but I don't trust the application because it launches a command line and doesn't show me everything its running or going to run in the command line, not granting that crap admin permissions just like I quit BnS when Game Guard was active in the game because that ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ is malware.

  2. 12 hours ago, Hypernautz said:

    Heya guys! I got an update and got it working through thorough testing.

    Hello there,

    Upon reviewing your "Dxdiag" file, it seems that you have the "Asmedia 106x SATA Controller" installed, which is a possible cause for the freezing/Blue screen crashes that you are experiencing.

    While the developers are looking into this, we would like to suggest disabling/uninstalling the driver by following the steps below:

    Open Programs and Features by clicking the Start button.

    Click Control Panel.

    Click Add or Remove Programs.

    Locate Asmedia 106x SATA Host Controller Driver-associated entry.

    Click the Remove button on the right side.

    After I uninstalled this driver the game booted up flawlessly.

    Hope this helps anyone else who had the same problems as me

    Yeah it's not just Blade & Sound Master X Master was doing the same thing it's something with NCsoft games but I previously played both for a short time with the exact same system think last year now and the games both played okay.


    Nope I am not willing to make changes to my system which affect performance by removing these drivers from what I have read it slows down your data transfer speeds and stuff between multiple drives, and I am running 8TB Internal Drive Array + External Drives, and I don't feel like having slow data transfers because NCsoft titles choose to disable them and cause peoples entire computers to freeze.

  3. If you want to gain my trust and faith with XingCode 3, contact the developers of XingCode, and meet the following.


    1.) Display the user agreement for XingCode, and allow users to decline it or accept before it installs onto a users system this would display when launching the game.


    2.) Provide users (Full removal instructions) on the XingCode website with a help and how to fully uninstall XingCode from your system, not all users know how to edit a registry, or brows C:\windows without messing up their computers I know how to manually remove this shit, but it would go a long ways to getting permission first, and then if a user later wants to remove it removing it completely and removing the game or product with no hassle.


    3.)  Both Battleye & Easy AntiCheat, show their EULA / Agreement every time a user installs any game that requires it they are required to ask permission and infrom the user, both Anti-Cheat sites also inform the user how to remove it completely but won't be able to play the game until its installed again.


    I know Korea has different laws, but here in the U.S we respect privacy, which means no ninja downloading stuff on users systems without asking, and for all I know as a gamer XingCode could be used to do malicious attacks, or even be used to DDOS other people, or other crimes if a user wanted given it has a self update feature, and such. Although I believe the intention is just to prevent cheaters, not no (CIA) government stuff going on, I think its still best to get consent first from each user who plays any game.


  4. Thanks, but I still am not going to play this game with "XingCode" on my system, I understand the need for an Anti-Cheat, and I hate cheaters just as much as everyone.


    But both XingCode, and Game Guard, do not respect privacy I know because I've seen XingCode used in a number of Korean Titles as well, and on Android devices, it doesn't ask permission before it installs, and its a 3rd party program which installs a file in C:\windows directories called "Xhunter" and Service on the users computer which stays there even after "Blade & Soul" or the specified game running it is removed from the system.


    Also for those not aware I found XingCode installed along with Nexon Titles on my android phone, it completely modified my android phones files, caused the device to fail to the point where I had to replace the SD card, restore a backup, and lost all data. It was also against Googles Policy, for these apps to be on the Google Play store as they did not properly inform the customer and are not safe as they don't respect privacy.


    Basically here is what happens, when a game is launched "XingCode" does not ask consent to install it installs with the game and is a 3rd party service.


    The service installs under services.msc, on a windows computer

    The Files are copied to C:\windows directories called Xhunter


    When Uninstalling Blade & Soul or other games using it this product remains on the users computer with no method of basic removal for users who don't know a lot.


    I am fine with Anti-Cheats I really am.


    But its important to use an Anti-Cheat that respects privacy.


    Battleye User Agreement and asks consent before installing.


    Easy Anti Cheat User Agreementt


    So please show me where the agreement is for XingCode, or even where it asks consent to install in the first place.



    edit: And off topic, I know what the community manager says here they won't disclose any information about how it works, and all that, but I know how it works, and I know both Game Guard & XingCode work, as well as how easy it is to bypass them I won't help the cheaters though but info can be found on Google.


    It also does install a system service, and files in C:\windows directories (WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION). Basic users won't notice this.


    Also for more info about how XingCode works, I had a huge argument on steam about Black Desert using it and they posted this here everyone can go and read how it works.


    Xigncode Community Address


    Xigncode Developer Q&A


    Although some people may trust their word on what they say *I don't* just the fact it installs without consent, or permission in the first place is enough to drive me nuts.


    And the second fact it communicates with their server, and its made in Korea, who knows what data its really sending, collecting, and you can't tell them to remove all your data supposedly its information that is harmless and just detects hacks, but as it didn't ask consent to install in the first place (Who would trust it?)


    Again I got no problem with Anti-Cheats, just respect peoples privacy, be truthful about the basic workings of it, and I got no problem, but Lies really upset me in general.

  5. Well with windows 10 they actually have a long "EULA" which you can read with all the information, with "Blade & Soul" you read the EULA or Terms OF Service and it doesn't mention anything about Game Guard unless its been recently changed to but I don't believe it has...


    Also you can turn off windows 10 spy features, although given the NSA is watching people through peoples Smart TV's, Cell Phones, and devices connected through Net Works, I wouldn't say there is any real way to prevent spying from them although I can prevent spying from some 3rd party Korean company, or damage by shutting down Legit programs or in general causing problems for the way people use their computer...


    Obviously you might not see the windows 10 EULA if you buy a pre-made computer which are hunks of junk anyways, but there are also ways to turn off the spy features on windows 10.

  6. 32 minutes ago, RetroByte said:

    If you check the Producers letter though it says they're looking for an alternate to gg so it's worth keeping an eye out :) 

    Honestly I don't see them ever changing, they should just "Remove Game Guard" all together because it does nothing for starters I could cheat any game and bypass them easily just like all the spammers, but my problem with Korean games is they don't follow U.S Laws by asking consent before downloading Anti-Cheats, Nexon also does this on Android, and I am trying to get their games removed from the Play Store, for Violation of Googles Developer policy they have to legally disclose this to people based off their policy but they don't and actually damaged my device.


    Both Xing Code, and Game Guard are malicious, go Look in your C:\windows directories for the files these put hidden there, and then be like How do I uninstall this when removing the game doesn't remove these...


    I also have the same problem with Denuvo DRM, I would rather illegally pirate Denuvo games than pay the developers because I don't consent to have Denuvo on my Computer because of how in every games Terms OF Service downloads additional files but provides no uninstaller.


    Nexon on the other hand for "PC Games" has made their own anti-cheat called "Nexon Game Security" this is totally acceptable, only runs when the game runs, doesn't download additional files outside the game directory unlike "Game Guard, and Xing Code, and this is what NCsoft should do with all their games use their own anti-cheat...


    Outside of this there are only 3 others I somewhat Trust because they are transparent, provide a way to uninstall and remove them from your system, although certain builds like removing Driver Signing from windows will cause the Anti-Cheats not let you play the games...


    Easy Anti Cheat


    Punk Buster


    Only these 3 do I somewhat trust even a little bit  because they are transparent and give me the option not to install, or Opt out, and disclose their user agreements, and what Errors I got with them or at one point wasn't shown the agreements they fixed it after bringing it up to them, Korean Anti-Cheats won't do this...


    Blade & Soul is a good game best I have played from NCsoft in a long while since I last played, but NCsoft ruins this game by having Game Guard, everything else NCsoft has except for maybe Guild Wars 2, is flat out garbage IMO, Wild Star I don't think will be around for much longer for starters, and Lineage 2 has bad GM's who run the game, only other game that somewhat seemed decent but I wouldn't plaly it due to Cash shop was Aion, but their housing, and cosmetic systems suck so only thing I ever really played before they activated Game Guard was "Blade & Soul.

  7. NcSoft IMO doesn't really care about player feed-back, nor do they listen, I can confirm that with Game-Guard removed the game does play better, and I will never play any game on the market that requires game-guard until changes are made to the program and confirmed by me its just too much of a security risk despite Anti-Virus companies who white list the Root-Kit.


    For example I was looking at this I installed another game called the culling which required me to install this along with it, but it was respectful about it and told me why it was installing it, and also told me how to uninstall it.


    This is how Game-Guard needs to work in games or it simply shouldn't be there.


    In addition just playing on the server when game-guard was off I noticed the huge population drop between the time the game launched and now not going to bother with B&S until serious improvements come to the game starting with complete removal of game guard, and moving on to cosmetic items, which should be able to be accessed by all characters on the same account when a user is paying $16.95 a month for wardrobe storage, and then pays $20 for a costume it should be able to be put in storage and traded (Freely) without stamps to alternate characters and such, or just be used on every character at the same time once purchased unlocks account wide.


    Over-All this game is great, better than Black Desert in my view, but the decisions NCsoft makes as a company just flat out ruins the game, so I am looking for better MMO's already like Crow Fall, and other games worth the money.

  8. Stamps isn't the problem...


    The problem is that if I purchase costumes from the shop I want my Wardrobe which I am paying $16.95 a month for a premium membership to be able to be accessed  with those costumes across all characters without having to use stamps which makes no sense and is simply a way to get more money.

  9. Guess the topic I created a bit ago was removed because its similar to this topic.


    Can someone please explain to me what the point is of "Stamps" Why do I need them to change costumes between characters on my same account?


    If I am  already a premium user, I should be able to just go to my wardrobe storage and pull out costumes on whatever character I want, as well as have like 5 pairs of the same costume in my storage would be the easiest way to fix this issue.


    I shouldn't have to spend $20 for 5 costumes on multiple characters, just because I choose to play 5 different classes, otherwise for me as a player there is no point in more than one class at all.


    Please remove the stamps requirement,  for withdrawing / Trading from your own wardrobe between characters as its a (Premium Feature) and should be treated as such, if trading to other players then its fine.

  10. Even with Game Guard now being disabled/removed there is a serious question...


    I still find that playing Alternate Characters, or Classes has no point in this game because "Costumes" are not unlocked account wide, Premium Members who pay a monthly fee to have costumes stuck in the wardrobe should be able to store duplicates of the same costume inside the wardrobe storage, and be able to pull it out on other characters on the same account for use. (Would be the easiest way to do this.)


    And if not just make it like Guild Wars 2 where a user can use the same cosmetic costume across any character on the same account especially those from the cash shop at least.

  11. 12 minutes ago, Alison said:

    Personally I hope it stays turned off because the game is running fine at the moment.

    Support said its an error on my side even tho it's running fine without GameGuard.


    It it is one game runs like shit. Im just happy my BM is finally lvl45 and I can claim my rewards soon :-)

    Yep same I am maxing my character to 45 for event, made my new character, not renewing my subscription until I hear word about this I hope it stays off too because I can't play this game with it :3.


    Haven't seen any spam in chat though.


    Also would be great if Game Guard is staying disabled to allow costumes to be shared across characters on the same account.

  12. How Long, is Game Guard staying turned off this time would like an official response on if this game is worth my time or am I going to be unable to play again within a few days or week?

  13. Yep I am done with Blade & Soul, Truth is I got a reply from one of the developers of "Black Desert" & XingCode3 is no longer being as malicious as it was in the past installing crap to C:\windows directories like game-guard and stops when I close the game so I am going over there to play it for awhile and see if I like the game compared to B&S Since I have been unable to play here over a week, and lost like 1-2 weeks subscription time + NC Coin purchases because of being unable to play because of Game Guard.


    Well Enjoy The bots... Will check back here later if the game is still alive.

  14. The point is Tweaking Game Guard doesn't minimize the following.


    . The fact game-guard is a Root-Tool-kit (They admit this in a support ticket to me.)

    . The fact game-guard has no uninstaller it does remove from the game directory but leaves things behind in C:\Windows Directories, Regedit, and services.msc.

    . The fact they show now Agreement, or privacy policy.


    . The fact that NCsoft never told anyone "We are also require game-guard to be installed along our game "Do you consent to Game Guard" being installed" they didn't ask doesn't matter if you enjoy the game or not the fact they never asked consent for anyone playing this game a lot of people might be okay with it, but I am not and others are not as well, and it needs to go until it can follow and respect privacy of users.


    . I don't care if the game runs flawless with Game Guard, the fact Game Guard is malicious software I am a legit player, but I am not going to consent or allow this through my fire-wall because of the damages Game Guard has done in the past, get something Reputable, something that respects privacy, and such and I will install it.

  15. I quit the game because I was forced to, Over-All I like the game simply because its way better than Vindictus, and better than Tera in many ways, the problem with the game.


    1.) Main reason I quit is because of Game-Guard, I do not consent to have this installed on my computer, it caused problems in the past and will again its Malicious and doesn't stop bots, I was able to play for like a week with Game Guard disabled and I paid like $150 in the game before finding out they were going to require Game Guard.


    2.) Crafting Could have been better, Make it Sand-Box based so users can learn all crafts in the game, but over-all most crafting was pointless except some useful consumables and upgrade / soul shields.


    3.) Make Material Storage Account Bound all characters on the same account.


    4.) Make costumes share-able across account, and Wardrobe.


    Forcing people to have to be premium or not have anywhere to put costumes is also just flat dumb makes a user really have to subscribe wasn't a problem for me though cuz I subscribed but can't play now because of it.


    Over-All B&S Great game, but being ruined by NCsoft and the developers, could have been one of the best games but now only hope is for new games to come out, and Dark Fall / Revival to be worth playing Black Desert was a failure too.

  16. 2 hours ago, Devinator00 said:

    Have been noticing lately that more and more the only thing typing in any of the chats are bots and their spam. Also when i'm out and about the only thing I'm seeing now are bots and more bots or areas with basically 1 or 2 players in them. Did NCSoft ban everyone?

    No its Game-Guard I can't play because NCsoft refuses to remove it, and they said in support ticket they would pass it on to the developers of the issues and reasons why I don't want Game Guard on my system, and sorry for misleading me thinking it was going to be removed in the first place, anyways I went back to Arche Age until Dark Fall comes out now not playing this game until its fixed at least I told the new Guild I joined that if Game Guard was turned back on I wouldn't be able to play because it is malware / Rootkit I don't trust and about the damages it did in the past using it with other F2P Games.


    Why can't NCsoft just ban the bots / hacks and remove game-guard its a really great game just like Tabula Rasa was, but the company is driving it into the ground I would have to say compared to Tera or Vindictus this game is a lot better.

  17. 18 minutes ago, GreenDestiny said:


    Ncsoft is a large enough company to have it's own very good legal department. I am sure they wouldn't risk doing anything outside the lines especially considering it doesn't make them any more money.

    Yes but that doesn't make them immune from the Law for example Loop-Holes, but more less the reputation of Game Guard, and XingCode3 + Daum Games in clear violation NCsoft in in U.S I think so have to get Laws passed here.


    WE need a Law that says (All Programs) have to ask consent and show agreements before being installed in U.S this way NCsoft cant ninja install without asking, their agreement protects 3rd parties but if U.S Law gets stricter they would have to specify in their agreement that they install Game Guard which currently they do not notify you in any way game-guard is being installed.


    So for example on Pre-Order Pages it should say "We also install Game Guard, and show their Terms OF Service, which should be required by U.S Laws anyways but I don't think are.

  18. I started emailing "European Law Enforcement & Sending a bunch of emails to legal companies in Europe Anonymously." in regards to programs like "Game Guard" and "XingCode3" although I believe NCsoft is run in the U.S, but I am aware in Europe Laws are much stricter perhaps a huge movement in European region might be enough to get something done about game company's running this stuff.


    Perhaps nothing can be done about NCsoft directly, but it will cause problems hopefully for other games like Black Desert doing this to europeans and trying to get away with it.